Gays of our Lives – The Object of Finn’s Obsession on ‘Emmerdale’

People of the Valley  (Wales)

When was the last time we saw Iolo and Tyler together in a scene?  They’ve been playing supporting roles in separate storylines for weeks now.  I wish the show would give them something to do, a story about them.  Even if it a B plot, it’s better than what we’re getting, which is not much.

The plot about Iolo not supporting Sion and Gwyneth’s relationship has reached ridiculous proportions, with a crippled Garry actually threatening Iolo to play nice and give his blessing to Sion and Gwyneth.  Is Garry going to actually send thugs after Iolo if he refuses to go along with this?  Come on show, do better.

River City (Scotland)

I agree with Robbie’s mother.  Robbie and Gary are not right for each other.  I think Robbie is settling for a nice, normal guy like Gary after his messy relationship with Will, who was very complicated.

Besides, they rushed into this relationship.  They should end it now.  Not just because it’s doomed, but they are really boring together.  And Gary is boring.  There’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy, but nice guys can be interesting.  Gary is not.

Besides, if my boyfriend blew off our date to go clubbing like Robbie had done, we’d be through.  I would not be giving him gifts, that’s for sure.

Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

Barry sure does like to stir it doesn’t he?  Though I did think it was funny he told David that Rhys had a new boyfriend just to get David’s reaction.  I guess there’s not much to say since the story really didn’t move forward.  It’s sort of in a holding pattern until the truth comes out.

Secret Lives  (Finland)

I’m still mystified by this show’s decision to kill off Elias.  Makes no sense to me.

So contrived that Elias would confide in Marianna about the phone calls from Elias.  I never understood why anybody would be near this girl after she kidnapped Elias and Lari and held them hostage for weeks.  That’s contrived too.

I’m curious as to why Marianna would do this?  What does she have to gain by tormenting Lari?  Or is it just for fun?

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

So the police tore into a safe in Candace’s house, but they haven’t dug up that fresh patch of dirt a few steps from her back door?  Okay.  And I love how Candace, the murder suspect whose house is being searched, just hangs around outside and the police don’t even try and question her.  Worst cops ever.

That three way phone conversation between Justin, Jeffery and Candace where Jeffery and Candace kept asking each other if Justin hung up the phone was hilarious it it’s ridiculousness.

The only interesting thing was Justin saying “I don’t know why I’m helping you” when it’s pretty obvious why he is.  Jeffery must be giving it to Justin real good.

The Halcyon (U.K.)

Well, that’s the first hint of Toby being gay.  Let’s hope the show doesn’t wait too long to make this story move forward. They’ve only got 8 episodes to work with.

I have a feeling it won’t end well though.   Being gay was still illegal then and there is the difference in their classes and race.  I don’t foresee a happy ending.




  1. Anthony? Do you have any information on “Le Chalet”? I can’t seem to find any clips or episodes for the new season (3) anywhere on the internet. The only thing I have been able to find are a few episodes from season 2 where Francis (Felix-Antoine Tremblay) and Will (Julien Hurteau) have some interaction, and I have seen some episode promos from season 3 that tell me Will is still in the picture.
    I don’t speak enough French Canadian to figure anything more out about it, but you always seem to have the inside scoop on all of the shows, so I thought I would ask.

  2. This week on “General Hospital”, we saw Brad at the Floating Rib waiting for Lucas. Oh Brad, it’s gonna be a long wait. It’s insane that Lucas and Brad haven’t been in a scene together since JUNE.

  3. The Friday episode of Emmerdale gave me deja vu with Aaron locked up for assaulting someone and being all mopey about it and with Chas and Paddy in the waiting room arguing. Funny thing is that it was a good kind of deja vu because Aaron’s story was interesting back then even though he was even more frustrating. It also reminds me of Jackson’s observation once about how much Aaron loves the angst.

    I don’t like this new side to Finn but will acknowledge that at least he has an identity now. I was prepared to like him with Kasim but am re-thinking it. Really, Kasim could do better for himself – just like Robert could.

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