‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

Olivia and her Duke shrine.
Olivia and her Duke shrine.

The Best Thing That Landed On My Doorstep

#Naxie dance at their wedding.
#Naxie dance at their wedding.

After the New Year’s Eve wedding didn’t go as planned, fans were concerned that the surprise wedding Nathan had planned for Maxie might not happen. I’m happy to report that Naxie fans got their payoff!

My favorite part of the wedding was the father/daughter and mother/son dance. Mac and Maxie’s interaction was very toughing. As Spinelli pointed out, he’s been her “fatherish” and seeing how happy he was for the young woman he raised tugged at my heart strings. It was also great seeing how far Nathan and Liesl have come. Despite their differences, they seem to admire each other and want only the best for one another. We didn’t really see how they got to this point but it has been evident in their interaction this past year.

I really liked the set up of the wedding. It was very romantic and looked like a real wedding. Kudos to GH for not doing another living room wedding or interruption from a back-from-the-dead spouse. Maxie’s dress was beautiful and the groom looked hot in his tux. I loved the positive vibe from all their friends and family who were gathered to celebrate the union. The flashback montage was perfect. It was worth the wait.

The Head and The Heart

Will Liz convince Sam to help find Franco?
Will Liz convince Sam to help find Franco?

Liz has been battling some internal conflicts regarding her relationship with Franco. Does she follow her head which is telling her not to ignore his past misdeeds or her heart which longs for him? She’s decided to keep both an open mind and open heart, not wanting to give up on someone she cares about. She needs to find Franco though before she can move forward with him.

With the help of Kiki’s loose lips (seriously the girl can’t keep a secret), Liz is able to figure out that the person Franco is protecting is Alexis. Franco has missed worked, hasn’t been home and isn’t answering his phone leading both Kiki and Liz cause for concern. Liz decided to turn to Sam for help.

There are actually a lot of GH fans who love both Liz and Sam and I’m one of them. Kelly Monaco and Rebecca Herbst are always good in scenes together and it’s an even bigger treat when they get good writing. I really enjoyed their scenes this past week. Liz and Sam both have a connection to this case although their interests are different. Liz is desperate to find Franco and she is smart enough to know that Sam can help her. She tells Sam of her suspicions about Alexis knowing that while Sam hates Franco, she loves her mother. “Please if you can’t bring yourself to intervene for Franco’s sake, just do it for your mother’s.” Their reluctant team up seems inevitable. I like that Liz wants to save Franco and I’m excited to see how Sam will address the situation with Alexis.

Couples of the week: Nathan and Maxie, Liz and Sam, Valentin and Anna, Ned and Olivia

Best dressed: Jordan’s dress at Nathan and Maxie’s wedding

Quotes of the week: “Oh I remember.”-Anna

“You’ve got me scared Jules.”-Ava “Good. You should be.”-Julian

“When did you start to care about defenseless men? I n-never mattered to you! I was in-visible to you!”-Valentin

“Eventually I will make him pay for what he did to us – to you, to me. And it will hurt.”-Olivia J

“Living with your brother monitoring my every move is no day at the beach.”-Alexis “Still better than monitoring some of your daughters isn’t it?”-Ava

“My mom isn’t going to murder some stranger outside of a dive bar!”-Sam

“I am as constant as the Northern Star of who’s true fixed rested quality there is no fellow in the firmament.”-Valentin

“Well I have a story for you about an Aztec treasure.”-Felicia

“Danny! He’s old enough to hold a knife! Why don’t you blame him!”-Sam

“May I have this dance?”-Mac “I thought you’d never ask.”-Maxie

“What do you think I am? A monster?”-Olivia J

“Small town. We should all learn to just get along.”-Nina

“I am now the queen of the Jerome family and from now on I’m calling the shots!”- Olivia J

“You are a much better dancer than your brother.”-Anna “You’re not the first person to tell me that.”-Mac

“The mother of the groom objects! She objects most strenuously!”-Dr. O

“Surrounded by all my girls. This is the best!”-Mac

“When you wallow in the pain, you just become a victim for the rest of your life.”-Michael

Video of the week: New Promo

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