‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Pictures Of You

Monk Shenanigans

Tracy reads the letter her father left her.
Tracy reads the letter her father left her.

Tracy and Laura were surprised to find that the painting Edward left his daughter bore a striking resemblance to her. Edward also left behind a note for Tracy, expressing his love for her and regret for their years of animosity. It was very touching and I’m pleased that this is what Tracy has now to remember her father by instead of a jar of relish.

Leaving with the painting isn’t such an easy task however. The monks are all very attached to the artwork and the money they could make by selling it. Tracy ends up writing the monks a big check in order to keep their hands off the priceless inheritance. Is it just me or are these holy men a little shady? It feels like there is something they aren’t telling Tracy about the painting. After hearing a woman crying, Laura questions the monks and is told that the cries are just from a student that is staying there. It’s an obvious lie. There is a woman lurking in the halls of the monastery. What’s her story and how is she connected to Tracy?

That Girl

Amy is happy that Dillon remembers her.
Amy is happy that Dillon remembers her.

I like Amy. The dreamy gossip girl provides a little of much needed light to an often dreary canvas. It helps to that Rosa Dorken is very pretty and a good actress. Not a lot has really been done with the character outside of being a busybody so I’m interested to see where this current story takes her. The reveal that she went to high school with Dillon and has had a long-time crush on him has me intrigued. This factoid also connects her to Lulu, Maxie and Lucas who would have all attended school with her as well. Since Dillon and Amy are working on their class reunion together, I’m hoping that means we’ll get to see the event because I think it would be a lot fun.

I wonder if she’s going to cause trouble for Dillon and Kiki. She’s obviously not a fan of Dillon’s hot girlfriend. I could see her using her time working on the reunion with Dillon as a way to try to draw his attention away from Kiki and onto her. Dillon is in love with Kiki though and only thinks of Amy as a friend (he forgot her last name) so if her plan is to try to win him over, good luck with that.

Another character that has been connected to Amy now is Kristina. Via a series of phone calls, we’ve been told that the mob princess is Amy’s roommate and confidant. The two young ladies have had yet to actually share scenes together so there are a lot of unknowns about their relationship. They have very different personalities so I imagine their friendship will have an interesting dynamic to it when we finally get to see them interact.

Couples of the week: Franco and Liz, Dillon and Kiki, Ned and Olivia, Carly and Jax, Valentin and Anna, Laura and Tracy

Quotes of the week: “I don’t know that Ashton is in cahoots with these art mongering monks.”-Tracy

“Are you there God? It’s me Tracy!”-Tracy

“Don’t change on my account.”-Ned

“I’m not much for adventures. I am much happier in a boardroom despite what my father thought.”-Tracy

“To Ned and Olivia and to not following in your father’s footsteps.”-Lord Larry

“Tracy, it’s you!”-Laura

“And this is Kiki Jerome. My girlfriend.”-Dillon

“Because Jake. Just because.”-Liz

“Okay knock it off! Cut it out! Kiki I need to talk to you.”-Franco

“How did you guys bounce back after he got sober?”-Hayden “We didn’t. In fact he bounced all the way to Europe.”-Liz

“Dude, nobody likes a third wheel.”-Franco “Franco stop! You’re the 3rd wheel.”-Kiki

“No, in my story the scarecrow and the witch are friends.”-Jake

“You’re going to need to make peace with each other and make sure you’re both ready for the truth.”-Andre

“She doesn’t even like Game of Thrones!”-Amy

“What is that about?”-Lulu “None of your business.”-Valentin

“Can you ever forgive me for what I did?”-Jax

“Monica gets reminded of me every morning when she shells her eggs.”-Tracy

“I am totally in love with you and I have no intention whatsoever of cutting you out of my life.”-Liz

“I’m the reason my mother’s dead.”-Jax

“It works best over bare shoulders.”-Franco “Just my shoulders?”-Liz “Whatever you’re comfortable with.”-Franco “I’ll see what I can do.”-Liz

“You look beautiful.”-Franco

“Forget my muse. I think I just need you.”-Franco

“I was thinking that we should definitely work on another painting.”-Liz

Scenes of the week: Liz poses for Franco

Tracy reads Edward’s letter

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