‘Shadowhunters’ Review: Abuse of Power

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Institutionalized prejudices brought friends and foes alike to the brink of war on the latest episode of Shadowhunters.

“Those of Demon Blood” centered on the murders of Shadowhunters, seemingly, being perpetrated by vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and Seelies.

(Freeform/John Medland)

The Shadowhunters’ working theory was a Downworlders’ revolt in retaliation for what happened with the Soul Sword. Their solution: first run a quick DNA test on each of their friends to rule them out, and then install tracking devices in all Downworlders.

At first few of the Shadowhunters saw the issue with the barbaric, but all too common throughout history (and present day), tactics. Luke volunteered the first DNA sample, and Magnus gave his to Alec as well, but he also showed his boyfriend the door afterward. Simon and Maya refused.

And they both suffered for their refusals. First, after giving Jace a public beat down, Maya ended up with the tracker in her shoulder anyway. Then a wrong place wrong time moment earned her a spot in the dungeon.

(Freeform/John Medland)

How did she end up sharing a cell with Simon? He rescued Clary from an attack and when he refused to leave her side, Inquisitor Herondale ordered his capture. Jace, who proud Grandma named Head of the New York Institute, stood by quietly. Later, he tried telling Clary there was no easy choice.

In the world of TV, ignorance can be solved in the span of an hour. Jace realized the error of his ways, and let his friends out of jail. And it’s easy to give him a pass; to say he meant well, and he was between a rock (his grandmother’s expectations) and a hard place (his friends’ expectations.

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But as Simon pointed out to Clary, it always starts out as a small request. Is it really so hard to give a DNA sample? Yes. Because it leads to trackers. And trackers lead to restrictions. And so on and so on until all individual freedom and liberty is stripped away on the sole basis of someone being different.

Now that we’ve covered the heavy stuff, let’s jump into what else the hour offered.

Was anyone else screaming for Jace and Maya to kiss? And then when they did?!?! Holy chemistry, people. I’m going to be #TeamClace forever, but I am here for this hookup. All that pent-up frustration and irritation with each other had to go somewhere.

Simon and Clary continued their relatively bump-free (at least so far) relationship. Should we heed Luke’s warning and worry about Simon’s bloodlust? And I know I’m biased, but isn’t Clary a little too over Jace? I know they were siblings for a while, but she couldn’t have erased all her feelings that fast.

That being said, how great was Clary putting together the concert for Simon? I love how hard he’s trying to still be a regular guy, who just happens to be a vampire. And it was a nice touch with Clary, Maya, and Izzy all there to watch. So many Simon love interests, so little time.

(Freeform/John Medland)

So…did we know Magnus and Dot used to be a thing? I feel like that was brand new information, but maybe that’s because I’m so blinded by my Malec love that I blocked it out? Poor Magnus, though. Two bummer episodes in a row for him: first being traumatized by the Clave, and now dealing with Alec’s lack of trust (even if that’s not how Alec saw it).

Thank the angel that Magnus stopped that kiss, though. I was ready to cover my eyes and start screaming. Alec and Magnus seem to be back on track for the moment. And hopefully stronger because of it. Their love is the best. Now that Alec’s (rightfully) in charge of the Institute, they can breathe a small sigh of relief.

As for Izzy and Raphael, I’m still in the side-eye stage. After he stood by while one of his vamps almost knocked her off the wagon, I’m not sure she should forgive him. But he did shed some light on the past and why they need to learn from the old wars in order not to repeat their mistakes.

And he helped her solve the case. It turned out Kaylee, the Seelie, was the one framing the rest of the Downworlders. While Raphael and Meliorn both fought her, Izzy ended up being the one to kill her. And who could blame her for wanting to after she tried to torture Max? Not okay.

(Besides, watching Izzy being a badass is always the best).

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