Gays of Our Lives: A War on Several Fronts

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Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

Even though this coming out story is something we’ve seen a thousand times, I have to credit the show for something different.  I like that Rhys refuses to continue the relationship with David until David has broken it off with his girlfriend and that he won’t have a secret affair with David.  Usually in those stories the gay character goes back into the closet or becomes ‘the other man’ or sits around and waits by the phone to hear from their closeted lover.  And I’ve never liked it.

I wonder, given Dani’s interest in finding a boyfriend for Rhys, she will help him to get a man, making the situation with David even messier.  Maybe that will be the push that David needs to come out.  My favorite part of the episode was David cutting Dani out of the picture with he and Rhys to show he and Rhys together and smiling.  

I bought David’s sadness with his situation and his longing for Rhys in that scene.  And I also think David feels badly for the way he treats his girlfriend.  I can’t see this staying a secret much longer.  Too many people know about David and Rhys.  Rhys told his dad and Barry figured it out quickly.  I found it curious that Barry encouraged Rhys to have an affair with David if that’s what he wanted given that Barry’s girlfriend’s cheating led to her not knowing who the father of her baby was and nearly ruined their relationship.

I swear some of the same streets I see on People of the Valley are ones I see here.  I guess it makes sense.  They’re both Welsh soaps, probably shot on the same sets in Cardiff.  But I keep expecting to see Iolo and Tyler to come around the corner!

The Halcyon (U.K.)

So Toby is supposed to be gay?  Well, according to the press releases and character profiles he’s supposed to be, but you don’t even get a glimmer of that in any of his scenes from the first two episodes.  But having seen the spoilers for the next few weeks, Toby will realize he’s attracted to men around episode 4 when he’s attracted to the bartender who works at the hotel.  And given that in the UK this is a time when being gay can get you sentenced to prison, he won’t be very happy about it.  So we’ll have to hang in there, I guess.

I do like these scenes, however, and I like how Toby and Freddie worked things out and came to terms with each other and their mutual hatred for their father.  Overall, this is a well done and interesting show with lots of intriguing stories and secrets to be revealed.  I am surprised there isn’t more romance or love stories.  Most of it thus far, is feelings not admitted or acted upon, like with Freddie and Emma.

I kinda thought at the start that Toby would get it on with the hot daddy reporter he had a few scenes with.  That would have been fun.  But, I never get what I want.

The Haves and the Have Nots (U.S.)

These must be the worst cops like ever.  

They are looking for evidence of a homicide, but they wouldn’t first dig up that area where something has clearly been buried?  The police wouldn’t show extra interest in questioning Candace, who lives in the house they are searching?   Candace could have just turned around and left!  This is silly, implausible stuff to make the story go in whatever contrived direction they want it to go into.  

And I’m so very bored with Wyatt treating Jeffrey like crap and Jeffrey taking it.  Jeffrey’s grown up in many ways. I wish he would in regards to Wyatt.

To be perfectly honest, I would have given up on this poorly written train wreck of a show awhile ago if I didn’t have a shallow interest in seeing if anything happens with Jeffrey and Justin.  Katherine becoming a murderer was the last straw for me.  It’s just hard to care about the show when none of the characters have any morals or decency or it seems, sanity.  They’re all sociopaths.  That’s not fun to watch.




  1. Marie, search the threads at for the shows you typed.

  2. Emmerdale: I actually like how the three gay relationships and storylines are becoming a mini-umbrella arc while maintaining their individual strengths and weaknesses all the same: Finn dealing with clinginess while becoming open to dating another guy, while so sudden, was a nice twist on things, I thought. Though Kasim clearly has clinginess and family issues all his own. It also gives Kasim a chance to be an individual, something I felt was sorely lacking with Darren, who was little more than a plot device IMO.

    As far as Lawrence and Ronnie goes, Lawrence really needs to deal with his bedroom skills, and fast, especially with Ronnie’s wandering eyes (funny and cute as that scene was, even with Lisa’s complaining.) That said, though, I’m glad Ronnie doesn’t take Lawrence’s shit, either. Although the fight and fuss over Lawrence’s bollocks only to make up quick is starting to remind me of an older Aaron and Robert.

    Speaking of those two…the previews this week actually posit them as interesting after so long a while.

    Holby City: Given Dom’s seemingly bad luck with men, I was reee~~~ally hoping Isaac would be the one. But the pre-Christmas episode only showed this relationship is going downhill fast. Good thing Dom’s mum noticed it, too. He needs her in his corner pronto…a shame, considering Marc Elliott is sexy with a buzzcut.

    River City: Speaking of downhill, I’m kinda glad Gary and Robbie’s relationship is going down, much as I hate saying it. Gary IMO is as useful as tits on a bull at this point.

    The Haves and the Have Nots: Yeah, the whole everyone becoming sociopathic and psychotic is becoming a bit much, though at least Veronica finally got what was coming to her from Katheryn. I just hope that Justin gets the drop on Wyatt, so at least Jeffery can get some sense. Better yet, Jeffery grows a brain and actually leaves EVERYBODY to their own devices. That would make a good finale.

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