Gays of Our Lives: Sex, Lies and Murder Trials on ‘Hollyoaks’

Emmerdale (U.K.)

I have a feeling that eventually Victoria and Adam will ask Finn to donate sperm so Victoria can have a baby. I just think that’s where this story is headed. Other than that, not much to say. I’m glad Finn is back. Hope he gets a new boyfriend soon, one that sticks around this time.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I sure hope this ‘drive Mac crazy’ storyline has a hell of a payoff because it’s starting to drag. And I need for all the actors in this story to tone it down a bit. They are all chewing way too much scenery when a little more subtlety could be used. But at least James has something to do.

Between this, the drama with Warren and the who killed Amy storyline, the show is using James more than I thought they would after John Paul left.

I hope James gets some romance though and a new boyfriend soon. Though he’s not the type of guy who would rush into something new after the kind of breakup he had. It’s fun (and real) seeing him hook up with random men, but I don’t want that to last forever.

Neighbours (Australia)

I like David bonding with his new family. They seem to mesh very well together. Too bad Andrew is no longer on the canvas. I’d like to see him meet his new brothers. David’s coming out to them was a nice bit, even though Paul and Amy already knew. Amy’s expression at the news was funny, actually. Other than that, not much happened. Aaron was in support mode and there no scenes between he and David in the wake of David coming out. Hm…

I think Paige moving in with Mark and Aaron is probably a bad idea. I have a feeling Mark is going to become obsessed with Paige’s baby.

But Jack walking around being jealous of Paige and who she sees is annoying. He chose the priesthood so he needs to get over himself. And about that, I find it extremely hard to believe the Catholic Church would be cool with one of their priests fathering a child. I would think Jack would have been transferred away from Paige and the baby at the very least.

Rownd a Rownd (Wales)

So who was on the phone with David? Who did he go see? I assumed it was Rhys, but Rhys was at work. So what was that phone call about? Hm….

Speaking of Rhys, he didn’t seem to GAF that Wil had gotten banned from driving because of the favor Wil did for him. Rhys didn’t even offer to pay the $100 fine Wil now has! Jerk! It’s pretty clear the whole mess is going to come out though once Sian’s friend looks into the ticket.

I wonder how this is all going to play into David and Rhys’ relationship and if this ticket business will lead to the reveal of their affair. It must, or what’s the point of this story beat?




  1. Unter Uns from Germany seems to be building towards a gay romance for Ringo – he has been eyeing up Valentin, the teenager he’s tutoring, like crazy and his friends are starting to cotton on, although Valentin’s adorably oblivious (he’s only had girlfriends to date, but he is 18 so maybe he will turn out to be bi?)

  2. I’m in complete agreement about the Mac story on Hollyoaks. Last week it crossed into being tiresome, and Marnie has ceased to be amusing. I haven’t missed Ste at all and wouldn’t mind if the show just had him convicted and sent to jail – off-screen, of course. Kudos to the writer who gave Warren the “Kardashian wannabee and Mrs Doubtfire” line when talking about Neeta and Sally. It’s completely in character for him, and his delivery was so deadpan that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

    The highlight of EastEnders for me was the Have You Ever game and how Ben didn’t hesitate to take a drink when Jay asked about having naughty dreams about someone else in the room. This is the Ben I’ve come to like so much. It would have been a nice touch and added more dimension to the scene if Johnny had been invited, too. No doubt he would have joined Abi in taking a drink for having caught his parents having sex, and it would have made the reason for Ben’s drink more ambiguous.

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