Gays of Our Lives: A War on Several Fronts

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Emmerdale:   Finn finds out that Nathan is an escort who was paid to go out with him, a situation that gets messier when Kasim offers to take Finn and Nathan out for a drink to show there’s no hard feelings.  Finn gives Nathan cash to go out with him, hoping to use the situation to get Kasim back.  Unfortunately, Kasim learns the truth and storms off. Refusing to let well enough alone, Finn goes after him.

Elsewhere, Aaron is still uneasy to see Robert and Rebecca spending so much time together.  Chas suggests Aaron talk to Robert about it, but Aaron is reluctant.  Instead, Aaron focuses on the plans for he and Robert’s wedding and they decide to get married in Vegas.  However, Aaron’s jealousy over Rebecca rears it’s ugly head and Robert tells Aaron he’s tired of dealing with Aaron’s insecurities.

These two stories come together as Finn confronts Kasim, begging him to give him another chance.  Kasim, who is with his homophobic father, shoves Finn in an effort to prove his manliness to his dad, and tells Finn that it’s over because Finn is clearly unstable.  Aaron, upset by his issues with Robert, misconstrues the situation and jumps in to ‘defend’ Finn and beats up Kasim.  Aaron is arrested.

Robert goes to Finn and begs him to talk to Kasim about dropping the charges, but Finn refuses to help.

In other news, Ronnie gets himself in trouble when Nicola suspects that Rekesh started the fire where Nicola nearly died last year.  Nicola goes to Ronnie for the truth. Rakesh urges Ronnie to lie to prevent himself from being implicated, but Ronnie refuses and tells Nicola the whole ugly story.  But will Ronnie’s honestly land him in jail?

Neighbours:  In an effort to forget their problems, David and Paige go out for a night on the town.  But after a fun night, Paige starts bleeding and has to be rushed to the hospital.   The baby turns out to be okay, but then Paige’s family demands to know who the daddy is.  Wanting to protect Father Jack, who is the baby daddy, Paige refuses to tell.  David gets involved and promises to find a way to help her.  He claims to be the father of her baby!

Is Will really ready to move in with Kevin?

Nashville:  Will and Kevin go apartment hunting.  But when Kevin makes a shocking discovery is the end for them?

River City:  Gary and Robbie struggle to heal the growing rift in their relationship.

The Halcyon:  Toby heads off to work in the War Office, but is he ready for what he discovers?


How To Get Away With Murder:  Connor and the Keating 4 deal with Wes’s murder.

Rownd a Rownd:  David shows his dark side.

Shadowhunters:  Alec and Isabelle hunt down a new kind of demon.

The Halcyon: Toby is unnerved by his encounter with Adil, the hotel bartender.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. Marie, search the threads at for the shows you typed.

  2. Emmerdale: I actually like how the three gay relationships and storylines are becoming a mini-umbrella arc while maintaining their individual strengths and weaknesses all the same: Finn dealing with clinginess while becoming open to dating another guy, while so sudden, was a nice twist on things, I thought. Though Kasim clearly has clinginess and family issues all his own. It also gives Kasim a chance to be an individual, something I felt was sorely lacking with Darren, who was little more than a plot device IMO.

    As far as Lawrence and Ronnie goes, Lawrence really needs to deal with his bedroom skills, and fast, especially with Ronnie’s wandering eyes (funny and cute as that scene was, even with Lisa’s complaining.) That said, though, I’m glad Ronnie doesn’t take Lawrence’s shit, either. Although the fight and fuss over Lawrence’s bollocks only to make up quick is starting to remind me of an older Aaron and Robert.

    Speaking of those two…the previews this week actually posit them as interesting after so long a while.

    Holby City: Given Dom’s seemingly bad luck with men, I was reee~~~ally hoping Isaac would be the one. But the pre-Christmas episode only showed this relationship is going downhill fast. Good thing Dom’s mum noticed it, too. He needs her in his corner pronto…a shame, considering Marc Elliott is sexy with a buzzcut.

    River City: Speaking of downhill, I’m kinda glad Gary and Robbie’s relationship is going down, much as I hate saying it. Gary IMO is as useful as tits on a bull at this point.

    The Haves and the Have Nots: Yeah, the whole everyone becoming sociopathic and psychotic is becoming a bit much, though at least Veronica finally got what was coming to her from Katheryn. I just hope that Justin gets the drop on Wyatt, so at least Jeffery can get some sense. Better yet, Jeffery grows a brain and actually leaves EVERYBODY to their own devices. That would make a good finale.

  3. Hello i would love to follow the storyline about The Haves and the Have Nots, Rownd a Rownd and Neighbours, so far i didn’t find anything on YT, have you some links, thanks you.

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