‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Stubborn Love

Jason, Sam, Danny and Scout share some family time.
Jason, Sam, Danny and Scout share some family time.

Sister Sister

The Jerome sisters.
The Jerome sisters.

Issues regarding the lack of cohesive story-telling aside, the return of Olivia Jerome did have entertainment value. Last week, Liv was found legally insane and shipped off to a maximum security asylum. Nora Buchanan was hired by Valentin as her lawyer thus connecting the Cassadine story to the Jerome one. It seems that the crazy mob princess may know something that Valentin wants to keep hidden away. Liv told Anna she knew a secret and also suggested to Griffin that she knew his mother. I imagine that’s where the connection lies. The anvils seem to suggest that Griffin is Anna’s son. I could understand Liv wanting to keep that hidden out of spite and pure insanity but why would Valentin be involved in that sort of cover up?

While I’m looking forward to how the aftermath of the havoc that Liv wrecked plays out, I am still very disappointed with how little of Ava we’ve gotten in this tale. She was only occasionally utilized as a talk to or plot point. It almost feels as though the writers forgot she existed. Ava Jerome is a fascinating, fun character and her portrayer is one of the best actresses on TV. Why is she so marginalized? I understand that the loss of her potential love interest Nikolas killed a good story for Ava but what about the other possible stories for her? She should have been a formidable rival for Liv. Instead she is constantly torn down and weakened. I would like to see her get the upper hand with Carly and Sonny now that Paul’s imprisonment makes their blackmail null and void. Give her a sexy love interest accompanied by a scandlous story line. Trust me, nobody really cares that she killed Connie.

Love Letters and Alcohol

Alexis contemplates taking a drink.
Alexis contemplates taking a drink.

We’ve gotten our explanation for why Julian tried to kill Alexis and while it was delivered via a romantic reading of a love note, I’m not sure I feel this is a proper resolution. There has been a lot of rewriting to get to this point and it’s hard to connect all the dots. I wish viewers would have been told why Julian did what he did sooner and that the story were more even. Julexis fans seem happy that Julian and Alexis still love each. Perhaps that is enough.

Whether or not Julian was a good guy deserving of Alexis’ forgiveness and love is the hot topic for the Davis girls. As mentioned before, Sam sees her father as someone who made the wrong choice not to be the good man he had the opportunity to be. She can’t get past the harm that he caused. Kristina sees a lot of her own past abusive relationship in the situation and is concerned about her mother’s well-being. Meanwhile, Molly has taken a more romantic viewpoint, willing to contemplate the possibility that Julian did want to protect his loved ones despite the mess he made.

Julian’s confession letter and Alexis realizing that she still loves him doesn’t really put things back the way they were for the couple. For starters, there’s the pesky question of whether or not Julian is still alive. And if he were, Alexis would have to learn to trust Julian. Plus, she’s still battling with alcoholism and Julian may have some additional legal issues to overcome now too. When or if he returns, will Julian and Alexis reunite or has too much happened?

Couples of the week: Carly and Sonny, Jason and Sam, Franco and Liz, Julian and Alexis, Tracy and Finn

Lines of the week: “The cubs won last year mother.”-Ned “No kidding. Huh.”-Tracy

“That thing’s got my name on it.”-Franco “I think something else has got your name on it.”-Liz

“Tie me up.”-Finn

“I mean he could have found a way before he dragged you off at knifepoint. I mean we have sticky notes.”-Kristina

“I’m a mother. I sleep like a ninja.”-Liz “Right. I’ll keep that in mind.”-Franco

“She adorable and I think she just spit up on me.”-Curtis

“If I can’t do anything else to earn your forgiveness then you can stop running because I’m not going to run after you anymore.”-Sonny

“Oh you know what would be really creepy and weird is if that was actually Helena.”-Franco “Don’t say that!”-Liz

“Tell that old cowboy of yours I said hi.”-Liv

“I promise I won’t let you down.”-Nelle “I know you won’t because I love my daughter and if anything were to happen to her, they’re never find your body.”-Valentin

“The last sound you will hear is my son’s name and you will know the killer was sent by me.”-Sonny

“Going it alone seems like a really good idea but what it is is really sad.”-Tracy

“There’s a family business that you keep chasing after even though they fire you every chance they get. And you live in that big, old house up on the hill by the sheer grace of your brother’s widow. And from what I can tell from our conversations, you got two kids that are so self-involved they don’t realize how alone you really are, which might explain why you married so many con artists. ‘Cause after all, really, there is no mark like a rich, lonely woman who never got over her daddy issues.”-Finn

“Please just tell me the truth. Tell me what I want to know.”-Anna “No.”-Valentin

Scenes of the week: Tracy and Finn have it out.

Danny meets Scout.

Liz asks Franco to move in.

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  1. Not sure anyone needs to lawyer up;) I really liked the scenes on Monday though it broke my heart a little at the end. I would love it if Liz & Jason can put differences aside and focus on helping Jake.

  2. I wasn’t expecting Liz’s reaction to Jason…no fight in her. He can’t take her son for that…get together with a lawyer Liz and live your life with the man you love. You are putting him on the back burner and I am sure he doesn’t like it.

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