General Hospital Spoilers: February 27-March 3, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Sonny and Carly examine their future together. Also: Michael is taken off guard; Alexis learns the truth; Jason and Franco go toe to toe; Robin worries about Anna. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 27, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Ahead Of The Game

Unaware of Nelle’s plan, Sonny looks forward to the road ahead with his wife. Does Carly still have her doubts about her future with Sonny? Later, things are awkward when Michael confides in Sonny. Bobbie offers a little friendly advice to Nelle. Nelle plots her escape but will she find herself having second thoughts? Micheal is blindsided and Nelle decides to come clean. Nelle decides she wants a future with Michael.

Julian catches a lucky break. However when Liv’s plans are derailed, will Julian’s days be numbered? Julian finds himself cornered by his sister. Meanwhile, Alexis discovers the truth and turns to Jordan for help. Monica helps Alexis through the difficult time.

Also this week:

Franco makes efforts to remain close to Liz. Jason breaks his promise. Later, Jason and Franco have a confrontation while Liz is on the receiving end of some distressing news.

Finn offers an apology to Hayden. Will she forgive him? Finn makes a sacrifice.

  • Laura fails Tracy.
  • Kevin looks for answers.
  • Robin fears for her mother’s life.
  • Jordan interrogates Ava.

Source Sneak Peek:

Griffin puts himself in harm’s way. Valentin meets with his lawyer. Jason and Sam receive bad news. Liv uses Ava as bait.

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  1. You can’t put any stock in CDL. They’re never right. Try GHspy (. com) or soaps.she knows . com. They’re much more accurate.

  2. That “source,” is basically just a rag promoting their B.S speculation as “spoilers.” No fear – I doubt there is any incest going on. They already made it pretty clear her dad was Carly’s adoptive dad that left Carly and her mom when she was three.

  3. OMG I so agree!!! And what I read on Dirty Laundry is very distressing, that Laura is kidnapped to stop the vote by the board, that’s BS also. And that same source is saying A.J. could be Nelle’s father, then no way could she be with Michael!

  4. If Sonny and Carly divorce I’m done. What Nell did to Sonny needs to come out. Putting her with Michael after what she did to his father is sick. End this BS. Now.

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