Gays of Our Lives: The Road To Disaster on ‘Hollyoaks’


Days of our Lives:  Sonny and Paul team up to get the dirt on Demois.

EastEnders:  Johnny faces losing his father when Mick may be sent to prison.

Emmerdale:     Aaron continues being beaten in jail.  When Jason, his attacker, makes a shocking reveal, Aaron suffers a panic attack.  Aaron starts taking drugs to deal with his problems.  When Liv visits, she can see what Aaron is doing to himself and storms out when he denies that he’s high.

Rebecca tells Lawrence that Ronnie set Chrissie up, but Lawrence doesn’t believe it.  Later, Chrissie reveals her plans to leave town, but Rebecca traps her sister and dad together so force them to make peace.   Ronnie has to decide if he’ll confess to what he’s done.   Later, Ronnie and Lawrence discuss their future.

Elsewhere, Finn continues to mope about his life.  Ross gets Finn up on a blind date, but it turns out to be a disaster.  Finn decides maybe it’s time he left town and plans to go to Australia for awhile.  When Emma finds out, she becomes determined to stop him from leaving.

Hollyoaks:  John Paul finally get his divorce decree, ending his marriage to Ste.  JP celebrates his freedom like most soap people do, getting engaged again when James asks him to marry him.  Ste is not happy about JP’s engagement.  Harry is though and gripes that Ste has turned down his proposals. Things get even more tense when Ste, seeing that Amy needs help to raise the kids, offers to move in and help, not bothering to ask Harry first.  Harry doesn’t want to, upsetting Ste.  They fight and Harry storms out.  While, JP feels abandoned when right after getting engaged James goes out of town on business.

JP and Ste talk about realize maybe they are making a mistake by ending their relationship.  One thing leads to another and they wind up in bed.  The next day, James comes home and decide to take JP out on a drive.  When the two wind up on a cliff, James reveals that he is very angry with JP.  Has he found out about JP’s cheating?  Probably.  And how will this all lead to JP’s exit from the show?

Rownd a Rownd:   Dani’s birthday has her thinking about the future, she and David’s future to be exact.  She tells David what she sees for them as a couple, which has David realizing he has to tell Dani about his feelings for Rhys.  David talks with Rhys about it and goes to tell Dani everything.  However, Dani suffers a terrible accident and winds up in the hospital.  Everyone worries about her condition and waits for news on her diagnosis.  David and Rhys realize they must put their plans on hold. There’s no way they could tell Dani anything now.

Shortland Street:   Jack immerses himself in his studies and gets an offer he didn’t expect, leading to a surprise announcement.  When all is said and done will Jack and Cam’s relationship survive the fallout?


Days of Our Lives:  Sonny shares his plans for the future.

Hollyoaks:  Scott gets bad news.

People of the Valley:  Tyler takes advantage.

Rownd a Rownd: Things are awkward when Rhys visits Dani in the hospital.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. The reason David and Rhys have excellent chemistry even through trite storylines is that the actors have no inhibitions playing any facet of homosexuality. Why? I don’t know, maybe because one was dating a rugged muscle bear named Christopher last year and the other has a drag persona named Llana.

  2. You’re right. This week’s events clearly set it up for Cam to make his exit. He’ll be missed. But young actors usually don’t stay around for long on this show, do they? I’m honestly surprised that Jack is still on.

  3. I won’t spoil the most recent developments, but I am not surprised if Cam has left. If true, it is very disappointing because Cam is a nice addition to the show, breath of fresh air as is Drew.

  4. I’m just assuming. I follow him on instagram and he was away in Europe for nearly a month. Could just be temporary but who knows. If it was always finite, seems like an even bigger waste.

  5. I figured either Jack or Cam were leaving. That seems to be where the story was going.

  6. The actor who plays Cam (Ryan J. Carter) seems to have left the show. He must have only had a 6 month contract or something. What a waste:(

  7. Rhys and David are a great couple who actually have chemistry and share hot kisses occasionally. It is a well typical coming out story, but it is better acted than most.

    I am disappointed, but the show does seem to be having Cam turn straight. I am not even sure why they are doing this since they haven’t been together for more than a few weeks and the build up was going on for months. Also, neither Cam or Jack have other potential love interests on the canvas. Maybe they are just backing away from showing the physical intimacy of two males on the screen and want to end the relationship. It is possible that Jack is on his way out.

    On Neighbours, I don’t even get why Aaron is even interested in David who is a bore and useless. They have no chemistry and just being slapped together because they are both gay.

  8. James Sutton and his flawless skin will be missed, but it’s hard to fault his decision to leave. Even though John-Paul is his best-known role, he had better storylines when he played Ryan Lamb in Emmerdale.

    Regarding Aaron in prison, I thought Emmerdale might re-introduce that guy Wayne who gave him grief during his community payback stint after punching Jackson.

    Iolo and Tyler looked more handsome for Sion’s wedding than they did for their own. Normally, I see Iolo as a little brother and want to shield him from his bad decisions and give him advice, but the sight of him in that waistcoat after the non-wedding made me have some naughty thoughts. Where Tyler is concerned, however, I only have naughty thoughts. Whatever story comes their way now, I just hope all that business about Iolo’s attackers is done. Even in retrospect, all that business still makes no sense other than to cause unnecessary discord between the two.

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