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Gays of our Lives: Have A Little ‘Class’

In this edition of Gays of Our Lives, we take a look at the new sci-fi drama Class, a spin off classic series Dr. Who. It’s about a group of teens attending a high school where creepy crawlies are always killing off the students.  Hailing a gay lead character, it got our attention, but is this show worth a peek?  Plus, Emmerdale had it’s disaster week and (SPOILER ALERT!) Robert and Aaron survived.   But will they survive the aftermath?  Also, the latest on A Place To Call Home, Hollyoaks, Neighbours and (blech) Days of our Lives.  And lots more!


A Place To Call Home (Australia)

vlcsnap-2016-10-23-23h02m54s932James’ memories of Harry are back.   Yay!  Can’t wait to see what happens next.  I like Henry and James together, I do.  But James and Harry looks to be much, much messier.  Sort of like the movie Maurice without the nudity (darn it).

Gino leaving his wife to unclog the sink?  Seriously?  Loser.

I guess I didn’t realize that George didn’t know that Henry was gay and he and James were lovers.  I thought for sure they had discussed it.  Hmm..  Anyway, George’s reaction was typical straight man.  I like that Anna had no time for it.   But George was decent enough to make up for it by welcoming Henry into the family.  I also like that Anna is shipping James and Harry.

Sarah’s wedding gift to Jack was very special and really sweet.   Reminds me when I thought they might make a nice couple.  But I’m glad that Carolyn and Jack are finally married, even with Richard still hanging around looking to cause trouble.

I have the feeling the guy out to kill Sarah is going to wind up shooting the wrong person.

vlcsnap-2016-10-24-10h30m57s974I don’t blame Regina for getting her groove on with the dirty cop.  He’s a bastard, but hot.

I don’t remember Anna being told she could never have children.  I just assumed she didn’t want any.  I guess that happened back in season 1 when she miscarried and didn’t tell Gino she was ever even pregnant?

It is realistic she might have doubts about her marriage and want more than to be the good wife and mother working on the farm.   I’ve thought Anna was always destined for more than just Gino and the life he could offer her, no matter how much she loved him.

Class (U.K.)

I’m a big fan of Dr. Who so I was interested in this spinoff of the show, especially since they promised a gay lead.  And this show is entertaining enough.  It’s bit more gory and deals with sex more than the mother show, much like the much missed Torchwood did.  I like the characters, especially the super hot Ramy Elsayed as Ram and Katherine Kelly as the bad ass teacher Miss Quill.


They keep things interesting, at least so far.  And about that gay guy, Charlie, assuming he is gay?  What I mean is, he hinted that sexuality is different on his planet so maybe where he’s from having a male lover isn’t viewed like it is here.   Perhaps same sex relationships are the norm, and not the outlier, if you know what I mean (and I don’t mean that same sex relationships aren’t normal, okay?). I’d be curious to see the show address that at some point.

There was a lot of exposition and set up in the first two episodes, so much so that things moved a bit too fast and plot details and plot logic was ignored and/or simply not addressed.    Some plot points happened off screen and we’re just to assume that this or that occurred as the story rushed forward, leaving story holes and continuity all over the place.  These kids and some of the other characters get a lot thrown at them and except for Ram, everybody accepts in stride.   I mean Ram’s father seemed hardly fazed that his son is chasing evil creatures and now has a mechanical leg. Though I like the relationship between Ram and his dad and hope to see more of that to keep the show grounded somewhat.kill

Now while I enjoyed the show, there really isn’t much different or unique about it in terms of character or story.   We’ve seen it all before, done better and done worse.  And that’s okay.  It doesn’t have to change the world and I don’t think it wants to.  The mythology and the mysteries are intriguing.  It’s a nice way to kill an hour.  Sometimes that’s enough.



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