‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: Pictures Of You

Tracy and Laura are surprise to see the resemblance in the painting.
Tracy and Laura are surprise to see the resemblance in the painting.

Last week’s General Hospital had its up and downs. The low point point being the increasingly confusing kidney mystery, a story that wore out it’s welcome almost as soon as it began. Friday’s episode ended things on a high note thankfully with plenty of love in the afternoon.

I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened last week on GH. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment or tweet me and we’ll chat.

General Hospital Week In Review for the episode that aired April 3rd-7th.

Arts and Crafts

Jake recalls that the scarecrow and witch were friends.

Jake recalls that the scarecrow and witch were friends.

Jake had his first session with Andre last week, leading to another clue about his time on Cassadine Island. When asked to pick out which action figures he wanted to play with, Jake went for the Wizard of Oz characters of the scarecrow and the witch. Andre assumed that the scarecrow is afraid of the witch but Jake quickly corrected him, “No, in my story the scarecrow and the witch are friends.” When Liz and Franco had talked to Jake about the curse some weeks back, Jake had inquired if Helena was a witch. If Helena is the witch then who is the scarecrow? The scarecrow could be the Cassadine matriarch’s old pal Faison. He’s certainly got the scary part down. Valentin and Helena most certainly are not friends so unless there is a twist, it’s not him. I still think the scarecrow must be Jason from his “soldier boy” days. It makes the most sense and would be a great way to connect Jake and Jason’s backstories.

While I think Andre will get the troubled little boy to open up a little bit, I think that the fact that Jake can “never forget and never tell” will limit the talking doctor’s ability to breakthrough. Jake will have to draw what happened to him because he can’t speak it. He seems to know this too because it is very important to him that he finish his timeline with Franco. The adults have yet to figure this out.

The tension between Liz and Jason is another obstacle getting in the way with Jake’s therapy, something that Andre picks up on. The parents are going to have to put their differences aside for the sake of their son which will not be an easy task for either. The biggest disagreement between them of course comes in the form of Liz’s suitor Franco. It’s understandable why Jason has an issue with the reformed serial killing artist and it’s understandable why Liz does not. Franco and Liz are in love and want a future together. At some point, something will have to give.

I loved Franco and Liz’s scenes at his art studio on Friday. I wish we got more intimate moments like this on GH. Liz posing for Franco was very sexy and romantic, highlighting the connection between them. The painting represented the yin and yang tone of their relationship. Franco’s side of the canvas is moody and monochromatic, limited to shades of grey, while Liz’s side of the canvas is soft and vibrant. The beauty and the beast are opposite in many ways yet those differences complement each other. By the way, if Franco and Liz ever make the trip down the aisle in the future, the material she was draped in would make a pretty wedding dress.

Please Forgive Me

Chloe Lanier has been giving a really strong performance lately but the more backstory we get for the kidney/Nelle story, the less it makes any sense. The biggest head scratcher is why these unfortunate series of events were ever even set into motion in the first place. Nelle knew Frank Benson was a lying liar who lies but never questioned if what he told her about Carly was true? The man sold her kidney for a million dollars then gambled it away and she believed him? People always want to believe the best in their loved ones but this is a little hard to grasp. Is this girl really that gullible? This story is not worthy of the heaps of screen time it has continued to gobble up.

Carly and Jax lock lips.

Carly and Jax lock lips.

I’m hoping that after last week the Swiss cheese like explanations will die down and focus will shift more to the romantic conflicts that have began to cumulate. I still don’t care about Michael and Nelle. They just don’t have the chemistry to compensate for the inconsistent writing. But Carly and Jax are plenty hot. They ended Friday in a series of kisses. While things were getting hot and heavy for the exes, Nelle stopped by Sonny’s house ready to confess all. The fact that Sonny didn’t actually sleep with Nelle does change things a little. He’s didn’t actually cheat on Carly and was a victim of Nelle’s revenge. However, he still lied to Carly and let her think that Nelle was trustworthy. Knowing the truth now doesn’t change how he chose to handle the situation. Carly forgave Jax for his part in buying Nelle’s kidney but will she forgive Sonny? Will it all be too little too late for Sonny and Carly to salvage what they had?

Jenn Bishop
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  1. yes, or natha if naxie breaks up.

    friends with kiki, kristina, dillon. I LOVE her friendship with dillon, BTW. very genuine.

  2. I would love to see Valerie and Griffin get a chance too.

  3. Thanks for the review! Your thought and effort is obvious, and appreciated.

    For the tracy exit story, I’d have taken michael and ava off all things corinthos and been all-in on the exit S/L. Bring them both to Turkey (which sooo should have been italy). Add some plot beats, and now you’ve got your BEST actors in an interesting story. Could even pull in Sonny into the tracy exit.

    I’d chem test matt cohen with the best actressses that might work – maura, chloe, the kristina actress, laura and see what works. Same with Chad,test anyone plausible until you get a good one.

    ‘Tracy’ portrait in the entrance of the hospital now that the Q’s ‘saved’ the hospital is ideal to me. I HOPE that’s the final scene of her exit story, a reminder that the Q’s should be the center of the GH universe.

  4. I agree with you about the younger character characters. The other soaps give their younger characters storylines.

  5. Have Valerie become a nurse and work with Bobbie. Put Valerie in a storyline with Carly. Give Valerie more scenes with Michael and Carly. Have Valerie work at Crimson. I want more scenes with Dillon and Valerie.

  6. Thanks for commenting! What story would you give to Valerie if you wrote GH?

  7. Thanks for commenting! So far Tracy’s exit story is good. I love that they are playing her with Laura and that her daddy respected her after all. I want that painting hung in the Qs living room. LOL I hope we get some family stuff with Ned and Dillon soon.
    I agree that Franco and Liz are best when their cuteness is played. I feel like the writers got off track a bit for awhile there (something they are currently doing to HammyHay). Their scenes Friday were really sweet and I hope they continue to focus on the artistic connection and play up Becky’s sexiness. If you didn’t watch the scenes, you may want to give them a try.
    I can’t even fathom why anyone would think that the writing Ava Jerome is getting is okay. This is not the kind of material one gives to Maura Freaking West! It’s like they aren’t even trying to find her a love interest. Maybe she could be the one to lure Griffin away from the priesthood since he needs a story too. I feel like they have been chem testing Griffin a bit lately so hopefully something sparks. I liked his scenes with Nina. Maybe they should try Griffin and Michael since both are in need of a hot pairing.

  8. The entire <30 cast gets almost no airtime, and it's why soaps are dying. They had BETTER have a story for that group this summer. Molly, TJ, dillon, kiki, val, ALL of them. WITH EACH OTHER and not talking to parents.

    She's adorable, if maxie's gone, chem test her with nathan or pull her in a triangle with tj/molly. Something..

  9. I’m only watching the Tracy exit s/l, and for that piece, I completely agree. I can’t stand franco/liz now and I’m surprised given their initial cute chemistry how much they ‘ick’ me out as a couple now, but they simply do. I literally loathe this pairing right now as much as I did morgan/kiki. You can’t write Franoc as a creepy man-child and expect MOST viewers to be okay with him as romantic lead. Just won’t work.

    Enjoy the shady monks, genie and jane are wonderfully genuine, but I wish the story wasn’t of the Scooby doo level.

    GH is simply WASTING maura west, matt cohen and chad duelley with celibate, nothing-happens stories. Enough already.

  10. I wish Valerie was part of a storyline. I would like this show more if Valerie was on.

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