‘Days of Our Lives’ Week In Review: Stuck In The Middle

Photo Credit: © XJ Johnson/JPI Studios


Photo Credit: © XJ Johnson/JPI Studios
Photo Credit: © XJ Johnson/JPI Studios

The fans have been raging and gathering their pitchforks to take to the doors of the DAYS showrunners in recent weeks. Chad Dimera has been reconnecting with ex-girlfriend Gabi Hernandez and the Chabby fans are having none of it! For a show like DAYS who has a laundry list of instances where the worst or most unnecessary pairings were forced upon viewers, it was understandable that there was precaution to last week’s panic room fluff fest. But as a Chabby fan myself, it felt like I was the only one getting more of a platonic friendly vibe than romance – for once! It sounds almost crazy to say that I think DAYS may actually portray two friends of the opposite sex without one falling in love or in lust. The ever amazing Billy Flynn even had to take to Twitter to reassure the fans that their biggest fears were not going to be realized, much like the terrifying teaser of Chad and Ciara Brady a few months back. We all know Abigail Dimera is on her way back anyway. Even so, the scenes with Chad and Gabi were some of my favorites this week just by how low-key and natural they felt. Who knew I’d missed their friendship?

Amidst all of the chaos in town, Chad is still on his kick to reinstate Dimera Enterprises as a legitimate business again. At the Brady Pub (can we give him a boardroom set, please?), Chad was meeting with a very nervous venture capitalist who quickly fled for the safety of Chicago. Apparently news of the rising violence in Salem has spread nationwide. A stunned Chad is left alone until Gabi showed up, picking up lunch for her brother with a trusty taser in her bag. Just in case. Still, Chad showed concern for his high school friend who reiterated that she hated the feeling of being trapped. After years in prison and that traumatic instance in the panic room last week, Gabi understandably needs to be able to walk free every now and then. I thought that was an incredibly smart bit to throw into a casual conversation. They were speaking light-heartedly but opening up to each other again. Chad understood and they began to connect over their children, and how much their lives have changed since having them.

Their chat came to an end when JJ Devereaux called Gabi, wanting to meet her at the Salem Inn for a romantic rendezvous. An excited Gabi rushed off immediately only to come upon her boyfriend asleep in his uniform and not very ready for romance. But how adorable was it to see her just cuddle up with JJ to nap with him? JJ had been worried about both his mother and Gabi as looters took advantage of the chaotic situation the criminals had brought upon Salem, making him have to work all night. He wanted this time to make it up to Gabi – and to also set her sights away from Chad, just in case. Though it really does not seem like JJ has much to worry about. Gabi was eager for him to make the effort, was open and receptive when he apologized for his recent disconnect (even when she was the brat) and slow danced her to bed! I could have almost cheered but I was too busy holding my breath, waiting for a shirtless Casey Moss scene. No such luck.
These few scenes were so simple, so understated in the middle of all the madness of escaped prisoners but it felt almost real. At least as real as two people talking on a TV set could seem. I’m not sure if it was the dialogue itself that seemed fresher than we were used to or the fact that Billy Flynn and Camila Banus haven’t had very many scenes together and it felt new in general. Though there is obvious chemistry between the pair, it’d be much better for everyone involved to keep them as friends. Plus Casey Moss and Camila have an equally hot spark. And Salem really does not need Gabi setting off anymore underground explosions – at least until the evil trio clears out and a new plot is needed.

Whose Baby Is It Anyway?

Color me surprised but DAYS has actually hit me with a twist! And a good one too! After her time away, one would expect Chloe Lane to know better and to question when things are going swimmingly. Every player in her latest scheme was lined up and ready to play their part – and then the bomb dropped. The show has done paternity stories to death and back again, but for the first time in recent years a storyline in the same vein may not be as predictable as we’re used to. And we like that!

When Kate Roberts agreed to help fake a paternity test for nemesis Chloe Lane and son Phillip Kiriakis, there were a lot of eyebrows raised. But what was Chloe thinking of only questioning it once? She must have been extremely desperate because I would have double checked what was really going down all the way to the hospital. Kate had promised to use her connection at the hospital, a doctor who owed her a favor to switch the results. But on her way to meet with him, Kate was kidnapped by former lover Clyde Weston and held at gunpoint. When the day is saved by John Black, Kate made a run for it in hopes of still reaching the hospital before the test was done. She didn’t make it.

But bad news was delivered to Deimos Kiriakis anyway. He’d insisted on being in the room with Chloe and Phillip (Nicole Walker too but blegh) to make sure no funny business went down. The results came and proved that Deimos was in fact not the father of Chloe’s baby. This Dr. Wright even provided the sample to Deimos to further test it if he needed more proof. There’s this wave of relief that washes over everyone in the know about the paternity scheme but when Kate shows up huffing and puffing, asking if the she’d missed the test that had already been given out! Chloe and Phillip were stunned initially but then it quickly dawned on them… If Deimos wasn’t the father like they’d thought and no one had switched the results, then who was Chloe’s baby daddy? Kate turned on Chloe with so much quickness I was surprised there wasn’t whiplash for everyone in the room. Phillip followed in his mother’s suit, feeling betrayed especially since he’d risked so much for by lying.

Left alone with her thoughts, Chloe did her best to rack her brain about possible candidates for her baby’s father. When her mind settled on one, all she could do was look off in horror. Just who is this mystery man? DAYS fans have theorized that maybe she had a fling with Eric Brady during one of his many visits to Chicago. I personally have no theories, I’m not a huge Chloe fan and I’m also not sure of her history well enough to dig through to find potential fathers. I don’t think (I mean, I hope not) a new character will be crafted to be the baby’s father as the show is slated for multiple returns. But who could it be? Do you have any ideas?

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