‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Guilt Tripping

Carly weeps over Morgan’s death.
Carly weeps over Morgan’s death.

Last week’s General Hospital had some good moments and some not so good moments. There were missed beats and dialogs that didn’t quite match the path of the stories. The fallout from Morgan’s death is pretty heavy stuff but the story is already starting to get repetitive and uneven at times.

It was a little tough to write this review. I usually try to highlight what I like or what I found the most interesting. Last week wasn’t a bad week but it wasn’t very enticing to watch. There were a lot of points where I was either bored or confused. Plot holes were definitely on full display and some things just had no rhyme or reason. We were given the missing piece of the hospital mystery but it just further showed the flaws in the storytelling. Characters waffled in their opinions from one day to the next as did Charlotte’s paternity. Hopefully the upcoming story lines will be a bit smoother.

I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened last week. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired October 17th-21st.

My Two Dads

Claudette attempts to seduce Griffin.

Claudette attempts to seduce Griffin.

Last week’s “fun” story came in the form of the misadventures of Claudette. I really want to like this Claudette stuff. I enjoy all the actors involved. It just feels so random and oddly put together though. I did like that Maxie finally got a bigger part to play in the plot. It felt as though she took on a more active role rather than simply sitting at the sidelines reacting. When Nathan got upset about the DNA test and didn’t want the results, it was awesome seeing her not comply.

Maxie is petty (and she’s not ashamed of it) and I feel like that trait is being used in a smart way. Because Maxie is who she is, she was able to figure out that Claudette was lying about Charlotte’s father by simply not letting the subject go. That pettiness also landed her in a dangerous situation when she broke into Claudette’s hotel room to confront the scheming wench. In a case of mistaken identity, she ends up kidnapped by a hipster-looking thug. After realizing his mistake, the baddie decided to create a gas leak in the basement where Maxie is tied up and leaves her to die.

Meanwhile, Nathan figured out that Claudette must have used Dr. O’s hair for the DNA test in order to make it appear that he was related to Charlotte. Nathan told Griffin that he is the real father which Claudette confirmed, using the excuse that she thought the cop would be the better protector against Valentin. Later, Nathan caught Claudette preparing to leave Charlotte and make a run for it while Griffin introduced his daughter to Anna at the Metro Court.

I like Bree Williamson a lot. She’s gorgeous and a good actress but the writing for Claudette is a different story. Because the writers chose to just reveal everything little by little, I don’t understand anything about her motives. Is she running scared or just a conniving schemer? I think with a character this new to the canvas, it would have be more helpful to know more about what she was up to right away and let the story be about who would figure out her plans first. Right now, the real mystery involves figuring out a bunch of stuff that happened off screen.

Mystery Resolved

Heather confesses.

Heather confesses.

The hospital serial killer story line would’ve been great if it weren’t so full of plot holes. The thing that never really made sense to viewers were the attacks on Bobbie and Lucas during the Nurse’s Ball. That incident gave almost the entire cast of characters an alibi. So when characters got put on the suspect list, viewers always knew they couldn’t be the killer. And when the killer was revealed to be Paul…well he was at the Nurse’s Ball too. Was there another killer/story originally planned when Bobbie and Lucas were attacked? I don’t know but it looks a lot was rewritten.

Apparently Heather Webber also found the mystery a bit perplexing because she thought her son was the guilty party. She somehow left her maximum security facility and tried to kill Bobbie in order to give Franco an alibi during the Nurse’s Ball. Unfortunately, the PCPD totally forgot about Franco being at the Nurse’s Ball and arrested him anyways. Franco is able to get a recorded confession from Heather which he plans on using to help get the hospital re-openned. Heather Webber has really saved the day for the writers way more times than she’s given credit.

The hospital mystery did trim the cast a teensy bit and show the hospital as the heart of the community so there’s that. As a pal of mine pointed out, having the hospital close did show the importance of General Hospital on the show called General Hospital. Viewers did enjoy seeing the hospital and it’s characters regardless of how the story went. Hopefully that means more hospital drama once it reopens. 

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