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Gays of Our Lives: New Love, Old Love, Lost Love on “Emmerdale”

In this week’s Gays of Our Lives, the gays of Emmerdale are busier than usual.  Robert is trying to break Lachlan out of jail so Rebecca won’t tell Aaron about their kiss, Finn fears Kasim will never come out his coma and Lawrence finally openly admits to Ronnie that he loves him.  Will anyone get the happy ending they want?  Meanwhile, the season finale of A Place To Call Home is here.  Was the season ender a fitting wrap up?  And how did the season a whole work?  I’ve got plenty of thoughts.   Elsewhere, Secret Lives has killed off Elias.  But was his death necessary? Plus, Neighbours gay storyline is actually getting interesting, James and John Paul take a big step on Hollyoaks, the latest on Days of our Lives, Round a Rownd – and much, much more.

A Place To Call Home (Australia)

I recently read that when the show, which has been renewed for Season 5, returns next year 4 years will have passed. I like that idea.  New stories, new characters and a fresh outlook can give the writers the opportunity to take things in different and exciting directions.  vlcsnap-2016-11-28-09h22m11s349

The way this episode ended, I wonder if the show expected to be back for another season.  All the stories were pretty much wrapped up with the only loose end being Richard scheming revenge via Regina.  I guess that is what will drive much of Season 5.  I’m really surprised Richard didn’t wind up dead.

As for this season, overall I enjoyed it.  This show remains a solid and interesting soap.  Sarah is an awesome and complex character and I love watching her no matter what she is doing.  Soaps these days don’t seem to center themselves around strong women anymore and I love that this soap does.  The Regina storyline was compelling throughout and those final scenes with Sarah and Regina in the cabin were terrific.

I’m so glad Elizabeth got her happy ending with Douglas. I really would have liked to have known Olivia’s secret about her future. I felt Anna’s heartbreak upon finding Gino gone, but I’ve never been a fan of his and I still think she can do better. I suspect though they’ll have a big reunion storyline in Season 5, though Gino will probably have a one or two kids with Rose to complicate things.


As for the gay storyline, I get what the show was trying to do in regards to informing the audience about the families gays create with each other.  They did it back then for survival and support and sadly still have to do it today for those same reasons.  It’s an important story and one that needs telling.  And I’m certainly glad that James and Henry and Harry got a happy ending.  No dead or tragic gays, thanks!  I’ll just ignore that Harry dropped his life back at Inverness for a guy he barely knew and a job he had no idea what would be.  Harry has always been one of my favorites and seeing that smile on his face did my heart good.

And yet, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m disappointed that that the show chose not to play a messy triangle between Henry, James and Harry.  Honestly, they could have done that, but still had the story end the way it did (with everyone friends) and leave audiences with the same message.  But that’s okay.  We are getting gay characters in important stories on our screens.  And I can never get enough of that.

I just wonder which gays will be back next season, especially with the 4 year gap.  Harry’s story is over, so he’s probably gone.  David Berry, who plays James, has a new gig on Outlander (playing gay).  And what about Henry, who is essentially a supporting character?  I’d hate for the show to be queer free next year.  Guess we’ll find out.

See you next season.

Coronation Street  (U.K.)

“I’m not your daughter, I’m just gay.”  LOL, Todd!

So Phelan was able to actually talk his way out of this mess without implicating himself or Todd. He even got Eileen to take him back.  Neat trick.  And not the conclusion I was expecting.  No idea what the next beat of this story, but I’m sure Phelan will come up with some new scam soon.   I wonder what’s next for Todd and Billy though.  They need a new storyline.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I didn’t watch the wedding stuff.  It’s a dumb storyline treating these folks in their 50’s like 20 somethings.  Thing is, I love the characters, especially Adrienne.  But we know how this triangle (with Justin and Adrienne back together — again) ends so it’s all pointless.  And did they really sit in that room for all that time with Sonny standing guard outside?  Dreadful.screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-1-19-27-pm

I guess it’s good that Paul has something other to do that pine over Sonny.  But I wish he and Derrick weren’t dating off screen.  But that relationship isn’t important and the show clearly doesn’t want us to care about it or make Derrick a real character to root for.  That’s what a real love triangle does.  Frankly Sonny and Paul still have no reason not to be together.  All this faux and contrived angst is stupid.

The investigative stuff is okay.  Like I said, it gives Paul something to do other than pine over Sonny.  But it all goes back to that silly point of Justin asking Sonny to investigate only for Sonny to hire Paul, which is something Justin could have done himself.  And for a couple of crack PI’s (and a former spy), I found it hilarious that Steve and Paul didn’t check inside the bag or tear open the lining or anything.  You know, where contraband could be hidden?

EastEnders  (U.K.)

If I didn’t know any better I’d think Ben is going to have a fling with that guy Randy.  Otherwise, what was the point of Ben being there?  Other than that not much to say.  Johnnie still has no story.


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