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Gays of Our Lives: New Love, Old Love, Lost Love on “Emmerdale”

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

gallery-1477952830-soaps-emmerdale-aaron-finn-kasim-5First off, I’m so glad that Kasim will turn out to be queer and he and Finn will have a love story.  It’s totally implausible, but if it gets Finn some romance and a boyfriend, I’ll overlook it.

Second, did the Barton boys really believe that James committed suicide ?  What utter nonsense.  It’s a lousy way to try and kill yourself and the family should know by now that Emma lies as easily as she breathes.  And did they forget James was on crutches and could barely walk?  How he got out there to begin with should be in question.  They should be able to pick apart her story and I’m sure eventually they’ll figure it out.  But there’s no way they should buy it, especially Finn, who’s supposed to be the smart one in the family.

Eyewitness  (U.S.)vlcsnap-2016-11-28-09h28m05s066

For a detective, I can’t believe Helen hasn’t figured out that the boys are more than friends.  I suspect Lukas’ father knows but isn’t saying.  Anyway, this was a good episode and very suspenseful with the scene at the end with Ryan looking for Lukas.  The bit about Lukas identifying Mita as the killer seemed a bit contrived to drag this show out for a few more episodes though.

I continue to be amazed and surprised by the show keeping the boys’ relationship so central to the drama.  I would have never expected that for a US show.

Holby City  (U.K.)

domI haven’t watched for a few weeks so I didn’t realize that Issac and Dom had broken up. Last I saw they were moving in together.  Guess I got some eps to watch!  I liked them bringing back Christian, though it was interesting after all the flirting he and Dom realized they weren’t compatible as a couple.  I’m glad Dom and Issac got back together though.  I like them and Marc Elliot is so hot in this role.  

I also watched the Serena and Bernie scenes and they were cute too.  The sign bit with Fletch and Jason was hilarious and I really liked the ending with Jason saying he lost the key to the room while the ladies were making out.  I think it’s great this show has two popular and viable gay couples.  Some shows can’t even handle one.

As for Dom not getting the job, I would think he’d not get it for the dirty tricks he pulled.  That alone should have disqualified him.  But Issac bringing Dom in with Jasmine and giving her the job seemed like a douche move.  Why did he do that?

Neighbours  (Australia)vlcsnap-2016-11-28-09h29m52s965

Should I have found that scene where David’s grandma told him ‘don’t be queer’ and then died to be funny?  Because I did.  It was really over the top.  It’s also terribly sad that she would condemn her grandson to a life she knows that he will never be really happy in.  I guess we’re supposed to think she did it out of love, but it seems cruel to me.  I don’t know how David is going to see past his grandmother’s last moment and accept who he is, but I’m kinda interested in the story.  And Aaron and David do have sweet chemistry, which helps.

Going back to last week, I liked that scene where Jack told David he should do what makes him at peace with himself, while David expected to be condemned by the padre for his attraction to men.  Nice.  Then again, Jack did break his vow to God by banging Paige the other week and he probably knocked her up.  So….



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