General Hospital Spoilers: October 24-28, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Laura prepares for goodbye. Also: Nathan and Maxie received a strange gift; someone gets to Sonny; Jason and Sam share good news; Hayden confronts Finn. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 24, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Past, Present and Future

Despite the pleasant company, Laura is very distracted during her date with Kevin. What’s keeping her mind occupied? When Laura is introduced to Charlotte, she finds something very familiar about the young girl. Does Charlotte remind her of someone? Lucy has some news for Laura regarding Wyndemere. Laura prepares to say goodbye to a part of her history.

When Claudette pulls a fast one on Griffin, will he end up with more than he bargained for? Griffin bares his soul to Anna regarding his predicament. Meanwhile, Nathan realizes that Maxie was mistaken for Claudette and receives troubling information about ex-wife. Amongst the chaos, Maxie discusses her wedding plans with Lulu. Later, Maxie and Nathan receive disturbing video footage. Who sent the video to them and why?

The Nanny

After the tragic loss of her son, Carly lays down the law. Sonny loses his temper thanks to Scott’s goading. Meanwhile, Nelle urges Michael to show some patiences with Sonny. Michael is put through an emotional rollercoaster while Bobbie becomes suspicious of Nelle. Sonny is hit with a powerful memory.

Also this week:

Alexis has an unexpected encounter that leaves her rattled. Alexis does her best to hide the truth from Sam. What secret is she keeping from her daughter?

The Morgan’s have a sweet family movement when Jason and Sam tell Danny he’s going to be a big brother. Later, Jason does what he can to help out a friend.

Curtis disregards Jordan’s request to keep out of an investigation. What will Jordan’s reaction be? Valerie is advised to keep an eye on Curtis.

  • Finn and Hayden share a heated moment and Hayden confronts Finn about his feelings for her.
  • Alexis reaches out to Carly.
  • Franco and Liz present Jordan with some important information about the hospital.
  • Jordan receives some pivotal information at the PCPD.

Source Sneak Peek: October 31st-Novemeber 4th

Port Charles celebrates Halloween at the Metro Court hotel. Sam and Jason share a heartfelt moment. Franco struggles to contain his jealous nature.

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  1. I’d like to have seen the fallout of Paul by tracy, dillon more too. Same with GH closing, nik’s death. all plot points, I’m missing ALL the emotional impact, and drama. Hopefully you’re a corinthos fan, that family’s story is actually played out on screen.

  2. I do feel for Sonny he gets blamed for everything, when the truth is the only thing Sonny is guilty of is not having a clue about what his kids are up to…. Where the help is Kristina her baby bro just got killed and nothing from her, no doubt she is causing mayhem somewhere, it wouldn’t surprise me if sweet little Krissy was involved somehow , (well she learned from mommy and daddy, daddy showed her how to botch a job and mommy showed her how to cover it up and pin it on someone else) Note: these aren’t fact just my wild imagination.

  3. So I have been thinking Julian may not be Sam’s father after all, I don’t know why but I thought what if Valentin is and that’s the reason for the secrecy amongst the Cassadines, , everyone knows that Mikkos had affairs with numerous women is a stretch to think that the kids hooked up once then found out they were related . It would explain a lot about Alexis’ mental state and why Valentin hated the Cassadines for rejecting him and not Alexis. The Cassadines have many secrets and lots of weird goings on when it comes to family, not a difficult reach to believe some type of incest happened

  4. Hopefully we’ll get more Dillon and Kiki soon. They are a popular pairing. Thanks for reading!

  5. Second week and no Dillon&Kiki. I understand the slow burn but this is not it imo. I wanted some follow up to Kiki rejecting Dillon.

    I get that Morgan was/is Sonny and Carly’s but come on, we had less attention for Nick. The worse part is Sonny will turn out to be poor
    innocent misunderstood mobster hero. Morgan will turn out to be alive and all of this will have been for nothing.

    No Paul fallout for Dillon, Tracy or even Ava. Nothing is moving for Dante and Lulu. They are just supporting players. And not much makes sense with Heather.

    And another thing is suddenly Claudette is the front and center after weeks of ignoring her. I don’t care for her. I’m very disappointed in GH right now and sweeps don’t look interesting at all. :(

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