General Hospital Spoilers: December 19-23, 2016 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Carly brings her family together for the holidays. Also: Julian has a surprise for Alexis; Liz pays Heather Webber a visit; Sam has her baby shower. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 19, 2016.

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General Hospital Spoilers: The Truth Will Set You Free

Will the circumstances behind Morgan’s death finally come to light? New information surfaces that will have Sonny spinning out of control. Despite the turbulence, Carly manages to bring the entire family together to celebrate the holiday. Meanwhile, Sonny’s lies continue to snowball.

Julian uses an opportunity to his advantage. Concerned about her brother, Ava tries to discourage Julian’s pursuit of Alexis. Alexis makes preparations for Julian’s arrival home. Will a surprise gift put Alexis in the holiday spirit?

Franco continues to toys with Tom. Seth confronts the artist regarding the whereabouts of his brother Tom. Franco has a illuminating nightmare. Meanwhile, Liz seeks help from Heather Webber.  Will she get the assistance she’s seeking or just Heather’s games? Franco westles with a decision about his future. Will he come clean to Liz regarding his recent actions? Later, Dante has a shocking announcement about Tom.

Also this week:

Lulu spends some quality time with Charlotte. With the mother and daughter bond? Nina is weary about Lulu’s intention and warns Valentin. Later, Lulu becomes determined to gain sole custody of Charlotte. Will Valentin take the high road or make things difficult for her?

Finn risks it all as he attempts to save Hayden. With life hangs in the balance, will a risky decision pay off? Finn keeps vigil at Hayden’s bedside.

  • Kevin worries about the future of his romance with Laura.
  • Maxie throws Sam a baby shower.
  • Kiki is conflicted by a conversation that she overhears.
  • Anna struggles to make sense of her memories.

Source Sneak Peek: December 26th-30th

Sam learns important information about the Chinese restaurant. Carly wonders if Sonny can ever truly change his ways. Nina and Lulu clash over what’s best for Charlotte.

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  1. I want my Kiki and Dillon’s storyline to go forward. I’m actually liking that the tables have turned a bit. Kiki needs to go after Dillon. I just wish they were on more than once a week.

    I’m so tired of Sonny and Carly. It seems like it’s the same story over and over….

    I love Lulu and Dante. I love that they’re on a lot more but good grief, I hate the Charlotte storyline. It feels like it was just thrown together. And please, Nina has absolutely no right in any of this.

    What a disappointment Friz has become. Hate the direction of it right now.

    Please let them move on from Hayden is sick.

    Thanks for the spoilers. :-)

  2. Sonny and Carly need to get back together. If they divorce over this pathetic a$$ed fake ONS I’m done.

  3. I hope we see the other families onscreen celebrating Christmas too. Sonny’s family should not be the only one shown on Christmas.

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