General Hospital Spoilers: June 12-16, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Jason is determined to find the truth. Also: Sam is unhappy with her mother; Griffin pays Sonny a visit; Ned and Olivia come to an important conclusion. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 12, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Mind Games

Jason sets out find out who’s been doing Helena’s bidding and the potentially dangerous undertaking has Sam on edge. She becomes increasingly worried about her husband’s safety. Does she has cause for concern or is it all in her head? Will Jason be able to stay one step ahead and learn the truth behind who sent the chimera to Jake? Jason finds himself taken aback. Liz takes pains to keep Jake safe when a dangerous situation arises. Later, Liz runs into Hayden who tells her the good news. Sam isn’t thrilled when she sees Alexis. Look for things to get a little weird when Sam has a premonition.

Not So Sweet Justice

Feeling justice has been served, Carly and Sonny share a close moment. The exchange leads to Carly second guessing her actions. Carly wants what’s best for everyone that she cares about. Sonny finds a confidant in Laura. Later, Griffin pays Sonny a visit. What is the subject of their conversation? Ava is left wrecked by what she sees.

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Also this week:

Amy has a favor to ask. Will she be lucky enough to get Nathan to play along? Nathan gains some perspective on the situation.

Olivia gets unexpected news. Ned and Olivia make a decision about their future together.

Anna stops by to pay Lulu a visit. Lulu and Dante find themselves in over their heads. Are things with Charlotte not going as hoped?

  • Kiki offers her support.
  • Scotty worries about his fate.
  • Jordan asks a favor of TJ.
  • Kevin whisks Laura away.
  • Michael has something important to discuss with Nelle.

Source Sneak Peek:

Nina comes to Nelle’s rescue. Sam gets news that seems promising. Jason arrives in the nick of time. Josslyn gets in over her head.

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  1. Lily, so Nelle can go ahead and die as far as you are concerned? Isn’t that a little bit drastic for a tv show? She is not as bad as you claim she is. People have no right to judge her, when Carly and Sonny has done all the awful things they have done and no one seems to punish them for their actions. Let’s not forget that Sonny had Jax deported. I am in full agreement with how Joss feels about Sonny at t he present time. You want to be dramatic fine let’s be dramatic. I think Sonny should spend some time behind bars in a tiny little cell rotting away. Carly should drink herself into a stupor and go to rehab. These two have done more damage than Nelle ever has in her life. Michael does deserve her he has already found it in who he wants. Please think twice about being so judgmental of Nelle and people in real life as well. Furthermore, I hope that Sonny does not save Joss, in fact I hope that Joss destroy Sonny and Carly relationship completely as revenge for what Sonny did to her father. To the end of Sonny and Carly may it be painful and devastating!!

  2. Yes Carly is going to interfere she always does but hopefully this will show Michael a little bit of who his mother is and what he has to do to keep Nelle in his life. This summer will definitely show us how much Michael care for Nelle when he has to come up against his parents, in particularly Carly. Maybe Michael can enlist the help of Josslyn or maybe Josslyn will help him without him even asking for help. If Michael and Nelle is going to have a future, Michael is going to have to get tough and get his mom to back off. I am looking forward to Michael summer romance. Good Luck you both are going to need it.

  3. I hope Sonny and Carly reconcile soon. Something tells me if Sonny saves Joss from whatever trouble she’ll get into that’ll make her warm up to him. Nell can go away and die as far as I’m concerned. Sadistic little twit. Michael deserves better. Wonder if Olivia’ll be pregnant again?

  4. Hi GH,
    I have been a long time fan for many years even back in the Steve Burton era. Some of your stories have not been to interesting up to now, but with the exception of Nelle and Michael and a few others. Nelle and Michael have been my favorite. I love the story between Nelle and Michael. I believe they have good chemistry and they play off of each other very well. I can’t wait to see more of them and I hope you give them a fear chance. It’ s no secret that they are not the most popular couple but I have always been one to root for the under dog. It’s been a habit of mines every since I have been a little kid. I hope this current storyline eventually gives Nelle and Michael support from the fans as a couple and as individuals. I know that Nelle came on the show with a vendetta, because of a mis-perception and while it’s true that she did cause some damage to the Corintho’s family; if Carly and Sonny loved each other as much as they claim Nelle’s action should not as easily broke them apart. Instead of blaming Nelle, Carly and Sonny should take responsibility for their own actions and accept Nelle’ s apology. After all Nelle is not that much different form Carly when she came on the scene but with the exception that she may be a bit more compassionate than Carly was. I believe with Michael’s love and support Nelle could become a fantastic human being and the school teacher she has always wanted to become. Yes I remember that she wants to become a school teacher. I hope that in the future GH does the story line that focuses on that goal of Nelle becoming a school teacher. Thank you for continuing the storyline of Michael and Nelle and I would not mine if Nelle and Michael become the love of each others life. Congratulations to Chad Duell on being name the monthly star of GH.

  5. What is Jennifer Bassey’s role? Could she be Valentin’s mother and Charlotte’s Nana because I thought Claudette’s family lived in Paris.

  6. You wonder what Wally and Leslie and Kin or Lynn think about being called glorified extras by Nathan clueless Varni.

  7. So over Sonny’s & Carly’s self-righteousness, all the lives they’ve destroyed over the years, especially the murders committed by Sonny & his henchmen…Morgan is dead, karma’s a bitch.

  8. Varni sounds clueless, which explains a lot of the mess of GH. I’m enjoying Y&R this summer and streaming shows, I’ll just hope GH becomes a normal soap by the fall.

    Really is a treat whenever I see val, brad, lucas, epiphany, so for me, that’s why i hate all the guest stuff, I really want to watch GH again, but until the sonny worship and ‘guest stars’ stop intruding GH. Let GH be GH and let GH be a soap again. No violence, sexy drama. No tears, laughter, excitement. Soap.

  9. They would be. However, Valerie would be tarred and feathered and driven out of town if she was even remotely seen as involved with another young married couple. Maxie and Nathan as a couple would have to be over for at least a year before some rabid fans would accept Valerie even sharing coffee with Nathan.

  10. Still hoping for more for Valerie, too. She sure got lost in the Lante shuffle.

  11. “Tons of potential with just their own cast canvas.” YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just listened to a podcast with Nathan Varni in which he spoke about how guest stars help weave a full story – about how they are needed to tell stories to keep the show going five days a week – about how GH is not trying to keep from telling stories for the same six to 10 people. Now, I think he was grouping guest stars (like Nora from OLTL) and recurring (like Lucas and Valerie) together in these comments. But that doesn’t change the fact that there is too much concentration on a very few characters – when there are so many more existing ones to explore more fully.

    My message: Use the cast you have more effectively!! There are many stories waiting to be told and many existing characters waiting to tell them.

  12. GH wouldn’t know a summer storyline if it bit them in the butt.

  13. val and nathan should AT LEAST be chem-tested, gosh they’d be so freaking cute!

  14. femme fatale meets sexy doctor, sounds interesting…
    …gets burned and deals with psycho mobster threats… okay you lost me on the second part.

    I’d have put val and nathan in a summer story, perhaps they grow closer as friends as he deals with his crazy sister’s problems. GH really has tons of potential with just their own cast canvas. Tons of untapped potential…

  15. I guess Carly doesn’t care that Sonny got rid of Jax. Are we ever going to stop hearing about Morgan. When are we getting all new storylines. I still wish Valerie was part of a storyline.

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