‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: We Are Gathered Here Today

Jason and Sam had fun with their wedding cake.
Jason and Sam had fun with their wedding cake.

Blood Diamonds

Franco and Liz spent the night together.
Franco and Liz spent the night together.

Paul’s gotten a little cocky from getting away with murder and he’s starting to make mistakes. When Liz sees him in Monica’s office, she’s really not that suspicious of anything foul but Paul decided not to take the risk and get rid of her. He cut the power at the hospital and when Liz was alone in the darkened stairwell, he pushed her. It was a nasty fall but Liz survived. She is not out of the woods yet though.

Franco found Liz at the bottom of the stairs with Hayden standing over her. Liz was going to turn the diamonds over to the police and had an altercation with Hayden earlier so they concluded that Hayden tried to kill her. While Hayden was locked up in the PCPD, Liz’s spleen ruptured and she needed more blood in order to survive. Liz has a rare blood type and her relatives are either too young or too far away. Franco, who found out about Liz and Hayden being sisters, turned to Hayden for help. Hayden agreed to help but not without a condition.“You need my blood for Elizabeth, I need something from you first.” I suspect that Franco is going to have to exchange the diamonds to save Liz’s life.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Franco and Liz and the sister/hospital drama has provided some pretty good moments for them. I loved how Franco spent the whole night in Liz’s room, to make sure that she was okay and probably to watch over her since there is a killer on the loose. Franco being so upset at the thought of losing Liz and his frantic rush to save her helped solidify that he has truly fallen for her. I also liked that Liz opened up to her pal Sabrina about her choice to date Franco.

Finn comes to Hayden’s aid.
Finn comes to Hayden’s aid.

I’m really enjoying Finn and Hayden together. I went back and forth a little in regards to how I felt about this potential couple but the last couple of weeks won me over. I liked their first kiss at Perks and the conversation that lead up to it. After seeing most of their relationship revolving around Hayden taking care of Finn, it was great to see him do the same for her when she needed the help. Rebecca Budig and Michael Easton are charming together. I’m loving the chemistry and complicated relationships that are being set up between Finn, Hayden, Franco and Liz. When the truth about Hayden and Liz surfaces, the fall out should be epic.

Couples of the week: Jason and Sam, Finn and Hayden, Franco and Liz, Spinelli and Sam, Ava and Paul

Quotes of the week: “You literally demanded my blood.”-Hayden “Not all of it.”-Franco

“Why is the prisoner in the middle of what appears to be a three ring circus?”-Paul

“You kept interrupting him.”-Hayden “Well he’s boring.”-Franco

“Are you okay with this being in here?”-Finn

“I’m still in police custody you idiot!”-Hayden “What you’ve never escaped police custody before?”-Franco “Of course not!”-Hayden

“Maybe you could seduce it out of her.”-Maxie “Excuse me?”-Griffin

“We should probably go to Disney World soon.”-Jake

“I’ve had a couple of surgeries and look at me. I’m okay.”-Jason

“Go for Finn.”-Finn

“Is this a bad time?”-Franco “Not for you.”-Liz

“Until death do us part and beyond if that’s possible.”-Sam

“A wise man once said do there is no trying.”-Hayden “Did you just quote Yoda?”-Finn

“Dr. Handsome Man of God.”-Franco “Speaking.”-Griffin

“I’m always right.”-Sonny

“Early morning discharge…oh that didn’t come out right.”-Franco

“Thank you local law enforcement for actually looking at someone other than me.”-Franco

“Honey you don’t do things for your children out of obligation. You do them out of love.”-Bobbie

“I don’t know if anybody told you but I’m marrying your mom tomorrow.”-Jason

“If you end up a withering ball, Julian wins. Don’t let that bastard win anything.”-Tracy

“I know you’re vindictive and angry and apparently homicidal but there’s no reason can’t be civil about this.”-Ava

“I mean Paul a killing spree? Really?”-Ava

“Your husband tried to kill you and you still married him?”-Finn

“Look at all those stars. I don’t even need to wish on one of them.”-Ava

“Now it’s your turn to have your sins come back to haunt you.”-Ava

“Why would he do this? For some kind of thrill? Well it doesn’t make any sense.”-Ava

“There’s nothing wrong with having an ex but it’s a little unsettling to have one and hide it.”-Felicia

“I imagined it would be bigger.”-Claudette

“It’s like from Harry Potter. A cursed object.”-Maxie

“Well that’s spoken like a woman who has been at the center of man duel not dueling for a man.”-Maxie

“Did you flunk math?”-Heather

“Oh there, there. I’ll get the next round. You look like you’re going to need another.”-Ava

“…your half-brother Steven Lars. Do ever try to contact him.?”-Heather “Oh yeah sure I write him all the time. He just returns my letters.”-Franco

“This is so good. I’m going to tell Carly. She loves my input.”-Ava

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