‘Days of Our Lives’ Week In Review: Haunted By The Past

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Days of Our Lives kicked off its November Sweeps in okay shape. Although a few of the stories are rehashed, it does seem like the new writing team is looking to go about the same old stories in new ways. But is it enough? It’s 2016, paternity stories and baby switches can only do so much these days so why not try something completely different instead? It’s not just DAYS lacking in innovation, its US soaps across the board. I’d love for a UK soap producer (Iain MacLeod or Bryan Kirkwood) to do an exchange program of sorts so everyone can learn, share and inspire one another. There are things to learn on both sides, I believe but US soaps definitely need a head to toe refreshing when it comes to topical stories. At least DAYS viewers have been treated to more family interactions lately so that characters are no longer isolated on their own little island. Not to mention all of the back to back returns that are only just beginning! Seeing so many familiar faces back in Salem just warms the heart in the best way, like seeing even more family. The prison break storyline last month had the show feeling exciting again and with that over, new storylines have sprouted so let’s see if they can continue that same trend. Let’s get into some of the highlights of last week in Salem, USA!

Week in Review for Days of Our Lives episodes airing October 31st – November 4th.

Breeding Dead

Just when we thought we were free. Just when we thought we could move on with our lives, to finally be happy again – Daniel Jonas reared his head from beyond the grave to haunt Salem for another day. And honestly, it’s just unfair! So many beloved characters have died before Daniel and have only been mourned and mentioned for a few choice episodes – yet Daniel really does haunt every other storyline. He needs to rest in peace.

Nicole Walker and Chloe Lane finally managed to reach each other since Chloe went back to to be with her family, hiding out from Deimos’ prying eyes. No amount of paternity tests or stories about anonymous sex could deter the younger Kiriakis brother from going after what he thought was his. No matter how many times he was told it wasn’t and never would be. The two longtime gal pals chat about the story Philip Kiriakis told about Chloe hooking up with a random at her bar, thus falling pregnant right before meeting up with Deimos. I can see why people would buy the story considering Chloe’s past but it’s also such a lazy stretch, you’d think Salemites would know nothing is ever that cut and dry in this town. In that same vein, that’s probably why Deimos continued to pester Chloe knowing the women in this town love to hide babies from their men for various – usually poorly thought out reasons.

Even though I am exhausted seeing baby hiding still being used as a storyline in 2016 (after getting played out by the early 90’s), one must commend the writers at DAYS for taking an unusual route with the twist. Through this conversation with Chloe and Nicole, viewers learned that together with Daniel, the two women entered an agreement where Chloe would be a surrogate to the couple’s child. Seeing how great Nicole was as a step-mother to Parker Jonas and knowing of her friend’s pregnancy woes, Chloe went into the agreement with a genuine desire to help but unfortunately she didn’t become pregnant at the time. Not until after Daniel passed away did Chloe try again after seeing her friend going through the grief of such a major loss. This time, Chloe went ahead with the fertilization process without telling Nicole which was how she came to be pregnant this time. Making the baby most certainly not Deimos’ but Nicole and Daniel’s. And so the egg baby cycle continues, no matter how badly everyone wants it to end.

Nicole cannot seem to get into a pairing that any of her fans want to get behind. The majority of DAYS watchers heaved a collective sigh when Deimos broke it off with her – only to come crawling back to her this week, apologizing for blaming her about keeping Chloe’s deception a secret. The two agreed to meet for lunch to reconcile but the former reporter is sidetracked when Chloe called, wanting to meet up in Chicago to presumably drop the bombshell about her pregnancy. Imagine going to meet your friend for a simple lunch only to have her tell you she’s pregnant with you and your dead fiancé’s baby? I can’t see Nicole taking this revelation too lightly even though she’s sure to be excited about the opportunity to finally be a mother to her own child. That’ll probably be what tides her over in the end but can Deimos get on board too?

Deimos is such a stubborn, grumpy old man of a character who cannot function should things not go his way. He showed it full force when after hearing Nicole’s plans of going to meet Chloe, he insisted upon tagging along all the way to Chicago. Weren’t they meeting up so he could reaffirm his trust in his girlfriend? And yet like a desperate puppy, Deimos trotted along in Nicole’s shadow and even attended an impromptu doctor’s appointment to double check (triple check?) the paternity of Chloe’s baby. These men in Salem really can’t seem to let the women make any decision on their own. And somehow these women are okay with it?

Chloe was a breath of fresh air when she tore into Nicole for even allowing Deimos to come along. Although I don’t agree to holding Deimos to the standard of Daniel because both are pretty awful dudes in their own rights, Nicole has been even more unrecognizable since shacking up with Deimos. Will Chloe’s words get through to Nicole? Probably not, but having a friend tell you she doesn’t know who you are anymore should be a wake up call to anyone!

But how funny is it that Patrika Darbo’s Nancy Wesley was the sole star of this whole story? She was only there for a moment but her feisty attitude and mama bear mentality shone on screen when she shut down Deimos for being such an invasive creep. I really wished she’d played a bigger role in the paternity deception, just because she’s such a talented and endearing schemer. You can’t help but root for her. But even Nancy wasn’t in the know about Chloe’s baby’s paternity! I was shocked that not only had Chloe disappeared from her mother’s home but didn’t confide in her. Nancy is one of the most ride or die moms on DAYS, so you know she would have been right there supporting Chloe no matter what stories she’d have to tell. I honestly hope we’ll get to see more of Nancy in the future!

Though this storyline has taken a tired tale and made it a little more innovative, I can foresee it going back down the formulaic route. Like, let’s say Chloe deciding to keep Nicole’s baby if she stays with Deimos thus igniting a custody battle? Prove me wrong, DAYS!

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