Gays of Our Lives: The Road To Disaster on ‘Hollyoaks’

People of the Valley  (Wales)

Okay now that this plot arc is seemingly over can Tyler and Iolo get a storyline of their own?

I’m glad Sion didn’t marry Gwyneth, it would have been a disaster.  It makes sense to me that a lonely and desperate Sion would marry her, knowing she didn’t love him and was only using him.  People do it everyday.  I’m just having a hard time with his disowning Iolo over a relationship he really didn’t believe in.  Oh well, at least he came to his senses and it’s done.  Gwyneth proved she didn’t love Sion when she dropped by Iolo’s place to plead her case.  She never mentioned love only that she wouldn’t have a place to live.   Not exactly romantic.  Let’s hope everybody can move on into something new, especially Tyler and Iolo.

The guys looked yummy in their suits.  Gwyneth’s wedding dress on the other hand, was hideous.

I did like Sheryl saying that wedding in this town were cursed.  After all, the last wedding before this was Tyler and Iolo’s and that ended in a car crash and a death.  Sheryl might have a point.

Rownd a Rownd   (Wales)

So now we’re going to have David promising Rhys to tell his girlfriend the truth for a few weeks, but never getting around to it?   This story is so paint by numbers it’s ridiculous, but I’m still enjoying it. 

Shortland Street  (New Zealand)

I’m puzzled by this story arc.  So what is the show doing here?  When this story arc started, the point was that labels didn’t matter.  And way back when Jack and Cam were flirting last year, the show avoided Cam saying whether he was gay or straight.  Now they’re saying that labels do matter and because Cam likes women he must be straight?  Why not simply say that Cam is bi?  It’s not like they don’t have a bisexual on the canvas already.   Or why does he even have to define his sexuality?

I do have the feeling this is going to be the end of Cam and Jack’s relationship.  But I hope it’s not going to end with Cam deciding he’s straight and this thing with Jack was a fling or a phase.  That would send a terrible message to the audience and go against so many of the gay themed stories this show has told over the years.  They could have Cam realize that Jack wants more out of the relationship than he does.  That would be most believable and simplistic route to take. Let’s hope the story isn’t headed where it looks like it might be.

The Fosters (U.S.)

I get what the show as trying to do here, but Jude going to a strange guy’s house to learn about sex doesn’t make much sense in the logic department.  I mean what if it had been another kid, would he have gone through with it?  It just seemed like a clumsy way for the show to get it’s point across.  And well, there are places for gays and lesbians to get healthy, positive information about sex, even on the net.    And I wish his parents would have said more than ‘you really should just wait’ given that none of the teens under their roof are virgins, right?  That’s just bad advice.

The Haves and The Have Nots  (U.S.)

I know Jeffery and Justin won’t stay away from each other so I’m wondering what Veronica will do to interfere.  Since the show is trying to tell us that Jeffery and Justin are in love there’s no way Veronica will let that stand.  That warning to Justin won’t be the end of it. I just wish the guys would get a scene of expressing real, honest emotion. Can’t Jeffery ever take that scowl off his face?  




  1. The reason David and Rhys have excellent chemistry even through trite storylines is that the actors have no inhibitions playing any facet of homosexuality. Why? I don’t know, maybe because one was dating a rugged muscle bear named Christopher last year and the other has a drag persona named Llana.

  2. You’re right. This week’s events clearly set it up for Cam to make his exit. He’ll be missed. But young actors usually don’t stay around for long on this show, do they? I’m honestly surprised that Jack is still on.

  3. I won’t spoil the most recent developments, but I am not surprised if Cam has left. If true, it is very disappointing because Cam is a nice addition to the show, breath of fresh air as is Drew.

  4. I’m just assuming. I follow him on instagram and he was away in Europe for nearly a month. Could just be temporary but who knows. If it was always finite, seems like an even bigger waste.

  5. I figured either Jack or Cam were leaving. That seems to be where the story was going.

  6. The actor who plays Cam (Ryan J. Carter) seems to have left the show. He must have only had a 6 month contract or something. What a waste:(

  7. Rhys and David are a great couple who actually have chemistry and share hot kisses occasionally. It is a well typical coming out story, but it is better acted than most.

    I am disappointed, but the show does seem to be having Cam turn straight. I am not even sure why they are doing this since they haven’t been together for more than a few weeks and the build up was going on for months. Also, neither Cam or Jack have other potential love interests on the canvas. Maybe they are just backing away from showing the physical intimacy of two males on the screen and want to end the relationship. It is possible that Jack is on his way out.

    On Neighbours, I don’t even get why Aaron is even interested in David who is a bore and useless. They have no chemistry and just being slapped together because they are both gay.

  8. James Sutton and his flawless skin will be missed, but it’s hard to fault his decision to leave. Even though John-Paul is his best-known role, he had better storylines when he played Ryan Lamb in Emmerdale.

    Regarding Aaron in prison, I thought Emmerdale might re-introduce that guy Wayne who gave him grief during his community payback stint after punching Jackson.

    Iolo and Tyler looked more handsome for Sion’s wedding than they did for their own. Normally, I see Iolo as a little brother and want to shield him from his bad decisions and give him advice, but the sight of him in that waistcoat after the non-wedding made me have some naughty thoughts. Where Tyler is concerned, however, I only have naughty thoughts. Whatever story comes their way now, I just hope all that business about Iolo’s attackers is done. Even in retrospect, all that business still makes no sense other than to cause unnecessary discord between the two.

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