‘Days of Our Lives’ Week In Review: Not Without My Daughter

Chloe finally admits the truth to Brady. (Courtesy JPI)

Days of Our Lives had a very big week this last week – and unfortunately it was not because of any of its stories currently on air. The show seems to be content in toddling along until February sweeps hits but fans are getting listless. Thankfully, the huge news came in the form of an announcement of Ron Carlivati’s hire as new Head Writer, alongside the ousting of Dena Higley whom many blame for the stagnant nature of DAYS in recent time. We still have half the town milling about Prague in search of Stefano Dimera which happened the week before and many viewers are still wondering why.

With DAYS’ production schedule setting the show up to film half a year in advance, it will be a while before we can say Carlivati’s hire was a good thing for the show. At this point, we just don’t know. The news sure as hell felt good though! Although he may have been the former scribe to General Hospital and One Life to Live respectively, it’s nice to see DAYS pull from a different pool of head writers instead of regressing, re-hiring and making the same mistakes. Megyn Kelly’s new show on NBC has been confirmed to not be putting any of our Salemites in jeopardy, but there’s no denying that with stories like these, the show won’t be getting off shaky ground. Ron seems like the man to be able to do the job, to get the show settled again, find its voice and its character’s voices which will hopefully bring in more viewers, raise the budget and maybe even get the filming schedule cut back. These are all just hopes, dreams and fantasies but as we move forward to see material coming from a fresh mind, they might just come true. Like many have said, he’s kind of made to pen this show. He has a good brand of kookiness, humor, drama and excitement that made GH watchable years ago. Now that he’s gone? Skippable. We just have to wait until July for his take on Salem… Ugh.

Week in Review for Days of Our Lives episodes airing January 23rd – 27th.

Mommy Mayhem

Nicole receives shocking news. (Courtesy JPI)

The Poor Nicole Party kicked off once more this last week and I’m happy to say it’s a party I never had to attend. Daniel Jonas in life was shoved down viewers’ throats and now the same has happened in death. The amount of times the playboy doctor has been mentioned in the year since he passed long since trumped those of Will Horton, Bo Brady and other legacy characters lost in recent times. Just how does that make sense? Chloe Lane finally was forced to reveal the true origins of baby Holly and it wasn’t pretty, especially since Chloe was keeping Nicole from the miracle child made with “the love of her life”. Right. With Daniel gone, Nicole refocused onto Deimos Kiriakis whom she blindly worships and follows into danger. I believe Chloe has a valid reason for the power moves she made this last week though it’s truly not her place.

After Rafe Hernandez (who let’s face it, wasn’t ever that great to begin with), Nicole is probably one of the most ruined characters on the show. She has been through strings of tragedies only to come out stronger than ever but losing the man who once berated her then became her friend with benefits has tipped her over the edge. Weird, right? Nicole who used to not just use her charm but her brains to get herself ahead has fallen behind the pack, lost the plot and embarrassed herself for years. Somehow it’s gotten worse lately. Now that she’s living solely for Deimos, she’s honed this acute sense of when he might be in trouble or need her. After frantically calling around town for him, she came upon her fiance in the middle of a business meeting in Horton Town Square as one of Dario Hernandez’s men sneaked in behind him to break his neck. The man only had his hands slightly raised but Nicole sprang into action – no, she didn’t yell out a warning but grabbed the closest butter knife from a table to stab the hitman. After getting taken down to the station for the crime, Chloe came to visit Nicole with baby Holly in tow. Brady Black who has been flip flopping his loyalty to both women for the last few weeks pushed for Chloe’s confession and out it came, tearing them apart.
Nicole couldn’t believe she’d finally had a child of her own but found it even harder to believe that Chloe wouldn’t give her to Nicole. Later when Chloe attempts to lawyer up with friend Belle Black, it’s mentioned that her case is thin and her claim is barely legal. But I get the reasoning behind her actions, she’s feeling a lot like how viewers feel watching Nicole now. She’s changed for the worse. She’s weak, stupid and honestly brainwashed by Deimos who seems to have become the sun in her universe. It wasn’t that long ago that Nicole was working at Titan TV as an investigative journalist so to see her grasping at straws, trying to figure out why Chloe is worried about her wellbeing which trickles down to the baby’s wellbeing is sad to see. This is something that she’s wanted forever, yes but her current situation would make the Nicole of the past scream in terror. Nicole wanted love and fortune but would have never sacrificed her independence for them. Nicole can’t even see why Chloe would be hesitant giving Holly over to the woman who would jump to stab someone for her fiance and to the fiance who has men out to kill him every other week.

Nicole may have the biological right to Holly but does she deserve her? I don’t think so. And my distaste for the situation doesn’t only extend to the one side, what Chloe is doing is also very irresponsible. She’s doing the absolute most to look like a victim in the situation but she’s not clean in this, she never has been. Chloe’s sweeter than Nicole and may not have as many past indiscretions, but she’s manipulative when she wants her way. It’s so upsetting to see everyone turning on Chloe now, to see them supporting this demonic union of Deimos and Nicole that should have ended before it began. I’m happy that Belle is sticking beside her longtime friend though, she needs someone if this is going to turn into another Chloe vs the whole town situation. I’d rather she be fighting to give Holly over to Maggie or even have Brandon or Taylor Walker come back to town for Holly instead. Nicole is not in the right state of mind to be raising a child right now. I want her happy and fabulous again but to get there, she’s got to get single first.

Have you picked a side in DAYS’ latest custody feud?

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