Gays of our Lives – The Object of Finn’s Obsession on ‘Emmerdale’


Emmerdale:   Robert stands by Aaron as his trial date approaches.   Later, Aaron apologizes to Finn for beating up Kasim.  In other news, Ronnie has advice for Lisa.

Holby City:  Dom wants to join Isaac in Hawaii for Isaac’s new research project, but he quickly learns that Isaac isn’t going to make it easy for him to go.

Hollyoaks:  Warren advises Ste not to let Ryan get to him, but Ste can’t control his anger when Ryan tells him the kids don’t want to see him.  Later, Warren gives Ste a van and the help he needs to get his tanning business off the ground.

Harry wants to help Ste with his problems, but is jealous when Ste can only talk about John Paul.  Harry storms out and then spies Goldie and Ryan talking and assumes they are having an affair.  He determines to get to the truth and use the info against Ryan.

Neighbours:  Paige and David concoct their lie about David being the father of Paige’s baby, but Paige’s parents want to know why David took so long to come forward.  They struggle to keep the lie going, but what happens when Aaron finds out?

Rownd a Rownd:   David’s struggles to deal with his feelings for Rhys and his attempts to hide them from his girlfriend Dani leads to a shocking incident that will reveal a dark, unpleasant side to his character.

Shortland Street:  Jack learns a secret, but is he willing to face what he’s uncovered?  Eventually, when the revelation has caused him more trouble, he has no choice but to face the truth about what he’s discovered.

The Halcyon:   Toby grows uneasy about his feelings for Adil and takes his emotional turmoil out on the man he’s becoming attracted to.


Holby City: Dom struggles when he learns that Isaac has betrayed him.

Hollyoaks:   Harry has a surprise for Ste.

Neighbours: David commits to being a father to Paige’s baby.

River City:  Robbie and Gary discuss being in an open relationship.

Riverdale:  The new soap opera based on the Archie comic series debuts.

Rownd a Rownd:  David wonders if he can keep his secret for much longer.

The Halcyon:  Toby is set up on a blind date with a woman, leading to an intimate moment with Adil.

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  1. Anthony? Do you have any information on “Le Chalet”? I can’t seem to find any clips or episodes for the new season (3) anywhere on the internet. The only thing I have been able to find are a few episodes from season 2 where Francis (Felix-Antoine Tremblay) and Will (Julien Hurteau) have some interaction, and I have seen some episode promos from season 3 that tell me Will is still in the picture.
    I don’t speak enough French Canadian to figure anything more out about it, but you always seem to have the inside scoop on all of the shows, so I thought I would ask.

  2. This week on “General Hospital”, we saw Brad at the Floating Rib waiting for Lucas. Oh Brad, it’s gonna be a long wait. It’s insane that Lucas and Brad haven’t been in a scene together since JUNE.

  3. The Friday episode of Emmerdale gave me deja vu with Aaron locked up for assaulting someone and being all mopey about it and with Chas and Paddy in the waiting room arguing. Funny thing is that it was a good kind of deja vu because Aaron’s story was interesting back then even though he was even more frustrating. It also reminds me of Jackson’s observation once about how much Aaron loves the angst.

    I don’t like this new side to Finn but will acknowledge that at least he has an identity now. I was prepared to like him with Kasim but am re-thinking it. Really, Kasim could do better for himself – just like Robert could.

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