‘The Originals’ Review: Snakes Ruin Everything

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It wouldn’t be a Mikaelson party if at least one dead body didn’t drop from a balcony.

Klaus and Elijah opened their fully restored home to the supernatural beings of New Orleans on The Originals. Meanwhile, Hayley asked Freya for an assist in her efforts to learn more about her parents, and Sofya attempted to free Marcel.

No one’s evening went according to plan during “Bag of Cobras.” And that includes Dominic, the High Priest of the Hollow, who had metaphorical snakes all over him (or so I’m told. My eyes were closed).

Annette Brown/The CW

Let’s start with Hayley’s quest. Naturally, her story received the least amount of screen time (again). Thanks to Freya’s magic, she relived the night her parents were murdered in front of her (who else had Harry Potter flashbacks?). While Harry’s mother died protecting him, Hayley’s died trying to stop the Hollow.

Apparently, like previous witches (think Elijah’s old flame Celeste from Season 1), the Hollow left his/her bones scattered around the quarter. Hayley recovered a piece of one, Klaus has another, and two pieces remain unaccounted.

Guys, I have to say it: I’m bored. I appreciate what the writers are attempting to do: tell an old fashioned horror story where the supreme evil is so evil that we should shiver just imagining it. That’s great for a book or a two-hour movie, but it’s not working for me as an episodic story.

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It’s never going to make sense why the Mikaelson family, supposedly the most powerful beings ever, don’t squash their enemies in an instant—like Elijah did to Dominic (at least until the witches brought him back because why not?). They have no problem murdering people, but season after season, they hesitate until there’s no other choice (in other words, it’s episode 21 or 22).

Why exactly did Klaus let Sofya live? Don’t tell me he feels guilty for killing her family—he didn’t even remember that. Nor does he seem to remember she worked for Lucien last season? Does anyone remember that? Shouldn’t this be more of a thing? Yes, Marcel mentioned she’s a hired mercenary. But given all the damage Lucien did—he killed Cami—why is Klaus cool with his minion?

There was a time when my love for the Original family came second only to my love for Stefan Salvatore (RIP). I would root for them no matter what. But I’m having a hard time remembering what that feels like because this season is SO BORING.

Annette Brown/The CW

I enjoy little moments. Klaus gloating when Vincent talks about how much he hates him. Freya trying to live a life outside her family as she bonds with Keelin. Elijah being a ruthless killer so Klaus can be a better man for his daughter. Vincent basically telling all the Mikaelsons to GTFO because he’s done with their antics. I’ll even give Josh credit for being creeped out by Sofya.

And of course my heart breaks for Hayley. Even if I do wish she’d 1) get a better backstory that’s just for her and not connected to the current evil and 2) be allowed more than a few minutes each episode to deal with her complicated past.

Then there’s the matter of Marcel chained in the dungeon. I may have a love/hate relationship with Marcel (but not Charles—CMD is fabulous), but are we seriously going to have the Mikaelson brothers take turns taunting him each week? After he helped them save Hope?

I thought/hoped Elijah was under the influence of the Hollow last week. But apparently not. And now Klaus is threatening him with Tunde’s blade. And it’s not like he tried to escape or threatened to bite him or anything. Seriously Klaus, no wonder he hates you more often than not.

Due to the shortened season, this is the halfway point (or technically, the first half of next week’s episode). And I’m still waiting for something to spark and make me care about any of this. I hate being so negative about a show I once loved, but something’s got to give. And soon.

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