‘Hollyoaks’ Week In Review: Dangerous Bonds

Cameron attacks Tegan and Courtney.

Hollyoaks was part horror movie, part romantic comedy and part buddy cop film this last week. There’s never a week when Hollyoaks slows down, there’s always something happening in the village, always a gear turning to keep the wild stories pumping and this last week was no different. A serial killer finally paid the ultimate price for his crimes – losing his daughter, not his life or just his freedom and a serial relationship killer is still hanging onto his dead romance for some odd reason. What the whole week boiled down to was the main theme of how distrust and insecurity can really wreck even the closest of bonds. Let’s get into some of the highlights from this last week in Hollyoaks village!

Week in Review for Hollyoaks episodes airing January 23rd – 27th.

League of His Own

There’s just something special about Ste Hay – this time I don’t mean it in a good way. He’s definitely lovable; most of the time you sympathize for the forever sweatsuit wearing man-child while other times you wonder how he manages to function in society. Ste is not a good person, he’s trying to be and has been trying to be for a while now but I don’t think he’s quite there just yet. Part of the reason is because of his serial relationship hopping. No matter who he dates, the situation always turns volatile for some reason or another until it fizzles out. Ste and Harry Thompson are in that fizzling out stage and all I can think is finally.

Ste and Harry realize they made a mistake.

Ste had a busy week paying attention to himself and then to everyone that isn’t his live in boyfriend. In a surprisingly pleasing move, the writers at Hollyoaks have been building up this bromance between Warren Fox and Ste, two characters that never used to have much love for each other but have since reconciled. Ste is doing his best to become an honest man but his spray tanning business hit a snag when public transportation delays lost him some business. Warren came to the rescue like the big brother of your dreams and bought Ste a car to use for work. Watching scenes had me smiling almost stupidly at how cute they were, especially as Warren was failing at being aloof by pretending he’d had the car dumped on him instead of purchasing it. The car comes in handy later on in the week but for now, it’s just the perfect means of finally making himself appear to be a well-functioning member of society.

The paternal side of Ste’s family spent the early part of the week rushing about while planning a last minute cabin getaway. I wasn’t watching whenever Ste did something to upset them, but the Lomaxes haven’t been wanting to deal with their half brother. And he definitely wasn’t invited on their family excursion. For a moment, Ste had me worried that he’d have one of his blackouts and go kidnap his kids again (whatever happened to that? Are we just to forget he might have a serious medical condition?) but he was really just overloaded. If it wasn’t his business messing up it was his niece Peri Lomax berating him or Detective Ryan Knight gloating about keeping Ste away from his kids. All of this builds up against him and in comes boyfriend Harry attempting to quiet the storm. Ste wants nothing of it.

Harry tried to make breakfast in bed for Ste, offered to lend an ear to get through these tough times and each time he’s shot down. Harry’s always seemed to care more about Ste while the latter kept him at an arm’s length or used him in the moment. It’s almost as if Ste went doe underage schoolboy Harry just for the thrill of it, just to shake up the village and as soon as he’d had his fill and Harry aged up, he was done. It’s gross, it was definitely statutory rape and after a year and some change of the showrunners trying to hype their romance up as something great, it finally is coming down. Harry is still eager to please Ste though even when the older man nudges him off. He caught Goldie McQueen in a lie managing to blackmail her into handing over the incriminating footage of Ryan and Mercedes McQueen getting it on. It was incredibly sad to see Harry hand over the video to Ste, begging for his approval and attention for hopefully helping him turn the tide in his child custody case. No one should have to go so far to get their significant other to notice them, not ever.

Harry and Ste need to separate once and for all. I don’t know what Harry should do outside of the relationship; he’s got very little character left besides being Ste’s lap dog. Ste though would benefit from being single for a long while, to really sort out his life and his budding career. I’d like to see him move in with Warren (Tony Hutchison will definitely not let his buddy still shack up there after dumping his son), develop that bromance into a really awesome, solid friendship. Warren touched me when he brought up his departed sister Katy Fox, an addict that he wasn’t able to help and support as he was locked up, comparing her to Ste and that he didn’t want to make that same mistake twice. It’s important for Ste to have someone in his life that will check him when he’s set to make the next destructive decision. Warren could be that for him so he doesn’t always have to be so disappointed in himself. Ste and Harry looking completely shot after revealing the affair at the party later in the week was the perfect gift for them. Seeing Amy Barnes be wounded by that should kill them inside, she didn’t deserve that kind of humiliation from them.

We need to finalize Operation Starry Breakup! Do you think they’re a good couple? Do you too feel Harry’s become pathetic in his time together with Ste ?

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