‘Days of our Lives’ Week In Review: Strive For Balance

Sonny tries to get through to Paul. © jpistudios.com

Pans of the Week

Get A Life

I was truly looking forward to the Morgan Fairchild as Anjelica Deveraux reveal only to be let down. This story promised to rope in a lot of the recurring characters we don’t see often like Justin Kiriakis, Adrienne Johnson, Lucas Horton and others. Now I wasn’t looking for a masterpiece because with Dena Higley at the helm, expecting that would just be plain foolish of me. But I did hope for something that was at the least bit compelling and it just wasn’t.

Decades have passed since Anjelica was last on screen and yet she still harbors this deep of a grudge against Adrienne Johnson? Adrienne and Justin Kiriakis have split up so many times over the years, Anjelica could have swooped in at any time but now we’re meant to believe she desperately wants her hands on The Salem Spectator because of events in the late 80’s. In my head, I’m thinking that maybe it was something more like Anjelica had suffered a similar health crisis to Adrienne recently but she had no one to support her, including her own son Alexander who instead showed support to Adrienne. I feel like that could have been a fresher, more current way to re-ignite their feud in a simple way they could have slipped right into dialogue.

But instead it’s still the same old, same old. Anjelica took the time to come up with pseudonyms and fake companies just to get back at her old love rival. It’s just silly. Get a life, Mrs. Deveraux!

Nasty Girl

Claire is horrified when everyone assumes the worst of her – including Theo.
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Whenever Jade Michaels is on the scene I often find myself asking questions. What is she still doing here? Why do these people entertain her? And who does she think she’s fooling? The writers seem keen on developing this underdog story for her, something in the vein of Chloe Lane’s early days, but it’s not working. This girl is actually a ghoul girl, a total creep who thinks watching and making sex tapes of her friends is normal behavior.

For me, the character should have been phased out when Paige Searcy left the role. Any spunk or spice that the troublemaker had was washed away when she left. There’s a lot of story that could come from the things that Jade’s been through and seen, but instead of telling those stories the show just want the viewers to pity her in the worst way. Like a sad dog that’s been kicked too many times, not so much as a young adult woman trying to better herself after surviving a tough childhood. Because she isn’t that, she’s manipulative in the nastiest ways and after growing up with nothing, is somehow still so entitled. How dare you still expect your ex-boyfriend’s parents to pay your way through college and buy you cars? How dare you even expect that in the first place?

Jade can hit the road and honestly, she can take Joey with her. Claire has always had her cousin’s back, in fact she’s always ride or die for anyone in her family and even after Jade violates Claire’s privacy, Joey still goes after her. He just laughs it off with her like all she’d done was take Claire’s snack at lunch time. They deserve each other at this point!

You Set The Scene

Seeing as how I don’t work on the DAYS set, I don’t know how things work especially when it comes to budgetary concerns. Every fan knows that in the last decade the show had to scale back on its budget but it’s gotten a bit ridiculous as of late. Why is it that Dr. Marlena Evans’ office is the same as Dr. Kayla Johnson’s office is the same as this new judge’s office which is also the same as Anjelica Deveraux’s office in New York City? We see the same blue wall in front of another new wall with the scene shot at a different angle to try and trick the viewers. It doesn’t work! Anyone with functioning eyes can see that it’s all the same set. At least try to spice it up more, add some personal touches and flair to make it seem different when it isn’t.

And get some of these thirtysomethings their own apartments! We’re meant to believe so many of them have these high paying jobs but can only squat in grandpa’s mansion or rent rooms in the Motel 6! Some fans always say improve the stories, and that sets should be secondary but I feel that they both go hand in hand. In soaps, the town is as much of a character as the people living inside of it and I feel it should reflect that. If possible, give these characters small bedroom sets. We don’t need to see full homes if it isn’t possible, just nicely decorated and lit bedroom or living room sets with personal touches. That way viewers aren’t always asked to suspend reality while watching each time.