General Hospital Spoilers: March 13-17, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Sonny visits his son’s grave. Also: Alexis examines her feelings for Julian; Liz worries about Jake’s unusual behavior; Dante and Lulu hit a snag. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 13, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Liv and Let Live

Ava’s comments make Carly’s anger intensify. Will Carly seek revenge? Or will Jason help her find some understanding? Meanwhile, Sonny visits Morgan’s grave. Will Sonny get justice for his son’s murder? The mob boss tracks down Rudge. Sonny knows what he must do to rectify the situation. However, Dante has a different view on things and urges his father to change his ways once and for all.

Liv has the perfect bait to coax Julian away. Will the femme fatale make her escape? Alexis fears the worst. Will she finally learn the truth? Alexis reflects on her feelings for Julian. Anna is frustrated after a visit with Liv. Jordan takes Ava to the PCPD for questioning. Look for Ava’s guilt to get the best of her.

Also this week:

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Liz’s concern regarding Helena’s influence on Jake continues to mount. Franco has art therapy session with Jake and is troubled by what he learns. What happened on Cassadine Island and what does Helena have planned for Liz’s son?

Dante helps defuse a bad situation. Meanwhile, Lulu asks for Kevin’s assistance. Laura issues Valentin a warning. Look for Dante and Lulu suffer a minor set-back in their quest for custody.

  • Sam is touched by Liz’s gift.
  • Finn can’t escape the inevitable.
  • Curtis questions Andre’s motives.
  • Kiki finds comfort in Dillon.

Source Sneak Peek:

Carly can’t see past Sonny’s betrayal. Liv taunts Griffin. Tracy receives a tempting offer. Alexis struggles with her grief.

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  1. They had better get Sonny and Carly back together soon. What that b!tch Nell did needs to come out. If they divorce again I’m done, and if she sleeps or makes out with Jaxass I WILL VOMIT.

  2. A lot of us GH fans WANT to watch GH knowing we’ve got limited time with the amazing jane elliot, but wow, this show’s lack of story telling is just hitting the bottom of the barrell. They’ve set up the potential for so many great stories, then nothing happens and everything drags out for no reason. Endless custody talk, valentin’s literally a bore now, Griffin’s a bore, ava and carson are stuck on repeat mode. Mess.

    Groundhog day, Jelly style. I LOVE jane elliot, but I can’t with this writing.

  3. This story line with Carly and Sonny is stupid, why cant he see that Nell lied, about them sleeping together….. i like Carly and sonny together, and wish Carly would get off of her high horse about him being a Mobster, i want her back as a Bad Ass, not this wimpy crying talk alot without any action crybaby, and get back to the Carly we love….

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