TVSource Podcast Ep. #1, Part 1: Year in Soaps 2016 – The Bold and the Beautiful

TV Source Podcast
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In part 1 of the series premiere episode of the TVSource podcast, we discuss the year that was 2016 for CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful.

TVSource Magazine’s Ryan White-Nobles, Jenn Bishop, Ashley Dionne and Coryon Gray share their picks and pans for The Bold and the Beautiful.

We talk the never-ending triangles with Liam/Steffy/Wyatt and Brooke/Katie/Ridge, baby rabies for Rick and Maya and the missed opportunity for story with Nicole; rapid-fire tropes; praise for the Avant family, the curious case of the disappearing airtime for Heather Tom, the Thomas/Caroline controversy and so much more!

There’s also the list of hopes for B&B for 2017. Among the top – less triangles (preferably none), introduction of LGBT characters and a major threat to the Forrester family business.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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