‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: We’re In This Together

Jason and Sam get their miracle.
Jason and Sam get their miracle.

A Plague On Both Your Houses

Jake tells Franco about the curse.
Jake tells Franco about the curse.

With Finn coming to the hospital’s rescue, Liz and her fellow nurses have their job security back. Unfortunately for Liz’s beau, the art therapy department still remained cut and Franco is currently without a job. Franco has been struggling financially for awhile and was stuck at what to do. I would love it if he were to focus on being an artist again as a twinkly-eyed Liz had suggested. I don’t get why the civil suit all of a sudden prevents this. He had previously made the attempt before with Heather Webber’s sandwich paintings. The art lover in me would adore a story featuring GH’s artsy characters – Ava, Franco and Liz. In spite of that confusing disregard for history, I enjoyed how Liz and Franco remained hopeful. He’s applying for other jobs at the hospital and they both have plans for a future together.

It appears that Franco won’t stay jobless for long and their next form of angst will be Liz’s trouble young son. While Liz worked the graveyard shift, Jake dropped a bombshell on Franco when he told him about Helena’s curse on Sam. The connection between Franco and Jake’s disturbing childhoods and guilt over past actions was evident. I realizes stopping and starting stories can kill momentum but I’m still interested in Jake’s Cassadine Island mystery. It involves characters I care about (Franco, Liz, Jake, Jason, Sam) so I’m glad it wasn’t dropped. This story has the potential to be a gothic goldmine and if done right will create a lot of character development.

Franco and Liz look forward to the future.
Franco and Liz look forward to the future.

GH has some really strong couples right now. It’s nice to see Franco and Liz in love and facing obstacles as a united front. Despite what has become the popular belief, there is actually a lot of story when couples are played this way. It just needs the right ingredients to work – a strong foundation, relatable conflicts and talented actors with killer chemistry. I feel like GH is the only soap right now that dares to create couples like this instead of relying on the over-used method of instant pairings, forced romances and third parties.

Illegally Blond

Olivia continues to cause trouble for Julian.
Olivia continues to cause trouble for Julian.

Tonya Walker is an entertaining actress and I like having a crazy villain around. That being said I’ve been a little disappointed by how exposition heavy the Olivia Jerome story line has been. The majority of it has been Julian and Olivia just talking to each other in a room.

Watching Julian go from being handcuff with a bag over his head to tied up in a trunk, kind of makes him more pathetic than sympathetic. I don’t get why Olivia has that much control over Julian. He’s in great shape. How is it that Olivia is able to manhandle him? And if he truly isn’t able to deal with Olivia himself, why didn’t he let Ava in on the situation so he would have some back up? Not only is he at his sister’s mercy but he has put his family in danger by keeping his mouth shut. I feel like the purpose of this story line is to help absolve Julian of some of his sins but for me it’s just muddying the waters more. I can’t imagine Julexis fans are happy with the explanation they are being given. It would have been simpler to just say Julian had a mental breakdown and momentarily went nuts.

What I did enjoy about this story last week was that other characters are finally being pulling into it. Sam, Jason, Ava, Jordan, Curtis and Alexis are now aware that Olivia is alive and has been controlling Julian. The Anna and Olivia rivalry is about to be reignited. Robin has discovered Olivia in the GH parking garage and Olivia discovered a young version of her obsession in the unsuspecting Griffin. I’m looking forward to seeing the thrill ride begin this week.

Couples of the week: Jason and Sam, Franco and Liz, Anna and Robin, Curtis and Alexis

Cutest new cast member: Scout

Quotes of the week: “Sam attacked me and she ended up falling off a bridge.”-Olivia

“Julian knew his sister was duping me and he didn’t say a word.”-Alexis

“I am sure that the snow softened her fall.”-Olivia

“Would this have anything to do with the woman you slept with while you and Carly were separated?”-Griffin

“Carly, the S stands for Sonny.”-Bobbie

“My father had no time for failures.”-Tracy

“Oh Nelle you don’t know anything about payback but you will.”-Carly

“Our baby’s in trouble.”-Sam

“Our little girl is here.”-Jason

“It sure as hell offends me that you’ve been screwing her.”-Carly

“I think it’s really sexy that you’re pretending to be sick so that you can help the nurses.”-Franco

“Who would call us when we’re trying to have sex?”-Franco

“That kind of makes you a crappy sister as well.”-Julian

“Wow. Good things do come in dark, moody packages.”-Franco

“Knowledge is power.”-Liv

“I’m going to tail her. What to come with?”-Curtis “Oh lets go!”-Alexis

“I’ve never looked forward to my life as much as I do right now.”-Franco

“Sam has a very bad curse on her.”-Jake

“It’s not because of my parents that I am this way. It’s because of you.”-Nelle

“I’m not strong enough to do any of this without you.”-Jason

“I don’t think it’s luck. I think we got a miracle.”-Sam

Scenes of the week: Sam wakes up to Scout

Franco and Liz’s love in the afternoon

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