General Hospital Spoilers: March 27-31, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Ava takes measures to cover up her crime. Also: Liz confides in Kiki; Laura looks to Sonny for intel; Tracy gains a partner-in-crime; Nathan contemplates the future. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 27, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Just Like A Pill

Sonny and Carly know Liv is responsible for the bomb that killed Morgan but will the younger Jerome sister’s part in their son’s erratic final days come to light as well? Ava looks to cover her tracks with the help of her lawyer. However, Scott’s plan may not go as hoped. Look for Lucy to go on the attack. Will she spill what she knows or make a deal with Ava? Silence will come at a hefty price. Will Ava find her way out of trouble waters or will she sink further?

Co-parenting and Co-existing

After Jason angrily questions Jake’s well-being, Liz rethinks her future plans with Franco. Will life be put on hold for the lovers? Look for Franco to turn to an unlikely source for advice while Liz opens up to Kiki.

Wanting to help her daughter gain custody of Charlotte, Laura pumps Sonny for information on her granddaughter’s new nanny. Will she be able to use what she learns about Nelle to gain advantage over Valentin? Laura and Lulu conspire to turn things in their favor. Lulu makes a new friend. Anna is left stunned by Valetin’s allegation. What happened between the fellow spies all those years ago and why has Anna blocked it out? Valentin will try to fill in the blanks.

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Also this week:

There’s never a dull moment for the Quatermaines. Tracy learns of an unexpected windfall and later enlists a partner-in-crime. Meanwhile, Ned questions Olivia’s feelings.

Alexis is startled by an unexpected guest. Who is her surprise visitor? Can Alexis trust herself? In the aftermath of recent family events, Sam begins her own investigation.

  • Carly gets an ultimatum.
  • Curtis and Jordan grow closer.
  • Nathan worries about his future.
  • Jason takes necessary steps to protect his family.
  • Nelle is put on notice.

Source Sneak Peek:

Tracy and Laura have a heart to heart. Sam hires Curtis. Dante attempts to put the pieces together. Liz finds a creative way to reassure Franco.

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  1. If Sonny and Carly are done so am I. I’ll come back if they get back together at some point, and hopefully remarry for the 6th time, but I won’t watch the in between time, or the next round of filler relationships.

  2. Nothing is interesting right now. The stories are all over the place, absolutely no satisfaction. Finn and Hayden make no sense. Sonny/Carly/Michael/Nelle bore me to tears. Even though Laura is involved, I hate the Lulu story. They simply forgot about Dillon & Kiki. JaSam are obnoxious. Alexis and AA is a missed opportunity. The same thing with Griffin. I’m sure it will turn out he is Anna’s son too. Ridiculous. Naxie are nowhere. Way too much Nina and Valentine. etc…Very disappointing.

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