‘Days Of Our Lives’ Week In Review: The Fun Continues

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Like Father Like Son

Photo Credit: © XJ Johnson/JPI Studios

Photo Credit: © XJ Johnson/JPI Studios

Theo Carver was not having it this last week and it was amazing to witness. Out of all the characters recently SORASed, it truly feels as if Theo has grown up naturally. Whereas his counterparts have lost their spice and personality, Theo has remained true to his character while blossoming into a lovable, noble young man in the meantime. As if there was a doubt before, this last week proved that Theo was certainly his father Abe Carver’s son. Well… there was some doubt about paternity for a while, wasn’t there? But I digress! This is the present!

Theo has been a staple at Salem University Hospital while his father undergoes surgery after his shooting. This last week was no different save for the two young women ha had by his side. Claire and Ciara Brady, new crush and longtime crush, stood by Theo’s side while waiting for news on his father’s condition. Kayla Brady was working hard to keep her friend in good health and in good spirits, though there was still further work to be done as bullet fragments may still be close to his heart. Abe couldn’t help but to worry about what would happen to his son should anything happen to him without really knowing how much this situation has helped to mature his son.

While Theo later met with Abe, the two reassuring each other, Claire and Ciara had a bit of a stand off in the waiting room. I’m not even sure Claire considers her aunt to be a threat to what relationship she’s been attempting to build with Theo, but Ciara definitely feels the pressure. Ciara could barely take it as Claire raved over how mature Theo’s become in the time they’ve spent together. As a Claire and Theo supporter all the way, seeing Ciara squirm was a definite highlight of the week. After ditching her lovesick friend to hound his married uncle, Ciara has absolutely no right even try to get back into his heart, maybe his good graces but nothing else. She’s lucky Theo is sweet and forgiving – at least that’s what we all thought.

Abe let loose that Clyde and company were the ones behind his shooting and off Theo went. Like a bullet, one might say. We don’t see the young Carver again until he’s checking out news updates on the fugitives, lugging around a mysterious duffel bag. A worried Claire tipped off Jennifer Horton about Theo’s disappearance, fretful as she’d never seen him so worked up before. He’s caught pretty quickly by Roman Brady and brought back to the station where Ciara found him, digging into him over going rogue for revenge. Theo felt it was up to him to strike back for his father’s sake and even attempted to join in on the police squad hunting down the fugitives, but of course he’s shot down. But no warnings from Ciara or anyone else could stop Theo, and the next we see of him, he’s at the docks with a gun pointed at Clyde for hurting his dad.

It’s a sad day when someone as pure as Theo is corrupted because of circumstance but it was also pretty bad ass to see him stand up for himself. He’s of course no match for a hardened criminal and was quickly taken down, but not harmed. Maybe Clyde really did feel guilt for harming the boy’s father. Theo’s interruption threw off the entire ransom drop plan, sending the criminals angered and scrambling but ultimately freeing Joey Johnson.

As expected though, Theo did not handle this failure very well and fell into hysterics. He just wanted to help and made a damn good effort to do so (he found the criminals a lot quicker than Salem PD would have), but couldn’t win in the end. I am happy the writers didn’t turn this teenage boy into a murderer like his friend Joey. I am so thankful for that. Though I worry that this setback might truly be a setback for all the progress Theo made. With Claire by his side now, he might actually be okay as she’s someone who encourages him but doesn’t baby him or shield him. She’s a good force in his life so I hope he’ll lean on her.

Love Yourself

Nicole Walker needs to go to therapy. There, I said it. Early this last week, she actually told her best friend to move on from having her privacy invaded to protect the man she loved. This man confessed to committing a crime deserving of all kinds of punishment and yet Nicole defended him. What exactly is going on in this poor woman’s head? Is anything going on in this poor woman’s head?

As if Deimos Kiriakis’ bizarre fetish for Nicole being a doppelganger for his past love wasn’t a red flag for her, neither was the fact that he was a habitual liar and stalker! The couple was set to have a lunch date but at the last minute, the younger Kiriakis brother canceled on Nicole under suspicious circumstances. So what do you do when you’re a journalist by trade but have no other responsibilities or obligations? You follow your man!

Dario Hernandez had been working part time as Deimos’ snooper which Nicole discovered upon following her lover. The two men openly discussed their illegal deeds, filling Nicole in on every aspect of them breaking into Chloe Lane’s hotel room to find her medical information in order to ambush her pre-natal doctor’s appointments. For all of that, Dario sought compensation – and for Deimos to promise to take care of Nicole, whom he too had feelings for. How sweet. I can’t lie, my eyes were already rolling watching these scenes knowing that it’d get worse. And boy, did it ever/

Nicole compared her following Deimos to find out the truth to self-defense, something that you probably should not require when dealing with someone you love? If that love is as true as the writers and characters try to force us viewers to believe in, why exactly would Nicole need to constantly be on defense with this man? Red flag. Then as soon as Deimos is confronted, he plays the dead baby sympathy card with a woman who knows it all too well. Red flag number two. Deimos may always say he’s a good guy but he’s constantly proven to be duplicitous, so who’s to say he isn’t using this sympathy as a manipulation tool. It stinks like manipulation to me and Nicole continues to buy into it.

Even after Nicole forced Deimos to confess his stalking secret to Chloe, she leaped to the rescue – for Deimos! Never mind Chloe is confused as to who her baby’s father is, she’s a pregnant woman with ties to the Kiriakis family while bloodthirsty criminals with vendettas against the clan are roaming free and strange men are breaking into her hotel room – Deimos feels like he’s lost a child. He’s going through it and doesn’t need the added stress of a police investigation. How dare she? If I were Chloe, I would have dumped the whole pot of Grandma Brady’s chowder all over this so-called friend. Chloe did back down but only because she had plans to go to New York City to see her parents, to stay safe (and also for Nadia Bjorlin to have her own baby). She did leave Nicole with a final wish that she’d open her eyes to see Deimos for what he really was.

They do say there are certain life lessons you have to learn on your own. But how many times will Nicole have to be burned by Deimos for her to get her act together and go?

As usual, if I missed something you really wanted to talk about or something you felt was important, let’s start a discussion. Comment below, tweet me and let’s chat!

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