‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Proceed With Caution

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?

CarSon prepare for Morgan’s funeral.
CarSon prepare for Morgan’s funeral.

I actually kind of liked Sonny last week. It’s refreshing to see him remorseful and self-reflecting. I had written previously that I wanted to see the mobster acknowledge his failures as a father. I liked when he told Carly, “We both know that it wasn’t the medication. That’s not why he died.” He’s taking some responsibility and I hope it’s not temporary. There is a good chance that it will turn out that Sonny’s hit actually did get called off and someone else planted the bomb that killed Morgan. It seems like a bit of cop-out but I hope we don’t end up with an excuse for Sonny to go back to his old ways. Sonny should have been a much better father than he was not just to Morgan but to all of his children. He has always turn to violence as resolution and it has repeatedly cost his family. He needs to finally learn; the character needs to grow.

As much as I liked the majority of Sonny’s story this week, I was disappointed in Friday’s cliffhanger. Sonny brought a gun to his son’s funeral and stood up in front of his family with it in his hand. I don’t know if he is contemplating suicide or not but why would he want to traumatize his children like that? Is he looking to die or is he looking for someone to talk him down and tell him it’s not his fault? His teenage step-daughter is at the funeral. Why would he want her to be witness to such violence? I’m not sure what the writers want me to feel about this situation. Maybe it will make more sense on Monday but it’s another creative choice that has me puzzled.

Adventures In Babysitting

Alexis drinks while watching Danny.
Alexis drinks while watching Danny.

Alexis’ is continuing to drink while becoming more aware that she has a problem. She hit a new low point last week when she drank too much of “Grandma’s special juice” while watching Danny. Alexis passes out, burning the cookies and almost starting a serious fire. She rushed Danny outside while she dealt with the mess. Danny stood on the porch while wild animals growled at him from the woods, literally almost throwing him to the wolves.

It was a bit of a wake up call for Alexis because she took to google to see if she had a drinking problem. But she still hid the truth from her daughters. I think Alexis knows she has a problem but is a afraid to admit it. How much lower will she sink in the meantime?

Couples of the week: Lulu and Dante, Hayden and Finn, Carly and Jax, Franco and Liz, Lucy and Ava

Best scene stealer: Brad

Lines of the week: “I want you to pose for me.”-Liz

“This is a copy of Charlotte’s birth certificate.”-Valentin “Oh you just happen to walk around with it all the time do you?”-Anna

“Yeah so you can blackmail me later.”-Ava “I didn’t even think of that. What a great idea! Thank you!”-Lucy “Swell.”-Ava

“To hell with your sympathy!”-Griffin

“You’re hot when you’re wrong.”-Franco

“Maddox? Man put Jordan on the phone!”-Curtis

“Maybe when you and I kiss, it becomes a masterpiece.”-Franco

“Grandma, you’re fun!”-Danny

“Jax is here? That’s just great.”-Sonny

“A guy who shoots people for fun. Who eliminates people. That’s the guy who makes her feel safe?”-Franco

“I know that Sonny sees violence as a solution. I just lied to myself.”-Carly

“There’s no difference between Baker the sick rapist and Franco the sick illusionist.”-Franco

“I don’t know what Sonny wrote to you in this letter Carly but your life is about to go from bad to worse.”-Nelle

Best dressed: Sam’s black dress

Scene of the week (Viewers’ Choice): Liz asks Franco to pose for her.

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  1. Thanks for commenting Mel! I’m a little baffled by the Morgan stuff too. The character wasn’t that beloved. It would have been cool for Robin to just cure Finn.

  2. I remain hopeful re: Friz’s next story arc because they mostly have done right by them. I agree, the stakes are especially high w/ this one. And Jean and Shelly still have not told a solid s/l beginning to end. Maybe this will be their first? Because they’re off to a good start, imo.

    Fayden did very little for me this week. Did not understand why Hayden refused to let Finn see how sick she was. I hope they explain this but it’s more likely they won’t. Totally agree that Robin should have saved the day here. I predicted she would the minute I heard she was returning. What a waste of a visit. They could wrapped this s/l like that *snaps fingers*.

    Speaking of wasted opportunities, I think I’m one of the few (naive) ones who thought Morgan’s death would be amazing for Sonny. Oh, how wrong I was. He has sympathetic moments – like when his voice was breaking during the eulogy – but then he turns around and completely ruins it. This week by pulling out a gun in front of his mourning loved ones. I really can’t with him. Also equally frustrating is how everyone treats Julian like crap, and Sonny gold. They’re both POS, I wish the show would stop pretending otherwise. It actually has the opposite effect they’re going for – makes me root for Julian, when I don’t particularly care to.

    Now that Morgan’s funeral is nearly over, I’m hoping they keep his mentions to a minimum. Like they do w/ Nikolas and Sabrina. He was not as loved as the writers seem to think. I (and I’m sure many others) are ready to move on.

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