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Everything We Know About Hot Topic’s Upcoming Riverdale Merchandise

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Ever since Riverdale premiered, fans of the series have been asking for official merchandise almost as much as they have for Jughead to finally eat a burger. And, thanks to Hot Topic, one of those wishes is about to be granted (Hint: not the burger one). Hot Topic announced on Twitter that an official line of Riverdale merchandise is finally a reality and it’s coming soon to stores and online. We did some detective work (AKA spent a lot of time on the Hot Topic Twitter and Facebook pages) and this is everything we know about the Riverdale merchandise so far:

Merchandise will be available online within the next two weeks.

Replying to a fan on their official Facebook page, Hot Topic confirmed that the Riverdale will make its debut online within the next two weeks, so now is the time to break open your piggy banks.

Pictured: Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

An officially licensed Jughead beanie is coming in the fall.

By far the most popular piece of Riverdale wardrobe (sorry, Cheryl’s spider brooch) is Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) beanie. He never removes it because he doesn’t fit in. He’s weird. He’s a weirdo – and now you can be one too, because an officially licensed Jughead beanie is coming. Expect this to arrive in September and run around $16.

Tees and the beanie are the only items available in the first wave of merchandise.

Replying to a fan on Instagram, Hot Topic confirmed that Riverdale t-shirts and the Jughead beanie are all that is in the pipeline for right now, but that could change depending on how well these items sell.

FP Jones won’t be featured on any of the shirts.

This isn’t much of a surprise considering Skeet Ulrich was only recurring during Riverdale’s freshman season, but Hot Topic replied to a fan and let them know Jughead’s troubled dad wouldn’t be featured on any of the shirts this time around.

Hot Topic is always open to suggestions for new Riverdale merch.

Although t-shirts and the beanie are the only items confirmed to be available thus far, Hot Topic is currently taking fan suggestions for future merchandise ideas. The biggest requests so far? A Southside Serpents jacket and Archie’s varsity jacket.

What merchandise do you hope to see in Hot Topic’s Riverdale line? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for a full merchandise review once the collection arrives online.



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