‘Shadowhunters’ Midseason Premiere Review: Demon Problems

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A Greater Demon stalked New York in search of the Mortal Cup while chaos continued to reign at the Institute on the midseason premiere of Shadowhunters.

“Mea Maxima Culpa” featured more loses than wins for our favorite Shadowhunters and Downworlders in the aftermath of Valentine’s capture. As usual, we have more questions than answers, but judging by the premiere, we’re in for a good stretch of episodes.

On the positive side, Valentine’s in custody. Inspector Herondale has replaced Aldertree as top dog in the Institute/person who is instantly suspicious of Jace and Clary. Even though they, along with Izzy and Alec, continue to be the ones doing the actual work.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Then again, they usually end up causing as much trouble as they prevent. So maybe the adults in the room are onto something. Anyway, Jace was hesitating sharing his news with Clary. Mainly because he respected her relationship with Simon and didn’t want to ruin it. Props to Alec for mocking his brother for thinking he’s that irresistible.

That being said, I still felt bad for Jace when Clary did learn the truth and questioned why it would change anything. Maybe she’s in shock or maybe she’s that devoted to Simon. I’m #TeamClace so my money’s on the first one. But I also kind of appreciate her wanting to be happy with Simon. It’s a sign of a good love triangle when both sides are worthwhile.

Plus, it gave Alec an opportunity to be Jace’s shoulder to cry on, literally. The opening scene with their sparring made for great eye candy/fun choreography, but give me the emotional stuff any day of the week. Their bond is stronger than ever and now that Alec is in a relatively good place, it’s great seeing him take care of his siblings.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Or, try to in Izzy’s case. She’s in serious withdrawal mode. After Raphael made the right call by turning her away (and going to Magnus and Alec to make sure she got help), Izzy encountered the Greater Demon, only to be rescued by a mysterious Shadowhunter named Sebastian.

He just happened to be going through the same thing and had a cure for her problem and a shoulder to cry on and come on, people. Even those who didn’t read the books must be able to see what’s coming a mile away with this guy.

Especially after that whole thing where he burned his hand on the stove for the fun of it. Run fast and far, Izzy.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Meanwhile, after promising Jace he wouldn’t reveal how it happened (and hilariously attempting to hug him), Simon adjusted to his newfound life in the daylight. Unfortunately, he failed to listen to Maya’s warning, and word spread to Raphael. It turns out that he’s not the first Daylighter, but no one knows how it happens, and Raphael is super jealous. This will definitely get messy.

Maya also spent time trying to get Luke to see how fractured their pack was after the Downworlders were slaughtered. A wolf challenged him to a duel, but Luke managed to talk him down. The wolf, along with several others, decided to leave town and form their own pack. Luke assured Maya things would be fine.

(Freeform/John Medland)

Doubtful, especially since Luke’s new partner on the force seems to be spying on him. What’s her deal? Is she part of the shadow world? Or is it something much more mundane like perhaps she’s working for Internal Affairs? Either way, Luke doesn’t have his guard up yet, and that’s going to be a problem.

Finally, circling back to the Greater Demon, Azazel. When the pentagram wouldn’t hold him, Jace tapped into a new power: he activated his runes without his stele. Mainly because Clary called out to him so he found inner strength to save her (#TeamClace). But also probably on account of the being made of pure angel blood thing.

As for Azazel, he put Valentine in Magnus’ body! And vice versa. Why the Freaky Friday? What’s his plan? Will Magnus be able to convince Alec it’s really him? Did Valentine have any idea this would happen? He seemed rather annoyed, but at the same time, he is free now. Until next week…

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