‘The Originals’ Season 4 Finale Review: Redemptive Farewells

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The Originals knows how to deliver an amazing season finale and “The Feast of All Sinners” did not disappoint.

Season Four’s been uneven, if we’re being polite, and redundant, if we’re being honest.

Stories we’ve watched play out in (better) past seasons, character beats we’ve hit too many times, and an ancient evil that didn’t live up to the hype made the season a drag.

But there’s nothing the Mikaelson family does better than come together to crush their enemies like the thousand-year-old supremely powerful beings they are.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

In order to remove the Hollow from Hope, Vincent needed four vampire vessels at the ready—vessels that would not be allowed near each other, or Hope, when all was said and done.

It’s the end of always and forever (at least until Season Five).

We knew the “heroes” would win in the end so it’s not a surprise the spell worked. Hope’s fine; and as expected, Hayley enrolled her daughter in the Salvatore School in Mystic Falls. Matt Davis brought Alaric back to life once more to stand with Hope’s proud mama as her daughter finally had a chance to interact with other kids.

But before the happy ending came the goodbyes. And they packed an emotional punch. Dull stories aside, we watch this show because of these characters, and the centuries’ old bond they share. The idea of them never being together again hurts like hell. And it wouldn’t be a season finale without big moments.

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Hayley and Elijah put their “doomed” relationship to rest with one last kiss and an exchange of “I love you”. While we can debate forever whether or not Elijah’s mental meltdown counted as abuse or made their relationship toxic, that’s not what this moment was about. This was the two of them acknowledging what they felt with the weight of being apart forever over their heads.

Beautiful, tragic, and necessary to protect Hope, the two channeled everything into one last look before Elijah sped off…to a meeting with Marcel. This one surprised me. I assumed Elijah wanted to make peace before leaving, but instead, he wanted peace of his own. He didn’t trust himself to keep the vow he made to Klaus. So he asked Marcel to compel him.

Props to Vincent for pushing the magical loophole of Marcel’s major powers for why he can compel an Original. Why not, right? But how much did it hurt to watch all of Elijah’s memories being stripped away? This felt like a series finale moment (which it could have been if The CW made a different choice back in May). And then Elijah was free to pursue his…music career?

Bob Mahoney/The CW

I suppose that’s one way to live a guilt-free existence. But it also gave Klaus a chance to slip $100 into his brother’s tip jar (and a nice callback to Klaus tipping Cami in the pilot, too). Sure, Klaus was breaking the rules, but it was wonderful to see him playing the concerned brother just checking in…on a man who didn’t recognize him. Heartbreaking, beautiful, and tragic.

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Marcel ended up together! What?! Another surprise for me. For one thing, because they’ve been shoving Sofya and Marcel’s connection down our throats all season, but for another, Marcel willingly left New Orleans? He gave up his kingdom for Rebekah?

FINALLY. Rebekah deserves to be someone’s first choice and I’m so happy for her to be happy that I’ll even set aside my cynicism over what will happen in Season Five when Claire Holt is still not a series regular.

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Kol also showed up in the nick of time to stop Freya from turning into a vampire. She was ready to give up her witch powers, and her family, if it meant saving Hope from a life without her mother. Keelin promised to be by her side, fangs and all. Thankfully, Kol came to play his part. And then he headed back to Davina with plans for an engagement.

As for Klaus, while he prepared to lose his daughter forever, he wanted to make amends with his son. Again, FINALLY. He told Marcel how much he loved him, how much he regretted mistreating him, and why his own father ruined any chance he had of being a good father to Marcel.

Does it erase all the misdeeds? Nope. But it’s never a bad thing to tell someone how much they matter to you. Especially a child. He also told Marcel the real reason he barred him from Rebekah: because he worried they wouldn’t have enough love left for him. My heart, you guys.

And now Klaus is alone…how long until his prophecy of returning to his wicked ways comes true? How long until one of his siblings steps in to save him?

I suppose it depends on how big of a time jump we’ll be facing when Season Five premieres next year.

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