Gays of Our Lives: No One Ever Said This Would Be Easy

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Is this week the first time we learned that James was representing Ste so James could make sure Ste went to jail as revenge for destroying James’ relationship with JP?  I wish I could be mad at James for doing it, but I’m not.  I hate Ste that much.  LOL…  That said, Ste isn’t the real reason why James and JP split.  Yes, JP and Ste did have sex, but in the end JP came back to James.  It was James’ jealousy (and pretending to have killed Ste) that really drove JP away.

Hearing Harry cry about how he’s nothing without Ste just reminds me how Harry threw so much of his life away to be with Ste.   Interesting that one of James’ motivations for burning that evidence was because Harry would be better off without Ste.  He would!   But since when did James care so much about Harry?   James certainly doesn’t seem to want Harry for himself so that’s not it.  I am ready for James to meet a new guy though.  But not Harry.  Harry would eventually cheat with Ste and I hated it when they did it with JP and Ste.  Not again.

I fear for the evidence handling in the village’s police department if James can just wander in off the street. And why was he there anyway?  Was he following Ryan or some other reason?  Making Armstrong be the stalker would be very convenient, but wouldn’t have the police looked at that evidence when he was arrested?   Ryan shouldn’t have to had of accidentally found it.  But I guess Ryan had to find it so the viewer would know about it without the police knowing.  Contrived.  The show could have done that in a better way with a little effort.

I liked those scenes with Scott and Damon.  The show did some nice casting.  They do look alike!  And those scenes were well acted.  But it’s unrealistic that Damon would just hand out his phone number like that.  Bartenders hear people’s woes everyday and they’d bring all sorts of problems themselves if they gave their number to every patron.  But is Damon gay?  Curious about that.  I would not put it past this show to have Damon be romantically interested in his long lost brother before the truth comes out.  They nearly had Ste sleep with his own father.  Why not this?

Neighbours  (Australia)

It’s time for Aaron and David to quit this back and forth stuff and be together.  They’ve been doing this ‘will they or won’t they’ phase of the story for months.  Let them be a couple and have relationship drama.  I don’t mind the show not shoving them together, but they’re just dragging it out now.  Let’s move forward please.

People of the Valley  (Wales)

I still stay this storyline will end in a total disaster for Iolo and he’ll wind up alone and crying with no baby or husband.  And even if I was okay with the story, Kelly is the wrong choice for a mother in this.  She’s a flake and you never know what she’ll do next.

I’m surprised they got the legal stuff out of the way so quickly and without a lot of drama.  But maybe there will be drama if Kelly actually reads what it says.  I was also surprised Sion didn’t try to spoil things or talk Iolo out of it.  For once he was supportive and gave good advice.  Shocker.

Again the show mentioned that Tyler and Iolo decided Iolo should be the father.  But they still haven’t explained why to the viewers.  Still bugs me that was decision made off screen.

Also, while they handled the legal issues, neither Kelly or Iolo went to get themselves checked out physically?  Sure, Iolo has been married for over a year now, but he has a mental disorder (OCD).  And Kelly is no virgin and recently thought she might have an unplanned pregnancy.  I just think a physical for both of them would be in order before babymaking.

Unter Uns  (Germany)

I remember when the German soaps were the leader when it came to gay storytelling.  Roman and Deniz (sigh), Christian and Olli, Lenny and Carsten were just a few of the hugely popular gay duos on the German soaps.  But today’s German soaps don’t seem all that interested in gay storytelling.  Not sure why, but it’s certainly not like it was a few years ago.  Unter Uns has had gay stories before, mostly through their bisexual character Ringo, but Ringo has never had an ongoing onscreen love story with another man.  So I’m wondering… where is the show going with this ‘hey, I’m gay’ story with Easy?

Easy has never shown the tiniest interest in being with men during his many years on this show.  I realize soaps do this all the time (especially on foreign soaps) where straight characters suddenly realize they are gay, but I’ve always found it a stretch.  Easy has been around Ringo and other gay men and was never into any of them.  So why now at this time in his life?  Is the show going to explore that or just have him say ‘I’m gay now’ and start relationships with men?  And what about Ringo?  Is this all to put Easy and Ringo together?  Ringo hasn’t been part of the story (so far).  But I couldn’t see them together anyway.  Don’t they hate each other?  Or maybe that’s the point.  They’ll go from enemies to lovers.

As for the story, it’s okay, I guess.  It’s not like it’s original or something we haven’t seen before.  Straight guy befriends a gay dude and is suddenly attracted to gay dude.  They share a ‘moment’ and then the straight guy fantasizes about the gay dude, all the while saying ‘but I’m straight’.  Until he’s not.  LOL…  As long as Easy doesn’t go through some self hate nonsense, or worse, smack around Finn for making him feel this way, I’ll roll with it.

Besides, that kiss was pretty hot.




  1. Missed your article this week. Are you on a different schedule now?
    — By the way, thanks for the recommendation on Twitter for “Man in an Orange Shirt.” I had heard about it awhile back and had forgotten about it. I really liked the first episode… tragic, but really well done. I love anything with Vanessa Redgrave.
    I guess your “best of the year” category may have another contender :)

  2. Lars Steinhöfel (Easy) is gay in real life, so maybe the Unter Uns show runners thought it was an obvious transition for the character, too. I’ll forgive them most anything as long as they get a good storyline. I’ve always thought Easy was adorable ;)

    Any chance you have been watching Kingdom? That last episode nearly killed me. It really sends a bad message about coming out of the closet, too. On a side note: that kid from Kate and Allie sure has grown up… (my how the years fly by)

  3. Hmmm I thought the path to Todd and Billy getting custody of Summer would take longer, have more bumps in the road, etc. Someone whipping out a deus ex machina legal document is kinda lame.

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