General Hospital Spoilers: February 20-24, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Julian makes a grave mistake. Also: Liv has her eyes on Sam; Jason offers Sonny advice; Hayden looks to Griffin for the truth; Robin returns. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 20, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Mothers and Mobsters

Sam has concerns that Alexis may be too forgiving when it comes to her father. Julian makes a serious error in judgement that could cost him. Look for Julian to call out Jason while Liv sets her sights on Sam. Julian becomes very aware of the consequence of his actions. The mob boss has a covert meeting with Gray. Will Laura of all people become a pawn in Julian’s game? Sam looks to her unborn child for courage. What starling discovery will Jason and Curtis make while on the case?

Jason advises Sonny to come clean to Carly regarding the situation with Nelle. Meanwhile, Carly makes plans for a romantic getaway. Nelle and Michael get through a rough patch together. However, Nelle later pushes Michael away. Bobbie gets an investigation update from Felicia. What will they learn about Nelle’s true identity and intentions?

Also this week:

When Nina takes matters into her own hands, she finds herself regretting her actions. Valentin leaves Anna feeling overwhelmed. Is the Cassadine still in love with the spy despite his growing feelings for his lovely new bride?

Hayden turns to Griffin for answers. Will she learn about her boyfriend’s drug habit? Hayden finds herself alienated by Finn.

  • Ned makes a life altering decision and looks to Dante for advice.
  • Tensions grow between Curtis and Jordan.
  • Tracy has cause to celebrate.
  • Ava grows desperate.
  • Jason visits Robin at GH.

Source Sneak Peek:

Sonny looks forward to a future with Carly. Julian’s days are numbered. Robin fears for her mother’s life. Liz gets devastating news.

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  1. If Sonny and Carly divorce I’M DONE. GH is turning into a sh!tstorm and if they break Sonny and Carly up, over this DUMB@$$ Nell I won’t be watching anymore.

  2. Boring stories focused on newbies the audience are NOT invested in is exactly how Jean caused ATWT’s ratings to plunge in 2009 and got ATWT cancelled. I’m not watching this mess, but I’m very sad for GH viewers. You deserve good head writers!

    Finn’s addition, new Olivia, Ned’s off-screen romance, nina/valentin is NOT sweeps worthy.

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