‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: All My Friends Are Heathens

Jason and Sonny disagree on how to handle Julian.
Jason and Sonny disagree on how to handle Julian.

Godfather Knows Best

“The violence stops when someone stops the violence."

“The violence stops when someone stops the violence.”

Julian’s not guilty verdict isn’t sitting well for a lot of people. Alexis is a mess and has taken to drinking. I did like her response to Julian when he showed up at her house. It’s understandable that she wants him to stay away from her and I like that she was ready to defend herself. If Alexis is going to be down and out, these moments of strength are needed. The dialog and Julian’s reaction to Alexis felt very odd considering the situation. Just like with the trial, Julian is playing the good guy again and expressing concern for the woman he tried to kill. The little explanation we got was that Julian wouldn’t have actually been able to go through with it. I don’t know if that works for me.

Julian also has Sonny to deal with. Sonny, in his mobster logic, has ordered a hit on his enemy. He can’t have other mobsters thinking that he doesn’t mean business. He said that killing Julian would protect his family as well. I think that is just an excuse for the fact that he’s going against Carly’s wishes. I get the feeling the hit on Julian will not go as planned and Sonny’s family may be hurt as a result. I don’t think Carly actually believes that Sonny is going to keep his promise to her about not going after Julian but I think she wants to be able to trust him. What’s going to happen when she finds out he chose violence over her?

Jason and Sam have been put into the roles of peacekeepers. Before last week, I’d seen some fans speculate that Sam may try to kill Julian. I’m not really sure why anyone would want Sam to murder her own father, awful as he may be, and I’m glad that is not how she is being written. Sam’s concern is her family – her husband, children, mother and sisters. She’s putting their well-being above petty vengeance. It’s the noble and heroic thing to do. In hopes of preventing bloodshed, she asked Jason to speak to Sonny while she spoke to her father. Sam asked Julian to leave town but it seems he doesn’t plan on taking her advice. Meanwhile, Jason asked Sonny not to go after Julian only to find out that the hit had already been ordered. Was it just me or was there some tension in the Jason and Sonny scenes? I feel like Jason’s really not about that life anymore and maybe Sonny is a little resentful about it.

I feel like Morgan’s bipolar situation is going to end up connecting to all this. Ava is still messing with his meds and Morgan’s loved ones are still in denial that his behavior has been off. Morgan has physically attacked Joe and Julian, made poor academic choices and been a bit paranoid with his girlfriend. Something bad is obviously about to happen. Will Morgan go after Julian himself? Will he lash out at his professor after being caught cheating? The Corinthos clan is beginning to shed their pretend wholesome image and it’s about time.

Who’s The Baby Daddy?

Griffin and Maxie discuss Claudette.

Griffin and Maxie discuss Claudette.

I’m not seeing a lot of love for the Claudette story right now. I get it. It’s based on a lot of things that happened offscreen and centered around a new character that hasn’t quite been fully developed yet. There are elements to it that have me intrigued though and, now that we know the identity of Claudette’s evil ex-lover, there is the potential for things to get really soapy.

The DNA test results are in and Nathan is Charlotte’s father. Nathan has always been good about Georgie and Maxie had sworn to be the same way if Charlotte was his. Nathan is a heroic type, despite his flaws, and he wasn’t going to let someone hurt Claudette and her daughter regardless of how the tests turned out. Maxie is still very suspicious of Claudette which she makes very clear to Griffin. “It’s clear that you still need to see the good in Claudette. That doesn’t make you a bad person. That just makes you delusional because when you say that Claudette has been – what was that word you used – loving or protective she’s been playing you. That’s how she operates.” I feel like these two are going to get to the bottom of things and that they’re the real heroes of this story.

Claudette told Nathan that her ex-lover is Valentin Cassadine. Nathan still believes that he is Victor Cassadine’s son. I wonder if Claudette is aware of his Cassadine connection and that’s why she targeted him for help. Valentin also had a frisky one night stand with Nathan’s sister Nina. Is it possible that Valentin sought out Nina on purpose because she is Nathan’s sister? Nathan is going to want to protect Nina from Valentin but I’m not sure Nina would want him too. She is naively attracted to the Cassadine bad boy. Nina’s desire to have a baby could also come into play. Valentin might be able to give her what she wants in the form of Charlotte or Lulu’s thermos egg.

Couples of the week: Jason and Sam, Griffin and Maxie, Jordan and Anna, Laura and Kevin

Lines of the week: “I have a sister – another sister – her name is Sarah.”-Liz “Wonderful. There’s two of you.”-Hayden

“What happened to Susan?”-Tracy

“In order for me to keep going I need to trust that some day you’ll remember just how much we meant to each other.”-Julian

“Go find a rich man to marry. Sell yourself to the highest bidder just like your mother did.”-Liz

“That really hurts my feelings that you just automatically assume that I’m the killer.”-Franco “Can you blame me considering your past?”-Heather

“Honey, there all gone. I got rid of them. So it’s okay to come back. Honey please? It’s time.”-Paul

“I would do anything for you. Even try to be a better person. Maybe even a person who deserves to be with you.”-Franco

“You and I were always very, very careful…except for the couple times we weren’t.”-Claudette

“He destroyed everything. He held a knife to her throat and threaten to kill her and told her how much he loved her. It’s sick and it’s twisted. And now he’s been acquitted of all these charges so there’s no end in sight. It’s like a slow motion nightmare that she can’t get out of.”-Sam “So how do we stop it?”-Jason

“I’m a psychiatrist Laura who dabbles in cryptography and mystery writing. You put all three together and I’m kind of a junior Jedi.”-Kevin

“She’s always lying. I’m just interested to see how she tailors those lies for a specific audience.”-Maxie

“And the cops are still going to suspect you.”-Jason “Let ‘em.”-Sonny “So is your wife.”-Jason

“Jason, I have a really bad feeling that if something does go wrong with Julian, he’s not the only one who’s going to get hurt.”-Sam

“You know how I feel about this. The violence stops when someone stops the violence.”-Carly

Videos of the week: Tracy finds out Paul’s the killer.

Carly pleads with Sonny to stop the cycle of violence.

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