Gays of Our Lives: Sex, Lies and Murder Trials on ‘Hollyoaks’


Coronation Street: Billy’s ex-boyfriend Drew moves to town, bringing Billy’s goddaughter Summer with him. Billy is delighted to see them, but Todd is not. Billy thinks it’s funny that Todd is jealous of Drew. Later, Drew stirs up trouble when he asks Todd what he and Billy have planned for their future together. Todd is certain that Drew is going to make a move on Billy and when he hears that Drew and Billy are having a quiet dinner together, Todd intrudes, accusing Drew of trying to steal his man. However, Drew reveals his real reason for moving to town, leaving Todd and Billy stunned by the truth.

Days of Our Lives: Paul asks Sonny to move in with him. But is Sonny ready for that? Later, the guys take off for Canada to track down Demois. That’s not what they find, however.

EastEnders: The Queen Vic has ladies night and one of the strippers has his eye on Johnny. Is this the start of romance for him? Meanwhile, Ben and Jay finally decide on new roommates. But their plans hit a snag.

Hollyoaks: Harry visits Ste in prison. Ste asks Harry to Amy’s funeral in his place and apologize for what has happened. Amy’s family, however, refuses to accept Ste’s apology. Tony is worried about the effect Ste’s problems have on Harry and asks Ste to break up with Harry. Ste tries to do so, but during their discussion, Harry finds that one of Ste’s memories of that night doesn’t track with the real events.

Certain that Ste is innocent, Harry makes a scene during Ste’s court hearing to get it delayed so he can talk to Ste about his suspicions. Harry comes up with a plan to clear Ste’s name, but both Ryan and James are putting up roadblocks. Ryan threatens Harry and tells him to leave the case alone. But things could completely turn around when Mercedes remembers some key evidence about what happened the night of the murder.

While, Kyle reveals to Nancy he smokes marijuana to deal with the symptoms of his MS and asks Nancy to look after some of the drug for him. Nancy is reluctant, but agrees to do it. Nancy’s secretiveness has Darren suspicious that something is going on between Nancy and Kyle.

And Scott prepares to meet his biological father, but his behavior could ruin his hopes.

Neighbours: Aaron and David have their first date and grow closer. David finally gives into his feelings for Aaron and kisses him, but Aaron doesn’t think David is ready for a relationship and believes they need to take things slower. David feels as if he’s being rejected and runs off. Aaron tries to explain to David that they shouldn’t be rushing into anything when David’s just come out, but David only further feels unwanted. David then decides if Aaron’s not interested, someone will be and sets his sights on another man.

Rownd a Rownd: Dani’s expensive plans have David scrambling for cash and wondering if it’s time he came clean with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rhys and Wil’s fraud is revealed.


Days of Our Lives: Paul and Sonny work together to save a life.

Hollyoaks: Kyle exhibits surprising behavior.

Neighbours: David suffers a horrible accident.

River City: Robbie has an unexpected alliance.

Rownd a Rownd: Rhys has his day in court.


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  1. Unter Uns from Germany seems to be building towards a gay romance for Ringo – he has been eyeing up Valentin, the teenager he’s tutoring, like crazy and his friends are starting to cotton on, although Valentin’s adorably oblivious (he’s only had girlfriends to date, but he is 18 so maybe he will turn out to be bi?)

  2. I’m in complete agreement about the Mac story on Hollyoaks. Last week it crossed into being tiresome, and Marnie has ceased to be amusing. I haven’t missed Ste at all and wouldn’t mind if the show just had him convicted and sent to jail – off-screen, of course. Kudos to the writer who gave Warren the “Kardashian wannabee and Mrs Doubtfire” line when talking about Neeta and Sally. It’s completely in character for him, and his delivery was so deadpan that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

    The highlight of EastEnders for me was the Have You Ever game and how Ben didn’t hesitate to take a drink when Jay asked about having naughty dreams about someone else in the room. This is the Ben I’ve come to like so much. It would have been a nice touch and added more dimension to the scene if Johnny had been invited, too. No doubt he would have joined Abi in taking a drink for having caught his parents having sex, and it would have made the reason for Ben’s drink more ambiguous.

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