‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: October 10-14, 2016 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Port Charles reels from a tragic event. Also: Jason makes a promise; Tracy and Monica form a united front; Kiki rejects Dillon; Nina receives bad news. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 10, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Critical Care

In the wake of an explosive crisis, Dante seeks answers. Nelle tells Kiki some partial truths about her recent conversation with Morgan. Later, Carly and Nelle continue to get acquainted. Kiki finds herself overcome with a mixture of emotions and pushes Dillon away. Carly puts her foot down but will it be too late? Jason makes a special promise to Michael.

Tracy shares an emotional moment with her son. Hayden and Finn fill her in regarding the pending sale of General Hospital. Tracy and Monica band together to support the hospital amidst tough times. Can the heart of Port Charles be saved?

Unplanned Parenthood

Franco makes it understood to Sam that he isn’t going anywhere. Jake senses the tension between the two and questions their animosity. Will the adults give him an explanation? Franco and Nina reflect on their different views on being a parent. Later, Nina receives heartbreaking news. Has she lost yet another chance to be a mother?

Nathan is smitten with the new lady in his life. Meanwhile, Maxie commits herself to uncovering the truth. Will Maxie and Nathan find themselves at odds? Maxie sets a scheme in motion.

Also this week:

Ava is hit hard by the recent turn of events. Jordan, Andre and Anna come up with a theory about Ava’s involvement in Julian’s trial. Could the femme fatale be forced to face justice?

  • Lulu receives stunning news.
  • Jordan makes amends.
  • Laura gives Kevin another chance.
  • Alexis turns to Sam for support and advice.
  • Curtis receives an offer he cannot refuse.

Source Sneak Peek: October 17th-21st

Tracy takes Lucy to task. Hayden proves that she is more than capable of handling herself and getting what she wants. Anna is struck by a familiar face.

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  1. It was a great Dillon&Kiki week. I hope we get another one. I love the fallout from Paul. Tracy/Ned/Dillon are a joy to watch. RPW was also really good.

    So I guess Kiki will feel guilty for whatever happen to Morgan. Even if she has nothing to do with it. I hope Carly/Sonny don’t have the nerve to put the blame on her. Ava will have to pay eventually.

    Dante/Lulu, Laura/Kevin, Finn/Hayden, Anna, Curtis…A lot of potential stories. It makes more fun to watch.

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