‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: We Are Gathered Here Today

Jason and Sam had fun with their wedding cake.
Jason and Sam had fun with their wedding cake.

The last few weeks of General Hospital have been a lot of fun to watch. It’s been a good balance of dark and light with a serial killer revealed, secrets exposed and lovers uniting. There was a strong sense of hopefulness in Port Charles.

After a summer of set up, some of the major story lines really began to hit the ground running. Though the hospital serial killer story is still as full of holes as swiss cheese, the reveal of the killer’s identity has given it the jolt of caffeine it needed. The use of the hospital and the PCPD as settings is also on point with a ton of interaction amongst the cast and a strong feel of community. Jason and Sam are finally getting story about them as oppose to choppy plot points. Some parts of the journey may feel a bit rushed but I think that GH has gotten the couple to a good launching place for stronger writing.

A lot happened on GH and I wasn’t able to write about everything. If you want to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired August 29th-September 2nd and September 6th-9th.

You Make Me More

Spinelli surprised Sam.

Spinelli surprised Sam.

As I had stated in a previous review, Jason and Sam never really got a super couple wedding and their fans deserved to see a celebration. Hopefully fans were happy with the results. It was a simple but sweet affair, one I think fit the pairing very well. The vows were heartfelt and expressed exactly why fans love this couple.

I like that Sam and Jason are two loners who found each other. “You don’t take away from my independence. You make me more. You don’t make me less.” This is the romantic aspect – the heart – to Jason and Sam’s relationship. I want to see more of this. It’s not the “ride or die” stuff that makes them super; It’s that they each found someone who is not only their lover but their best friend. This is why they appeal to viewers and what makes them relatable. That gets pushed aside too often for over the top stuff (such as flying a plane) that the powers that be seem to think viewers want to watch.

The photo shoot prior to the main event was a great way to show off everyone’s style as well as highlight the love amongst family and friends. It was fun to see the lighter moments of the Davis girls striking Charlies Angels poses and yes, even Jason giving Michael bunny ears. Happy moments are needed for every soap couple, even the cursed ones, so that viewers can get a glimpse of what they are rooting for.

Jason and Sam took a photo with Danny and Jake.

Jasam family photo.

I would have liked a different location and a few more guests. I enjoyed Spinelli officiating the wedding and just adore Bradford Anderson and Kelly Monaco together. The two pals going out for ribs afterwards was pretty cute. Danny and Jake were also adorable and I liked the focus on Sam and Jason’s family unit. Especially with the baby on the way, it was a nice touch to show the family life that they have and want. But why did the Davis girls just disappear? Where was Sam’s brother Lucas? Sam was close to her late adoptive brother Danny so the fact that Lucas isn’t written as an important part of her life is perplexing. And while we were given a reason for Monica’s absence, this was still a glaring omission that many fans weren’t particularly happy about. Of course it would have been offensive for Monica to be partying at the home of the man who killed her son. So a different location would have been needed really in order for Monica to attend. I did like the interaction between Michael and Jason though and think it would have been nice if Jason had picked him as his best man. Chad Duell and Billy Miller play off each other very well.

The best part of the wedding was Monaco. She showed Sam’s nervousness and overwhelming joy perfectly. The actress was gorgeous in her Elizabeth Taylor inspired dress. Sam was glowing the whole time, both because she is expecting and because she was marrying the man she loves. It felt like Monaco was delighted to get to play the girly wedding stuff.

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