‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Dearly Departed

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Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

Julian’s trial began.
Julian’s trial began.

Julian’s trial began last week and things definitely got messy. Ava has blackmailed Paul into ensuring that the verdict lands in Julian’s favor and it looks like things are going according to planned. The jury has been selected to guarantee some sympathy for Julian and Paul changed the address on the warrant, making the evidence inadmissible. He also managed to discredit Alexis by drugging her water. When Alexis took the stand to testify against Julian, she was incoherent. The judge assumed that she is under the influence. So with no evidence and Alexis’s testimony down the drain, I think Julian is going to be a free man.

The courtroom stuff is very interesting to watch. The actors are all acting their butts off. Yet, the unevenness in Julian’s character is really bugging me. As blogger Wubsnet pointed out, he’s now being played as the good guy again. It’s like GH doesn’t really know what to do with this character after they painted him into a corner. The Julexis fans who have been clinging on to hope were happy with Julian’s concern for his wife and Alexis’ feelings for him still being very present. I’m kind of stuck on the fact that he tried to kill her. How can this couple be repaired after that? Sure soap couples have done unthinkably awful things to each other before – Todd and Blair, EJ and Sammy, Sonny and Carly, etc – but that’s not really Julian and Alexis. They were never set up as a hate/love couple. There was never a solid explanation as to why Julian was going to kill Alexis other than the fact that he’s a mobster and that’s what mobsters do. I can’t see him as romantic hero he once was and I’m worried about how it would make Alexis look if she were to ever take him back. It will be interesting to see what direction this story takes.

Sister, Sister

Hayden and Finn take a selfie.
Hayden and Finn take a selfie.

I’m absolutely adoring the Finn/Hayden/Franco/Liz quad. The actors have great chemistry and are just fun to watch. I love the witty batter and sarcasm. GH would be smart to continue to play this up. Especially now that it has been revealed that Hayden and Liz are sisters.

I’ve been really enjoying the friendship and budding romance between Finn and Hayden. It’s interesting how the right pairing can really elevate characters. I’ve been over the story line with Finn’s drug addiction and made-up illness since it’s beginning. But adding the touch of romance has given him purpose. I care about whether he lives or dies now because I care about his relationship with Hayden. Same goes for Hayden. I don’t want her to go to jail for stealing diamonds because I want to see her continue to fall in love with Finn. I’ve always been a fan of stories that have romantic motivations.

Hayden and Finn’s potential relationship does have it’s obstacles to overcome and the current hurdle involves a bag full of jewels. Hayden definitely got more than she bargained for when she came to Liz’s room demanding her diamonds back. Franco broke up the fight by blurting out that they are sisters. Unfortunately, Liz had Sabrina turn the diamonds over to the PCPD and now Hayden’s going to jail. Hayden rushed to get out of town, asking Finn to help her which he declined. The feds, who apparently work quicker than the PCPD, showed up to arrest Hayden. Meanwhile, Liz freaked out about the fact that she not only has another sister but that she just sent her jail.

Franco comforts Liz.
Franco comforts Liz

This wasn’t your typical big soap reveal. It was done rather quietly with only three characters present. Some fans understandably were wanting more but I’m okay with it. This story is more about the fallout than the reveal. I’m excited about seeing everyone try to get Hayden out of trouble while the romances between Finn and Hayden as well as Franco and Liz play out. My hope is that GH utilizes its history, particularly with Liz. We don’t know much about Liz’s relationship with her parents other than they sent her to live with her Gram so that they could travel to Sarajevo. Was there some sort of rift in the family that caused her parents to do that other than just Liz’s rebelliousness and Jeff’s need to save others? Liz has been shown to have very little contact with her parents and rarely mentions them. I think it would be interesting to explore how a deep dark family secret could have impacted the Webbers for all these years. Did Liz’s mom find out about the affair? Did Jeff know about Hayden? Did the affair somehow play into why Liz’s parents abandoned her? Hopefully we get to see Jeff Webber and get his perspective as this story plays out. I think it’s about time that he became something other than an unseen presence.

Couples of the week: Hayden and Finn, Liz and Franco, Sabrina and Micheal

Quotes of the week: “Stop! You’re monologuing!”-Molly

“Thank you for being awesome.”-Jason

“Guilty as charged.”-Sam “Don’t say that under the circumstances.”-Alexis

“Whenever someone hurts your family, you do whatever it takes to make sure justice is served.”-Paul

“If I don’t leave Port Charles then I don’t have to say goodbye to you…or anyone else. You’re all stuck with me.”-Hayden

“Did she say anything else?”-Jason “No.”-Amy

“Those are mine.”-Morgan “What are?”-Kiki “The books.”-Morgan “Good one.”-Kiki

“Would you prefer we explore our feelings for each other?”-Hayden “Huh?”-Finn

“You’re acting like Morgan!”-Kiki “Oh no no no.”-Franco “Yeah this is exactly something he would do.”-Kiki “Don’t compare me to Morgan.”-Franco

“If they don’t find the killer, General Hospital is going to close for good.”-Tracy

“What’s up?”-Finn “Impending doom.”-Tracy “Before lunch? How refreshing.”-Finn

“Toast is my lucky breakfast food.”-Franco

“And the result of that affair is this gift to the world known as Hayden Barnes.”-Franco

“Yeah, her brain is so addled, she can barely function and when she is functioning she likes to inject her enemies with LSD.”-Liz

“So the last 24 hours I saved my sister’s life and she repaid me by destroying mine.”-Hayden

“She got pregnant with his child and she tried to pass that baby off as yours.”-Carly “Yeah no one has ever done that before.”-Michael

“Wait ‘till they get a load of this.”-Scotty

“I would do anything for you. You should know that by now.”-Franco

“My favorite expression of all time. What is it? Put a sock in it.”-Tracy

“This is not a child yet and Stavros was insane.”-Dante

“Why so glum chum?”-Ava

“I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how to say goodbye. I just got you back.”-Michael

“Wait. Did she just say typo?”-Sam

“I love you Sabrina. I always will. That’s a promise.”-Michael

“You were my friend. My very best friend. I’m going to miss you for the rest of my life.”-Felix

Video of the week: Felix says goodbye to Sabrina

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  1. Thanks for commenting Don! I’m really enjoying the direction of the majority of the stories and the characters. Loved the Nurses Ball this year too. I get why Sabrina was killed off but it was just so sad! The fall out should be good though.

  2. I think were in the minority, but i too have no problem with Valentini & Jelly sticking around GH. The show has greatly improved over the last couple of months, with characters becoming more coherent, & stories starting to jell. And the romance! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that kind emphasis on GH! I also have no problem with Sabrina being killed off. A major character had to die for the serial killer story to work. Mibrina needed a jolt, but i thought that’s why JVP was brought back as Carlos’s twin!

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