General Hospital Spoilers: September 19-23, 2016 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Michael and Carly clash over Sabrina. Also: Morgan’s behavior continues to spiral out of control; Griffin asks Claudette to confess; Franco tries to protect Liz. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 19, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Disturbing Behavior

Carly has some shocking news to reveal. Meanwhile, Nelle provides a sympathy for a friend. In the wake of recent events, Carly pleads with Sonny to take a stand against the epidemic of violence in Port Charles. Michael and Carly have it out regarding Sabrina and their recent disagreement. Later, the Corinthos make a donation to the hospital. Sonny and Carly have an interesting visit with Morgan and Kiki. Dante witnesses his brother’s erratic behavior. Morgan has a revealing session with Andre.

Ex’s and Oh’s

Convinced that there is something Claudette is hiding, Maxie attempts to dig further into her past. Griffin urges Claudette to be honest with Nathan and Maxie. Will Claudette pull a fast one? Meanwhile, Nathan discovers something eyebrow raising in his sister Nina’s apartment. Nathan will happen upon some rather shocking news.

Curtis and Valerie enjoy a steamy morning in bed before heading over to the PCPD. Curtis makes an acute observation.

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Also this week:

When Naomi’s maternal instincts kick in, will Hayden be able to forgive her? Finn feels defeated after finding something from his past. Hayden and Finn share a toast (no, not that kind). Franco does his best to protect Liz. Later, Jason and Franco find themselves reaching an agreement.

Paul reveals a vulnerable side to Dillon. Will it explained his motive? Tracy puts her foot down and takes Paul to task.

  • Everyone awaits an important verdict.
  • Ava instigates a fight.
  • Joe and Michael have a tense encounter.
  • Emotions run wild and tears are shed.

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Source Sneak Peek: September 26th-30th

Laura has an unexpected travel companion en route to Port Charles. Ava and Carly find common ground.

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  1. Frank’s the showrunner and ABC pays the bills, hopefully no one’s blaming the actors. I do think it’s much easier have good, focused storytelling with a manageable cast size.

  2. Yes, they did have some spark together. And there is much to explore with her – if the writers take the time to do so with all the other new and known-to-them actors/characters that they keep introducing. Hoping for more for Brytni/Valerie!!

  3. Thanks for commenting! I don’t blame Tyler’s co-stars for the situation. Hopefully something can be worked out in the future.

  4. Matt and Brytni did have some spark in their scenes together. GH should at least play a friendship with them. Val’s initial story line was a bit of mess and I think resting her has been a good move. Would like to see more of her past and family connections explored. Maybe her father was a cop?

  5. I was upset that they killed Sabrina. I don’t know if she wanted to leave or got fired. Tired of seeing all bad stuff and nobody can be happy. I want Julian gone. And I want to know sooner than later why the freak serial killer Paul is doing it?.

  6. I like Ann Marie’s idea of seeing what Griffin and Valerie would be like together.

    However, I definitely do NOT think that the Curtis and Valerie relationship is pointless. Far from it! Even if they don’t develop as a romantic couple, there is a extensive area to explore her with a friendship and with a mutual love of policing and justice – just from very different viewpoints with Valerie being the keen rookie and Curtis the experienced ex-cop. Besides they do have fun together. But to develop any kind of real relationship – whether a love story, a friendship or a good working relationship, they really need more of the kind of focus Curtis gets with other characters. Definitely not pointless – but needed more screen time and dialogue to develop whatever their relationship is going to be.

    As for Curtis having something great to do, being the errand boy/protector for Hayden and Nina is NOT great. He needs to taken out of that supporting go-to guy who rescues women who get themselves in messes.

    Like you, I like Richard Burgi – do not like his character being made the GH killer.

  7. naomi, claudette, joe, nelle is WAY too many newbies in previews. If they need money for tyler, I have some thoughts….

    Trial stuff has been fun, glad to see that continuing next week, great group of actors.

  8. I want Griffin and Valerie to get a chance as a couple. I still want to know when we will get any Carly and Valerie scenes.

  9. I’m so excited to see Nathan and Maxie next week. I’ve missed my Naxie on GH

  10. I hope they have something really good for an excuse about Paul. I know GH deals with criminals with mental illness/tumor or whatnot but this one…. I don’t see how he can get out of this. Why couldn’t they have had Sabrina die in a car accident or the diamonds related murder? Really disappointed in the serial killer story because I like Richard Burgi as Paul. :(
    Well at least there is something with Dillon and Paul and some Tracy.

    I want Michael to go back and hate Carly. That was the best time. :D

    I’m not saying anything on Morgan and Kiki because it is always the same story. I want it to end. Nothing new. :(

    I really like Curtis. I want him to have something great to do. But Curtis and Valerie are pointless.

    Looks like a good week.

  11. “Paul reveals a vulnerable side to Dillon. Will it explained his motive” I am SO hoping that there is a reasonable explanation!! Hoping this spoiler delivers!

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