‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Guilt Tripping

Carly weeps over Morgan’s death.
Carly weeps over Morgan’s death.

The Lives of Others

Sonny pleads with Carly.
Sonny pleads with Carly.

There was a lot of continuing focus on the fallout from Morgan’s death. But that focus has been a little unfocussed. Why did Jason try to convince Carly to go back to Sonny then turn around and tell Sam he thinks they need to move away from Sonny in order to protect their family? If he doesn’t think Sonny’s world is safe enough for his own family then why would he want his best friend wrapped up in it? Why is Sonny still acting like he has custody of Avery? He doesn’t. Carly and him blackmailed Ava with the sextape she made of Paul and her. Considering Paul is in prison for serial killing, I don’t think he cares about his reputation enough anymore for that video to hold any weight. Also why do Morgan’s love ones keep talking about him as he was when he was a kid – sweet and smart? And what’s the deal with Nelle?

I’m glad that Carly is sticking to her decision to stay away from Sonny (for now anyways). I actually enjoy CarSon when they’re conflicted. I suspect that by the time they decide to reunite, Nelle will become an issue. Nelle and Sonny have certainly been spending a lot of time with each other lately. It’s probably only a matter of time before his loneliness and her sympathy lead to the bedroom. This does feel like a replay of the Bobbie/Tony/Carly story from the ‘90s. Carly was motivated by revenge but Nelle seems to be motivated by envy. She wants to have what Carly has, the seemingly perfect life that comes from money and power. And, as Carly told Nelle, her money and power came from who she married.

Seeing how Sonny doesn’t tend to do that well in May/December pairings (see his much panned romance with Emily for example), I think this story could be tricky. It also could be very soapy though if done right. Nelle could wreck havoc on Carly’s life much like Carly did to her own mother. You know what they say about karma? Nelle has also been tested a bit with Michael. What if she has an affair with both father and son? What is she gets pregnant with AJ’s son’s baby and tries to pass Sonny off as the father? There are ways that GH can make a nod to history with this without completely copying it.

Getting Checked

Finn tries to come to Hayden’s rescue.
Finn tries to come to Hayden’s rescue.

Hayden had a meeting with a sexist pig. She thought she was going to talk to him about getting funding for Finn’s research but he had other ideas on what type of business transaction they should have. After throwing a drink in the slimball’s face, she changed her mind, told him that she would sleep with him and joined him in his room. Finn decided to be the hero, kicking down the door only to find that Hayden had gotten a check for his research and her date was passed out drunk.

The scenes served a few purposes in building Hayden and Finn’s relationship. It showed Hayden’s audacious side, the part of the character that made viewers initially like her. It also established that Finn would be willing to come to her aid and that he may actually have more feelings for her than he’s willing to admit.

I think what makes the pairing of Hayden and Finn work is that the writers have learned from past mistakes and  are not repeating them. Hayden didn’t connect as well with the audience when she was weak and married to a man who tried to kill her. Silas was a bust for many reasons but mostly because he wasn’t any fun and a real jerk despite the “good guy” label that viewers were suppose to buy into. We’ve got sassy Hayden back and Finn is delightfully quirky. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble they can get into together.

Couples of the week: Nelle and Sonny, Hayden and Finn, Maxie and Nathan, Laura and Liz

Quotes of the week: “I could pose for you Kate Winslet style, Titanic vibe.”-Franco “You want to get naked and put a diamond around your neck?”-Liz

“The last thing I want to do is answer violence with more violence. We need to end this cycle right now.”-Julian

“I’m a mother. My first instinct should be to protect my kids. You know? To risk my life to keep them safe. And I didn’t do that.”-Carly

“I forgot you were here.”-Sonny

“Now all we have left is a name.”-Carly

“Are you saying I’m not good enough to be a lab rat?”-Finn “This isn’t funny.”-Hayden “I beg to differ. At times like this never, ever lose your sense of humor Hayden!”-Finn

“She’s thinking about moving to Rochester.”-Franco “Why when Port Charles is so exciting?”-Heather

“Aside from your good looks, which all came from me, you know how else I know that we’re related? We both have vivd imaginations.”-Heather

“They both lived. No biggie!”-Heather

“I’m a mother and mother always puts her children first.”-Heather

“I don’t know where Hayden meets her tools.”-Finn

“The next time a woman shows interest in your work don’t assume she is asking for a favor and is willing to pay for it with sex. Go ahead and swipe right.”-Hayden

“You’re asking me to save your soul Claudette. I can’t save you.I’m not sure I can save anyone anymore.”-Griffin “Then let me save yours.”-Claudette

“I’ll see you later after you don’t blow up the world.”-Liz

“I’m petty and I’m not ashamed of it.”-Maxie

“Every time I think you can’t sink any lower, you start to dig!” Nathan

“Overgrown prep-school boys always think they can outdrink me. I was born with a glass of rosé in my hand.” Hayden

Being with you hurts my soul. When I look at you I see Morgan. I the life he’s never going to live. I see the joys he’s never going to have. He’s never going to be a father. He’s never going to dance at his own wedding, and he’s never going to grow old. Because of the choices we made, we took his life Sonny. We did that.”-Carly

“I’m afraid in my life, I’ve learned the hard way what that when it comes to the Cassadines, there are no coincidences.”-Laura

Video of the week: Franco and Liz talk about Rochester and Titanic.

“The Tracy Angelica Quartermaine Hospital!”

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