‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

Olivia and her Duke shrine.
Olivia and her Duke shrine.

Last week’s General Hospital really had my attention. There was a lot of story movement and good conflict that kept me both entertained and intrigued. It was a short week but contained some major reveals and a very lovely wedding.

I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened last week. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat!

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired January 16th-19th.


Anna remembers a very different Valentin.

Anna remembers a very different Valentin.

I’ve kept myself mostly spoiler free for the Valentin and Anna story so I didn’t see the twist coming. When Anna’s memories of Valentin finally became clear to her, the man she remembered was quite different than the one who stood before her. He was deformed and stuttered. He harbored unrequited feelings for the beautiful spy. Not only was his adoration unreturned but Anna seemed disgusted, or perhaps frightened, by him. Was it because of his appearance or was there more to her rejection?

The Valentin we’ve watched thus far could be described as dangerously charming so this reveal kind of turns things around in an interesting direction. It makes him sympathetic but I don’t know if he really should be or not. I’m anxious to see more details of this back story. This adds some layers to the Cassadine bastard and I have a lot of questions about him now. Is he really an evil man or the result of how the world cruelly viewed him? Did his father cast him aside because of a birth defect? Is that why Helena spoke of him with such disdain? And what was he doing at the WSB? He has combat skills, is able to disguise himself and take on other identities. That certainly suggests that he may have been a spy. Did they give him a new face in exchange for his service? Maybe he was a patient at Crichton-Clark Clinic just like Nina.

There are romantic stakes to this story. Nina’s goal was to be a mother more so than a wife but she is attracted to Valentin. Unfortunately for her, she has no idea who she really married. Valentin likes Nina very much but he’s been carrying around a decades old picture of Anna. His feelings for her have not vanished. Nina isn’t going to be happy when she finds out that her husband is pining over another woman.

Lady In Red

The story of Julian being controlled by Olivia – his sister not his baby mama – is strange and rewrites practically everything we’ve watched in the last year or so. Thankfully it has entertainment value. I had almost forgotten how good Tonya Walker is at playing a lady boss. I can’t wait until Ava meets her big sister.

Jibling rivalry.

Jibling rivalry.

For anyone who keeps up with soap news, it wasn’t a surprise that Olivia was the mysterious person behind Julian’s bad deeds. She wants revenge on Julian for his attempt to kill her and revenge on Anna for taking Duke’s heart. There’s a lot of unanswered questions. How long has she been pulling Julian’s puppet strings? With Julian being behind Duke’s murder, that’s certainly something I’m curious about. Did that event bring her to Port Charles or was she around before then? Either way, she certainly hasn’t lost her obsession with the handsome Scotsman.

There are a lot of fan theories taking shape right now. Is Duke really dead or does Olivia have him stowed away somewhere? We were told that Julian was behind his captivity in a Turkish prison but perhaps that was actually Olivia’s doing. The baby that Duke and Anna lost keeps being brought up. Is their child actually Griffin? We know next to nothing about his mother and he sure looks a lot like Anna. What has Olivia already done in her quest for vengeance and what does she have planned next?

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