‘Days Of Our Lives’ Week In Review: Family, Love And A Bit Of Adventure

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Days of Our Lives had a pretty solid week this last week! I have to say that even the parts that usually have me annoyed did not annoy me as much, and there were even parts that I loved to bits! It felt like a perfectly well rounded week of family, love and a bit of adventure. There was something for every viewer to enjoy which is really all we ever ask of our stories. You don’t have to be the best all the time, just give the fans some steady drama to keep them intrigued and we’ll be just fine! Let’s see if DAYS can keep this up!

Week in Review for Days of Our Lives episodes airing November 14th – 18th.

Miami Vice

Even DAYS had us wondering, “Why is it always Florida?” Whenever something strange, wild or even unnecessary happens, in recent times we’ve looked to Florida. This last week, the same happened in our fictional world of Salem, USA when JJ Devereaux confessed to cheating on Gabi Hernandez during his time in Florida. And of course he remembered only parts of it, adding in that whimsical and mysterious Florida touch we know and love!

At the Horton house on that infamous couch, JJ sat his girlfriend Gabi down to break some bad news to her. After surviving a gunshot from Salem’s Three Stooges, JJ probably realized that life is fleeting and he should probably try to be as honest as possible. The story Jack Jr. laid out on his great-grandma’s table was that while searching the wreckage of the downed plane his sister had been believed to be on, he got wasted and after not being able to handle the reality of it all. That led to him meeting a mystery woman in a bar and blacking out drunk with her in a hotel room. With no recollection of her or the night they spent together, JJ woke up naked in bed the next day to a thank you note from this woman. So put two and two together and it was a one night stand, right?

If we know by now, things are never that simple and Salem but Florida is another story! Gabi took it hard of course, showing just about as much shock as the viewers who thought this was all coming out of left field. It was obviously thrown into the mix last minute to give the upcoming Chad, Abigail Dimera, Gabi and JJ quad some messy drama. Very messy, unnecessary drama.

Like clockwork, JJ went to Chad to plead for his help in winning Gabi back to his side but with their newly rekindled friendship on the brain, Chad refused. I have to say that I commend the writers for touching back on this recent history of where Chad and Gabi were once very close, now as single parents they seem to have even more in common. Forget writers ignoring history from decades ago, viewers often see favorite relationships from recent times being thrown in the trash as if they never happened. Gabi and Chad reconnecting during this grieving period Is realistic, it’s right and they have great chemistry. But as friends! It was only a month or two ago that the writers wanted viewers to believe that Chad was too lost in his grief to care for his own son. Now we’re supposed to believe he’s ready to move on with his “dead” wife’s best friend? Much like JJ’s “cheating” story, it’s too much too soon.

I’m tired of the writers treating JJ like some big schmuck. Casey Moss is not only gorgeous, he’s pretty talented too and deserves to be treated a lot better than he has been lately. Not to say that Billy Flynn’s Chad Dimera should be demoted, but I would love to see more focus on JJ who has great leading man potential. He’s not just the fourth wheel of a love triangle we’ve already seen a bit of before. Chad and Abby need to be reunited to give us that great romantic feel DAYS has been missing out on while JJ and Gabi should be that that young, sexy couple steaming up our screens.

But why is no one realizing that JJ is the victim of sexual assault? Hollyoaks is doing a great story on sexual consent right now and if DAYS so desperately wanted JJ to drunkenly cheat, why not expand on the story in a non-conventional way? If JJ was too drunk to remember if he consented to sex or not – then I’d have to say he’s a victim in this whole mess. But there’s no sympathy from friends or family nor is anyone really questioning these odd circumstances. To me, it’s clear that Lani Price was the woman involved. Not only is she from Miami but she’s set to return to Salem soon on top of being a total creep. Remember when she tricked Shawn Douglass into going on a fake stake out just to hook up? She literally gets turned on by crime!

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