General Hospital Spoilers: June 5-9, 2017 Edition


This week on General Hospital, Sonny and Carly lean on Jason. Also: Kiki is prepared for the worst; Anna receives some unsettling intel; Laura gets a surprise visitor. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 5, 2017.

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General Hospital Spoilers: The Blame Game

After the disastrous events following the Nurses Ball, Carly seeks support from her best friend, Jason. Sonny is convinced things will work themselves out in his favor but is he being over-confident? Jason and Sonny find consolation with a shared bottle of scotch. Is Jason about to be pulled back into CarSon’s world? Carly enlists the help for a rather unlikely source. Despite everything, Carly and Sonny feel hopeful and are drawn closer to each other. Meanwhile, Ava’s in rough condition after her confrontation with Carly and Sonny. Is her future as dismal as it appears? Griffith and her share a moment. Will the two find a connection regardless of their opposing houses? As the truth continues to sink in, Kiki takes out her anger on Dillon. Monica prepares the young nurse’s aid for the worst regarding her mother’s condition. Dante continues to look for the truth.

Valentin sets his new game plan underway. Anna attempts to reason with Valentin but will she be able to get through to him? It looks like his past is about to catch up with him. Will Nina still stand by her man or has she had enough? Anna receives news that leaves her unnerved.

Also this week:

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Finn has another setback as he struggles to keep clean. Meanwhile, Hayden finds herself in over her head. Hayden isn’t sure what to think.

Curtis runs into a former flame. Will the lady cause problems for his newly consummated relationship with Jordan? Jordan continues to work on her relationship with TJ. She finds herself getting quite an earful.

  • Laura gets a surprise visit.
  • Julian makes a fateful decision.
  • Sam takes time for herself.
  • Nelle and Michael grow closer.
  • Elizabeth ponders what may have set recent events in motion.

Source Sneak Peek:

Jason works to find out who’s been doing Helena’s bidding. Liz and Hayden have a run-in. Sam has a premonition. Griffin pays Sonny a visit.

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  1. Well, they’re writing him like an ass, but I don’t think we’d be so lucky to have him leave

  2. For me, olivia was useless as sonny’s boring GF, so glad lisa’s with the Q’s now. Sonny fans should be worried, almost feels like they’re writing sonny, so that fans will be happy if he leaves.

  3. I saw that show–and what I hated is how Olivia, who spent years hiding Dante from Sonny was ok with the shooting and how Dane, after dedicating years of his life to hunting this mobster was just fine with being shot because Sonny turned out to be his daddy

  4. I saw a clip of sonny shooting dante because Dante was a cop, for me that and AJ’s murder make the ‘saint sonny’ writing disgusting. Writers really should remember both and often.

  5. no, we can’t sacrifice laura wright, she’s too sparkly! I think sonny and nina could make a good pairing, and nina owns her mistakes, which sonny desperately needs to do!

  6. Finn’s addiction story and dead morgan continue, LOL… It’s like the horror movie you watch when everytime you think the monster is gone, they come back, again and again… poor GH fans!

  7. I think this Morgan fixation has ruined Carly & Michael for me. I’ve hated Sonny since he hung AJ on a meat hook, but this endless attempt to ignore that Sonny shot AJ makes me hate all Corinthots.

  8. I feel ya! I think at this point they need to just keep them together. It’s gotten a bit ridiculous to have them on this merry go round still after all these years. Although it would have been interesting if they would have really pushed the War of the Roses bit with Carly taking everything in the divorce.

  9. Sonny & Carly get closer. Rinse & repeat. Why do they even bother breaking them up? It’s not angst. It’s not interesting. It’s just the same old crap

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