General Hospital Spoilers: November 14-18, 2016 Edition

This week on General Hospital, Sonny makes a shocking confession. Also: Jax confides in Alexis about his suspicions; Anna has another déjà vu moment; Nelle comforts Michael; Franco and Liz make plans. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 14, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Give Me The Reason

Everyone is in for a big surprise when Sonny makes a stunning confession. The teflon don is determined to get answers. Will he find what he is looking for? He’s not the only one trying to get to the bottom of things. A suspicious Carly asks to meet with Andre to discuss Morgan’s treatment. Look for her to be overcome with conflicting emotions amidst some new information. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason follow-up on a critical lead.

Michael finds comfort from Nelle. Will she make her intentions with him clear? Jax remains concerned about the young woman and confides in Alexis. Jax and Alexis come to a mutual understanding. Will Alexis receive a glimmer of hope? Bobbie also has reason to be suspicious of Nelle. Will someone learn what Nelle is hiding?

Fathers and Daddies

Laura has a tense encounter with Valentin while Nina spends some time with Charlotte. Will Charlotte get a new family yet again? Anna challenges Valentin’s claims but she may be disappointed with the results. Later, Anna and Griffin face off against their new adversary and Griffin loses his cool. Anna once again has déjà vu. Why does Valentin seem so familiar to her?

Also this week:

How will Liz react when she discovers Franco’s intentions? Franco and Liz make plans for a special night together. Liz will stand her ground and Franco will try to make amends for what he did to Sam.

Ava asks Scott to help her out of a bind. Later, Lucy refuses to be fooled by her bed buddy.

  • Kiki thanks Dillon for his patience and friendship.
  • Josslyn cooks up a plan.
  • Dante observes the impact Jason has on his father.
  • Someone offers to buy Alexis a drink.
  • Liz is called upon to help Hayden.

Source Sneak Peek: November 21-25

Sam and Jason debate whether to help Curtis with his investigation. Julian threatens to tell Sam about Alexis’ drinking. Tracy attempts to save the Quartermaines from yet another disastrous Thanksgiving dinner.

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