Gays of Our Lives: The Road To Disaster on ‘Hollyoaks’


In this week’s edition of Gays of Our Lives…

  • Its the end of an era when James Sutton’s John Paul McQueen exits Hollyoaks.  How will JP make his goodbyes?  And will he live to tell about it?
  • Aaron is brutally beaten in prison on Emmerdale while Ronnie struggles with his lies to Lawrence.  And Finn decides if it’s time for him to leave town.
  • What is Shortland Street playing at with Cam’s sexuality?  That seems to be the question.  And it could end with Jack suffering a broken heart.
  • David decides to tell Dani he’s gay and in love with Rhys on Rownd a Rownd, but a tragic accident changes his plans.
  • The Fosters deals with gay teens having sex, but did they handle their message in the right way?

All this and more!


Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Victor signing the business over to Demois has never made sense.  It still doesn’t given the history,  They do know that Demois is responsible for Bo’s death, right?   The show simply doesn’t talk about that.  And all the stuff he did to Maggie?  When they do refer to that it makes Victor’s choice even sillier.  

I guess they are setting up Sonny to be a suspect in Demois’ inevitable murder.  I think Freddie Smith can play the darker side of Sonny, but I’m not sure if I buy it.

Did Sonny actually say that Victor didn’t issue death threats and kill people?  He knows better.  I’m glad that Brady corrected him, but for Sonny to pretend the business has been squeaky clean is silly.

I guess this is what is going to keep Paul and Sonny apart, fighting over Demois.  At least it’s an actual reason as compared to no reason like before.  But it’s still avoiding putting them in a real relationship, which seems to be the point of these conflicts.  I mean they have been around each other for nearly a year now and haven’t gotten past first base.  Ridiculous.  I hope the new regime does something about this sanitized relationship.

I liked when Paul asked JJ if JJ and Sonny were close and JJ said “I guess”.  Anybody watching the show knows that JJ and Sonny have rarely shared scenes.  The show often forgets they are even related for that matter.

Emmerdale  (U.K.)

I hate myself for thinking about how hot Aaron’s prison abuser is.  But he is.

This show loves to watch Aaron suffer.  I still think he’s going to be raped at some point in the story.

Chrissie’s hate for Ronnie seems have come out of nowhere.  I must have missed (or forgotten) those scenes where she thought he was a gold digger.  Besides, if he were, he’s going about it all wrong.  IIRC, Lawrence had to convince Ronnie to move in and be in a relationship with him.  Rather than this dumb drama, how about something more real and emotional like the lack of a sex life between Ronnie and Lawrence?  When they greeted each other, they hugged like they were buddies or something.  Doesn’t Ronnie want more than that?  Is there no intimacy in their relationship?  That should be the story.

Lawrence giving Ronnie 25% of his fortune is a lot for someone he’s not actually sleeping with. 

I really don’t like Ronnie scheming to make Chrissie look bad, mostly because he’s one of the few honest characters on the show and I liked that.  Then again, if Chrissie didn’t call the police, none of this would have happened.  I think Ronnie will come clean and be forgiven, but don’t think Chrissie will let it go and make peace though.  It’s not in her nature.   And we know she’s not going to leave. Unfortunately.


Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I know the writing for him has been terrible for the last few years (despite JP pairing with James, which was terrific, but ruined by underwriting and lack of focus), but I will miss James Sutton terribly.  John Paul one of my favorite soap characters ever and I pray the show doesn’t kill him off.  I do get why the actor is leaving.  The show simply doesn’t know what to do with JP anymore and as such he’s been put in bad stories and doing things that simply aren’t the character we’ve known and loved for over a decade.  I’ll have more to say after his exit airs, but I will say I’m dreading it.

Now for this week’s clip….

James’ inability to connect with Matthew because of his own messy family history is a very realistic storyline for James and for he and JP to deal with.  James not wanting to be a father isn’t selfish in my view and JP shouldn’t expect that of him.  Not everybody wants kids.  On the other hand, you can’t live in the same house with a child and expect to not be a part of their lives.  That’s impossible.  I think both JP and James went into this not thinking about the ramifications of it all.   Still I do love James and JP together.  The actors have such chemistry and despite their differences, the characters fit.  I think James might have been one of JP’s better boyfriends.  I wonder what the show will do with James once JP is gone.

Nashville (U.S.)

I haven’t been watching this show much so I have no idea who this Zach guy is.  I guess he’s been around awhile?  Does he own Rayna’s company now that she’s dead or something?  At any rate, at least we finally got to see Will kiss a guy.  The show seemed to be avoiding that since the move.  I guess the conflict is that Zach is Will’s boss.   I thought Will wanted to date around for awhile.  Isn’t that why he broke up with Kevin?  And what happened to Jakob?  I thought his character was supposed to be recurring?  Zach seems okay, I guess, but I really wanted to see more of Jakob and Murray Bartlett.

Neighbours  (Australia)

What’s the hold up with David and Aaron?  Why is this show dragging out putting them together?  Are they avoiding showing gay intimacy?   We’ve seen Steph make out with and be in bed with her girlfriend.  They can’t do that with David and Aaron?  Or is it just how they’re telling the story?  I guess to be fair, they’re dragging out Leo and Amy for just as long.

I’m glad Tyler is encouraging Aaron to get out there and date though.  I do find it hard to believe Aaron is just waiting for David to get his act together.

Whoever the twins’ father is better be someone big or important to the history of this show otherwise it’ll be all for naught.

I liked that shirt Aaron wore to his cookout, but the endless jokes about the male characters sausages is getting old.  Karl’s comment about Aaron’s sausage being ‘delicious, but confusing’ was a bit much.


Anthony D. Langford
I watch a lot of television, probably too much. But can you really watch too much TV? I've yet to find out. Anyway, I especially love TV when they give us positive portrayals of gays, something that has gotten better but we're still fighting for. I've written about gays in television for many years first at the much missed After Elton, then New Now Next and now at TV Source. It's kind of a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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  1. The reason David and Rhys have excellent chemistry even through trite storylines is that the actors have no inhibitions playing any facet of homosexuality. Why? I don’t know, maybe because one was dating a rugged muscle bear named Christopher last year and the other has a drag persona named Llana.

  2. You’re right. This week’s events clearly set it up for Cam to make his exit. He’ll be missed. But young actors usually don’t stay around for long on this show, do they? I’m honestly surprised that Jack is still on.

  3. I won’t spoil the most recent developments, but I am not surprised if Cam has left. If true, it is very disappointing because Cam is a nice addition to the show, breath of fresh air as is Drew.

  4. I’m just assuming. I follow him on instagram and he was away in Europe for nearly a month. Could just be temporary but who knows. If it was always finite, seems like an even bigger waste.

  5. I figured either Jack or Cam were leaving. That seems to be where the story was going.

  6. The actor who plays Cam (Ryan J. Carter) seems to have left the show. He must have only had a 6 month contract or something. What a waste:(

  7. Rhys and David are a great couple who actually have chemistry and share hot kisses occasionally. It is a well typical coming out story, but it is better acted than most.

    I am disappointed, but the show does seem to be having Cam turn straight. I am not even sure why they are doing this since they haven’t been together for more than a few weeks and the build up was going on for months. Also, neither Cam or Jack have other potential love interests on the canvas. Maybe they are just backing away from showing the physical intimacy of two males on the screen and want to end the relationship. It is possible that Jack is on his way out.

    On Neighbours, I don’t even get why Aaron is even interested in David who is a bore and useless. They have no chemistry and just being slapped together because they are both gay.

  8. James Sutton and his flawless skin will be missed, but it’s hard to fault his decision to leave. Even though John-Paul is his best-known role, he had better storylines when he played Ryan Lamb in Emmerdale.

    Regarding Aaron in prison, I thought Emmerdale might re-introduce that guy Wayne who gave him grief during his community payback stint after punching Jackson.

    Iolo and Tyler looked more handsome for Sion’s wedding than they did for their own. Normally, I see Iolo as a little brother and want to shield him from his bad decisions and give him advice, but the sight of him in that waistcoat after the non-wedding made me have some naughty thoughts. Where Tyler is concerned, however, I only have naughty thoughts. Whatever story comes their way now, I just hope all that business about Iolo’s attackers is done. Even in retrospect, all that business still makes no sense other than to cause unnecessary discord between the two.

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